Ethical Quote Of The Month: Elon Musk

Musk sent this message to advertisers via, naturally, Twitter:

Indeed, words are cheap. However, Musk’s sentiments are exactly right, and everyone should be rooting for him to succeed. This could even be the crucial crack in the wall that forces journalism to return to its ethical ideals.

We shall see.

6 thoughts on “Ethical Quote Of The Month: Elon Musk

      • That’s what my husband says, too. And it didn’t prevent him from being put on a list by some random chick on the Most Misogynist Comics Tweets of the Week when she misread his complaint about how a mainstream media outlet called Ruby Rose’s character Batgirl instead of Batwoman (two completely different characters) to mean he was complaining about Rose herself.

        I will not wade into that. I make enough rambling posts with typos as it is without worrying about being retweeted critically by someone with poor reading comprehension skills.

  1. The outrage on the Left is telling. No longer having the overpowering dominance that twitter gave them, but rather the mere possibility that differing opinion and analysis might receive equal screen time, has caused them all to scream that Elon will allow a conservative domination of the discourse.

    In true Leftist form – they’ve taken the middle and accused it of extremism.


    Because they are the extremists.

    They take vote protection measures (a reasonable and uncontroversial *need*) and call it “voter suppression”. Why? Because they liked the electoral free-for-all that allowed any number of pro-democrat shenanigans fly under the radar.

    They are the extremists.

    They take school choice measures (a reasonable and uncontroversial expansion of individual choices in the market) and smear them as Christian nationalism. Why? Because they want every child condemned to leftist indoctrination centers.

    They are the extremists.

    They take parents’ reasonable complaints with curriculum in public schools and smear them as proto-fascists.

    They are the extremists.

    The Left only wants power and only wants to compel a re-engineering of the United States.

    They are the extemists.

    • Good comment Michael W,
      What I would like to know is how many dems are extremist wokesters compared to wallflower dems too meek to speak out against the hijacking of their party.
      I am *guessing* something like 25/75??

  2. Relevant is this passage in NetChoice v. Paxton

    Click to access 21-51178-CV1.pdf

    The Platforms’ own representations confirm this.9 They’ve told their
    users: “We try to explicitly view ourselves as not editors. . . . We don’t want
    to have editorial judgment over the content that’s in your feed.”10 They’ve
    told the public that they “may not monitor,” “do not endorse,” and “cannot
    take responsibility for” the content on their Platforms. 11 They’ve told
    Congress that their “goal is to offer a platform for all ideas.”12 And they’ve
    told courts—over and over again—that they simply “serv[e] as conduits for
    other parties’ speech.”13

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