19 thoughts on “It’s Open Forum Time!

  1. A propos of absolutely nothing Ethics Alarmy, but I am going to see The Cult in concert tonight:

    If there is an ethics issues, that would be whether Billy Duffy (guitars) has the sweetest guitar tone this side of Alex Lifeson of Rush.


  2. I just found out I have lung disease. 19 years ago I was around the burn pits in Iraq and a lot of people are pushing me to apply for Pact Act eligibility, however I’m not sure they are related.

    The VA takes months, so if they are, I could be shooting myself in the foot by now applying, but if there not I’m worried about defrauding the government. Now sure what the right or ethical thing is to do here.

    • I think you should apply. I expect that if in the end they are not related you can go through the same process to update them and stop the benefits. And that they should do a thorough investigation before approving you. (I know, I know, the VA, etc.)

      Hopefully you can have it managed soon. Sending prayers your way.

  3. A little Natural Eye Candy?

    Fall ‘Mater Harvest is in FULL SWING in these here parts; to wit:
    Top Left Tray/Clockwise from upper left-Greenbush Italian, Sheboygan Heirloom, Red Sausage, Mortgage Lifter
    Top Middle Tray/bottom right Cornue des Andes, the rest Giant Garden Paste
    Top Right Tray/Dark Green at bottom-Ananas Noire, left-n-top Guido Heirloom, yellow Italian Gold
    Lower Right Tray/lower left Mountain Pride, right Costoluto Genovese
    Lower Right Tray/ Inzhir Rozovyi https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/334285819fb1b6cef488b664d32bdf65a672654b35beb219c739b1b7b2c60164.jpg

    Bottom middle-n-right-n-(most of the) top right trays, the Yaqui Hybrid, THE hardest workin’ determinate Bubba’s ever planted. Top left San Marzano, with a smattering of pink Sheboygan Heirlooms on the right.)
    Bottom left-Stump-Of-The-World, Opalka, & (?)

    The DAMNED TASTY (and right purdy, to boot!) Tri-Color Ananas Noire (Black Pineapple)

    A 25 ounce/708.7 gram Guido Heirloom… and c’mon, who wouldn’t LUV a Tomato named The Guido?

    • Well, dang. Looks like Nadler comes closer to having a conscience or a sense of history than I thought. In the end, though, he walked the plank for Pelosi as so many have before and still are.

      Why is it that these folks think they can defy due process and all precedents and not have it come back to bite them when the other side takes control. Are they morons?

      • They expect to retain poweer forever.

        Look at Court-packing proposals. it is not Court packing alone, theyh intend to use Court-packing to uphold hate speech laws and interpret hate speech laws to quahs dissent.

        • Yeah, morons.

          The Nazis expected to retain power forever — and they ensured it would happen by jailing or shooting their opposition.

          This is what, year 89 of the thousand year Reich….how’s it worked out for them so far?

  4. So, it is Friday and it must be time for Albert Pujols to hit a home run?

    Yes, indeedy, I think this is his third Friday in a row and he’s up to 701 now. 🙂

    In the other race, it does not appear Aaron Judge will get number 62 tonight. The Yankees are trailing 2-1 in the bottom of the ninth and, unless the tie it to go to extra innings, he won’t get another at bat.

  5. Land agent ethics: (a land agent is the first contact between the corporate entity that wants to lease or gain an easement on your property, currently I personally have a pipeline land agent, Xcel, a wind turbine land agent, and three solar farm contacts) what do you do when you know they are promising the sun and stars to people or suggesting lawsuits and eminent domain, when no such law exists on wind and solar. They also say things like this will fall through if your neighbor isn’t doing xyz and caused conflict in the community. (Like a solar farm needs carrier lines through neighboring properties; so if the solar farm decides not to do it, they blame the other land owners for not cooperating) The land agents are contract workers so if they get in trouble they’re fired. Very slick. Sometimes the agents are threatening the landowners with court, sometimes they say that neighbors already signed when they didn’t, sometimes they promise things they can’t possibly promise. One said landowners verbally agreed to survey when they didn’t. One had guarantee of a certain number of wind turbines on their property.
    Of course, company policy doesn’t allow for these tactics and yet, here we are. How does this get stopped? I don’t even know who to tell, it’s many companies and like I said they just dismiss one land agent and get another who uses the same tactics. The agreements will remain, nonetheless.

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