“This Is Larry. Tragically, Though He Was Once A Renowned Law Professor, Bias Has Made Him Stupid. Won’t You Give A Tax-Deductable Donation to Help Us Find A Cure For Larry And Victims Like Him?

Tragic. Since retiring as a Harvard Law professor, Laurence Tribe has destroyed his reputation for integrity and intelligence by sending out one irresponsible, idiotic and politically-deranged social media post after another. It is sad and it is destructive.

The tweet above is Tribe’s latest, a despicable reaction to Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul being “violently assaulted” in a home break-in. There is no evidence, none, that the attack was politically motivated, and it’s not as if San Francisco is a community where people don’t lock their doors: thanks to the progressive madness of the far left ideologues who have taken over the city’s government, the once lovely “city by the bay” has become such a pit of crime and violence that residents and businesses are fleeing. Once, before his mind fled, Tribe was undoubtedly well-versed in Occam’s Razor. Which is more likely, that a wealthy home-owner was the victim of violent crime in a city infested with it, or that the husband of a Democratic leader was beaten by an angry conservative?

Tribe is a lawyer, though I doubt he could pass a bar exam today, or even one of his old exams. What kind of lawyer leaps to a conclusion without evidence, saying in a public forum that “this has to stop” when he can’t possibly know what “this” is? A bad lawyer. An unethical lawyer. A senile lawyer whose embarrassing partisan outbursts need to stop.

Moreover, Tribe’s message is in the same risible category as Whoopi Goldberg’s hilarious contention (here, Item #5) that Democrats don’t pay attention to color when choosing candidates and officials. It has overwhelmingly been Tribe’s favorite side of the political divide that has called for violence since 2016, incited it, engaged in it and applauded it when used against its alleged “threats to democracy.” Rep. Maxine Waters urged progressives to confront Trump officials and harass them. The Black Lives Matter “mostly peaceful protests” were cheered on by Larry’s tribe. It was Republican lawmakers who were shot at on a softball field. It was the fans of abortions who threatened Supreme Court Justices in the wake of the Dobbs decision, and the Biden Justice Department that refused to enforce the law making the protests a crime. A Marco Rubio canvasser was savagely beaten in a politically motivated attack just this week.

Larry Tribe was once considered a qualified nominee for the Supreme Court himself. How far he has fallen. His former students, many of them judges and prominent attorneys and law professors themselves, should organize an intervention for their own benefit as well as Tribe’s. His unethical outbursts are reducing the prestige of their law degrees slice by slice.


36 thoughts on ““This Is Larry. Tragically, Though He Was Once A Renowned Law Professor, Bias Has Made Him Stupid. Won’t You Give A Tax-Deductable Donation to Help Us Find A Cure For Larry And Victims Like Him?

    • Steve,

      Ah yes…a “source”. Whatever it takes to “save the midterms” from the GOP…whatever it takes.

      I don’t want to, but I’m already smelling smoke from the Reichstag fire rising from this.

      • When the left leaning media is already building the narrative it starts ringing bells.

        I have been saying for a while that “The political left has shown its pattern of propaganda lies within their narratives so many times since 2016 that it’s beyond me why anyone would blindly accept any narrative that the political left and their lapdog media actively push?”

        I don’t know if CNN’s claim is true and neither do they, they shouldn’t have published the claim until the claim has been completely verified as true. Knowing the full motivation behind this attack is going to be essential.

        I smell a false flag rat with this one.

  1. The article I read said the suspect was in custody but gave no name and no description of the attacker. If it was a so-called White Nationalist/White Supremacist/White Christian Nationalist or whatever the heck they’re branding people with these days, I would have thought the article would have included it in the headline. “White Nationalist Attacks Nancy’s Pelosi’s Husband in a Violent Home Invasion”, etc.

    The lack of name or description of the suspect in custody quite often means that there is an ethnic or racial element that the media is hiding.

    Regardless of who the attacker was, what he looks like or what he believes, I hope they throw the book at him and I hope Mr. Pelosi is alright.

