For Amherst College Students, A Values And Self-Respect Test…

…and for Amherst itself, a test of how well its totalitarian indoctrination program is working. Just look at this head-exploding thing:


The new policy at Amherst College has each student and teacher fill out an anonymous survey to state whether they want a mask mandate in their classroom. If a single student, or the instructor, so desires, everyone will be required to wear a mask, despite the fact that masking as the paranoid and largely useless security-blanket response to the lurking Wuhan virus and its relatives is no longer required by CDC guidelines (Science!) and that masks are now almost exclusively worn by phobics, lock-step progressives seeking to show their fealty using the equivalent of a Nazi armband, and people so immuno-compromised that they probably shouldn’t be out in public at all. The new guidance was created by Catherine Epstein, provost and dean of faculty at the Massachusetts school. I hate to yield to stereotyping, but doesn’t she look like she could play Rolf the Hitler Youth in a gender-reversed production of “The Sound of Music”?

The new policy will go into effect on October 17. This isn’t just progressive virtue-signalling by Epstein, who is following the current obnoxious Leftist fad of ostentatiously following expired virus protocols to announce to all that they are committed statists who believe fervently in restricting individual liberty for “the greater good.” She is also inflicting mandatory virtue-signaling on students, enforcing the principle of tyranny by the minority, now a staple of progressive cant. If one person finds a statement offensive to their delicate sensibilities, then that statement must be censored,  punished, or withdrawn. If a single individual, for whatever reason, is too terrified of life to challenge it without a mask, then everyone must accede to his or her paranoia, lest they be branded a cruel “ablest,” conservative, probably racist ” clear and present danger” to woke society. Or something. Frankly, I find it difficult to comprehend what would make a college administrator behave like this. How do they get this way?

But I have an even harder time understanding why college students would accept it. Wearing masks is detrimental to education and the college experience, indeed life experience, in many ways, among them:

  • It is uncomfortable.
  • It complicates eating, drinking, and licking.
  • It makes social interaction difficult.
  • It impedes speech.
  • It impedes the ability of others to understand what the masked individual is saying.
  • It undermines reading the emotions, reactions and expressions of those who are masked.
  • It acts as a uniform, impeding individuality.

Unless students support Amherst’s intention to graduate compliant young totalitarians, I would hope that a significant number of them—at least as many as those at my college who demonstrated, protested and rioted over the presence of ROTC on campus–would defy Epstein’s edict as the anti-democratic, irresponsible abuse of power that it is. There are signs that this might occur. 250 students have written an open letter to the college, saying in part,

This updated set of guidelines appears to be out of line with the current CDC, state, local and peer institution standards for COVID-19 response, and we demand revision and clarification….It is currently challenging to believe that Amherst remains committed to our full student experience, and difficult to regain the typical enthusiasm that comes with returning to campus each fall.

It’s a start.

10 thoughts on “For Amherst College Students, A Values And Self-Respect Test…

    • Any article that contains this preamble is not worthy of being read:

      “Content warning: This post discusses the use of racial slurs and acts of racism on campus. Students can learn more about how to report an incident of hate or bias on the Office of Diversity, Equity and Community Engagement’s website.”

      Oh, and this alleged exchange:

      “I used the N-word, and she was horrified,” Stoil said during the class. “She says ‘Oh my God, I felt that viscerally. It ran right through me, you used the N-word.’ I said ‘You don’t listen to hip hop? You don’t listen to some of the street music? They use it all the time.’”

      A student in the class responded, “Yeah, but they’re Black people.” Another student seconded their reply while other students nervously laughed around the classroom, the recording shows.

      “Ok, I’m Eurasian,” Stoil said in the recording. “Where do I fit in? Can we use it too?”

      “No,” students in the class replied.

      “You’re right, but the point is I didn’t imagine that she would feel pain from the use of the N-word simply because, by the way, she didn’t know what color I was,” Stoil said during the lecture. “This was on the telephone. I guess I don’t sound Black. Does Barack Obama sound Black?”

      And this statement from GW:

      “GW is committed to fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment for all members of our diverse community,” Pierce said in an email. “We care deeply about our students’ classroom experience, and we are providing support, resources and updates directly to those affected by this incident.”

      By, all means, explain, will you Ms. Cook: Black Student Union President Gianna Cook said she was “saddened” that students had to face Stoil’s comments.

      “There should be no argument or contestation on the validity of when to use racialized languages that historically have been harmful to communities of color, specifically the Black community[.]” Good to know.

      The other tell is that campus newspaper/letter disabled comments to the story. I wonder why?


  1. With how dysfunctional the healthcare system is when it comes to serving people’s needs at reasonable prices, many people are less willing to mindfully accept the inherent risks of living as a human and more inclined to seek out anyone who says, “do X, Y, and Z and you are guaranteed to be safe, and if something bad happens to you anyway you’re entitled to sue someone.”

  2. It’s bad enough when a majority can dictate to a minority what they must do, but when a minority or even a single person can bully the majority into obeying their will then the bullies of this world have to be stopped.

    • Is Amherst ready to provide students refunds for those not willing to accept the new policy? If not, how will the college defend their right to change the rules after accepting payment when no governmental decree exists for them to rationalize their new rules?

  3. I hate to yield to stereotyping, but doesn’t she look like she could play Rolf the Hitler Youth in a gender-reversed production of “The Sound of Music”?

    Except she’s using a classically Jewish surname and looks … dare is say it, Jewish?

  4. How will this anonymous survey be validated should students not wear masks? Won’t the students who wanted to have a mask policy enforced have to come forward and make such a demand thus negating the entire concept of an anonymous survey? Even if a student wanted to remain anonymous no student could be compelled to wear a mask without proof that other students actually voted for masks. Anything short of actual admission could be construed as the administration actually making the masking decision.

    I know if I was required to be masked, I would demand to know who will be financially responsible for any adverse consequences that may arise from the compulsion to be masked.

  5. For some reason, I’m reminded of a comment my father-in-law would make occasionally: “X… has been educated beyond common sense.” I’m also reminded of the TSA agent who strutted back and forth like a petit dictator spewing a list of memorized warnings while we waited in the livestock chutes that eventually led to a dehumanizing screening and eventual permission to proceed. Same mentality.

  6. I finished high school in Northampton, just down the street from Amherst. They were kind of strange 50 years ago as well. Smith College is also there — maybe it’s just something in the air.

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