  2. So, this “attacker” waited until less than 10 days before Pelosi is kicked to the curb (she will be, as soon as the Dims lose the midterm election, which no amount of BS by the MSM will help prevent) to attack her, and he did not even bother to check and see if she’s home even though that is literally one of the easiest things to do?! suuuuurre!!

    As for Laurence Tribe (and all those other “academics” and “scholars” like him), he has not changed (by Bias, retirement, or otherwise); rather, he and they have always been the partisan hacks they are exposing themselves to be right now. He just doesn’t care to hide anymore and is infuriated as he feels the woke grip on our society is melting away.

  3. “Larry’s tribe” Nicely done, sir. Nicely done, indeed.

    Okay, I have a few nagging questions:

    1. This happened at Pelosi’s home, right?

    a. Where were the security forces?
    b. How did this intruder get in?
    c. What was the motivation/intention of the intruder? Did he really ask “Where’s Nancy?”
    d. Why does this stink to high heaven?


    • Anyone going after Nancy would first have a really good idea of where she actually was, since she spends so little time in her home, so the “where is Nancy” feels awfully convenient and awfully contrived.

      I know it smacks of disregarding the story before all the facts are known (as much as the other side plays up facts before they’re known, see: Smollett, Sandmann, etc.), but this really is the media’s fault. It has lied and twisted facts and distorted truths to the point that I simply don’t believe anything it reports any longer.


  4. From a tweet;

    “Reportedly Paul Pelosi attacker is David Depape — a Castro supporting nudist transient from Berkeley CA (he’s on the far LEFT [in the photo provided] literally and figuratively)”

    Mentally ill guy. Lives in a storage unit in Berkeley, CA.

    • Meanwhile, the story I just read on Yahoo is making sure we all remember violent rhetoric by Trump and his supporters going back to 2019 about Nancy Pelosi. The article mentions the name of the man in custody but nothing else about him at all.

      The narrative is beginning. How long do you think they can bury the truth before Tuesday’s midterms?

    • Quick summary: He’s nuts. The news media will not be able to spin this as political.

      On a WordPress blog, Depape ranted about censorship by the “elites” and “ruling class.” He also appears to have a website that reads “da Jews.” Sixteen hours ago, he posted the headline, “Why Colleges are becoming Cults.” He ranted about movies, writing, “The critics are f****** commie gate keepers. They love the sh******* movies ever as long as those movies are sh**** because they where…” You can read more about the suspect’s writings later in this article.

      Some of his posts referred to former President Donald Trump. “Either Q is Trump himself or Q is the deepstate moles within Trumps inner circle. So Q/Trump sabotaged their child trafficking operations. #2 self inflicted wound. Trumps covert id or a Deep state mole? Was Q refering to this? Did Q do this? another video,” he wrote, referring to QAnon.

      In another post, he wrote, “The more Ukrainians die NEEDLESSLY the cheaper the land will be for Jews to buy up.” His website has posts on pedophiles, aliens, COVID, Communism, Kanye West, Derek Chauvin, what he called “climate hysteria” and more. It is filled with conspiracy theories and other ramblings. He also had a Facebook page, but it was taken down.

      • I may be more cynical than you. Rants against Jews, rants about Climate Hysteria, rants about COVID sound very much like something the media will spin as political. With judicious editing and the ability to determine what information gets released, they can very easily turn this guy into a pro-Trump extremist.

        I have yet to read any of this on any article I’ve found yet on my news sites and the article I just read on Yahoo that at least names the guy includes no other information about him and has comments disabled so that no one can contribute anything there either.

        At worst, the blame for “violent right-wing rhetoric” will be amped up; at best, the details will be buried until at least Tuesday.

      • Clearly WordPress makes you crazy (along with the Red Sox, of course).

        Let us know if you feel the urge to reach for a hammer rather than a keyboard.

  5. The propaganda narratives have eaten progressives minds…

    “If one listens and reads the crazy lingo from those angry males who are engaged in right-wing militancy it is soon apparent, that they are again aggrieved—their favorite pastime when not stroking their weapons.”

    “The animus the Republican Party has fostered and yes, stoked, within their ranks against law enforcement and the rule of law-and-order is highly troubling and unsightly. ”

    “Alexander Hamilton, who worried about the populace being swayed by a charlatan or one with low character… He was also most aware of the threat of unlearned people being easily led, and led woefully astray, as the Trump base within the Republican Party has continually demonstrated.”

    “The angry males that are now threatening and seeking to intimidate the majority of the nation are precisely what Hamilton was worried about in his days of pondering the larger questions about our then-young nation.”

    Political Violence Ramps Up In America, Brazen Attack By Angry Male On Home Of House Speaker, Paul Pelosi Attacked With Hammer

    NOTE: To give the blogger referenced above a fair break, here’s his public outcry against angry violent males after the attempted murder of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh…

    I get the distinct feeling these days that if a bear shits in the woods it’s the Republican’s fault.

    • Steve; I continue to fight mightily the…um…urge to comment on our pal’s site.

      “a nudist/activist (are there any other kind???) from somewhere close, was in his underwear when law enforcement arrived.”

      FF‘sS…card-carryin’ Trumper; gotta be!

      The Gotch

    • It get’s worse!

      The same blogger linked to above posted another screed today, Another Angry White Male And The Right-Wing Conspiracy Media.

      Want to know what this same blogger wrote after James Hodgkinson (another angry white man) tried to murder Republicans at a practice for the Congressional Baseball game…

      “The gunman was wounded at the scene and then later was pronounced dead at a local hospital. He was identified as James Hodgkinson, age 66, from Belleville, Illinois. He owned a home inspection business and was also a volunteer on the Bernie Sanders campaign.”

      “Sanders condemned the gun violence and called it a “despicable act.” And it most certainly was.”

      “It has been reported that the gunman asked who the players were respective to political party and then started shooting. That is deplorable.”

      What It Took For President Trump To Talk About Gun Violence

      That’s right folks, there was no irate post about Angry White Male And The Left-Wing Conspiracy Media condemning the left-wing media for their immoral propaganda narratives that twisted Hodgkinson’s mind into believing that his actions were justified.

      The blogger ended that What It Took For President Trump To Talk About Gun Violencepost with…

      “The only reason gun shootings remain a daily event in this nation is due to the fact those who are elected can find the convenient time to stand in front of a microphone and make a statement about the horror of such crime but then fail to take the required steps to draft legislation and change laws.”

      In context with the rest of the post, this was a direct implication that Republicans are to blame for gun violence. It seemed to me that his post was to place blame for gun violence and the James Hodgkinson shooting at the practice was just a side note to be used to smear President Trump and Republicans for not implementing gun control that the blogger so desperately wants.

      It seems that when there is violence against Republicans he tones the rhetoric way, way down but when there is violence against Democrats he fires off a rhetorical nuke against Republicans and their media. In my opinion, the blogger is a brazen partisan hypocrite.

    • He’s been mentally ill for over ten years. Likely paranoid schizophrenic. Why’s he been loose on the street without medication? The Bar Area’s a shithole. Haven’t you noticed, Nancy? Are you going to ask Republicans why they’re worried about crime?

  6. The police spokesperson said officers were dispatched at 2:27 am for a well-being check and arrived in minutes. When they arrived they saw the assailant wrestling a hammer away from Pelosi at which point they took him down.

    Why was this classified as a well-being check instead of a Burglary in progress?

    • Chris Marschner wrote, “The police spokesperson said officers were dispatched at 2:27 am for a well-being check and arrived in minutes.”

      Maybe Mr. Pelosi was smart and pressed a “Life Alert” or similar service button when the guy broke in, that would immediately trigger a open landline call to 911 triggering a well-being check of some kind or maybe he just called 911 when he heard someone break in. Well-being check could cover many things.

      P.S. Thanks for commenting over on the Caffeinated Politics blog post I linked to above. I can’t comment there anymore because the blogger banned me a while back using some fabricated lies as justification.

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