Update: The Axis Of Unethical Conduct’s 2022 Mid-Term Elections Freak-Out

I’d like to know who was the genius that suggested “The evil, fascist Republicans who want to destroy democracy caused the violent attack by a whack-job on Nancy Pelosi’s husband with their hateful rhetoric must be stopped by any means necessary” would be a smart and persuasive argument to turn the Red Tide and pull off an upset on November 8. Then I’d like to have those among the “resistance,” Democrats, and mainstream media—that’s the Ethics Alarms Axis of Unethical Conduct—- who reacted with, “Hey! That’s brilliant!” explain their reasoning before checking themselves into a hospital, because they’re the ones who are acting like they have been hit in the skull with a hammer.

Can they really not detect the obvious hypocrisy and self-contradictory reasoning of this strategy? Apparently not. Yet it was Democratic Senate Majority Leader who pointed the way to an eventual assassination attempt on Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh by shouting, “I want to tell you, Justice Kavanaugh and Justice Gorsuch, you have unleashed a whirlwind, and you will pay the price.You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions!” Then just this month, Nancy Pelosi told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell that she would have attacked President Trump on January 6, 2021 if he had come to the Capitol “I would have punched him out. I said I would have punched him out. I would have gone to jail. And I would have been happy to do so.”

Because Republicans, and especially Trump, are evil and dangerous, you see. And they engage in hateful rhetoric that incites their supporters (of which Paul Pelosi’s attacker was not one by all indications) to take violent action! As Olsen Johnson so wisely observed,

Here are some recent examples of the commentary arising from that parallel universe:

  • The Nation’s now thoroughly deranged Elie Mystal (he went to Harvard Law School!) tweeted regarding the Pail Pelosi attack: “This is the future the Republicans want. It’s the future they’ve literally been calling for on television. This is why they are so excited about the new overlord of Twitter. This, the violence, has always been their endgame. And if they win they will only get worse.” Note the slap at Elon Musk: a Twiiter in which conservative opinions, Republican arguments and Democratic critics like the former President are censored is threatening. “Squad” rabble-rouser Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York immediately retweeted  Mystal’s sentiment.
  • Naturally ramping up racial division and hatred is a key part of any progressive strategy, so the New York Times congressional correspondent Jonathan Weisman wrote a “report” headlined, “Democrats Say Racism Is the Real Messaging in Republican Crime Ads.” (The “real messaging” of GOP crime ads is that crime is out of control and surging under Democratic policies, mayors and district attorneys, which is a fact.)
  • On last night’s Saturday Night Live, which concentrated on mocking Republican candidates (though mildly suggesting that John Fetterman agreeing to debate was a mistake), portrayed GOP Arizona Governor candidate Kari Lake as saying, “I’m a fighter. In my life, I’ve sent back over 2,000 salads and I’m not afraid to do the same thing with democracy,” an amusing exaggeration it it wasn’t an official Axis talking point.
  • Ryan Cooper, MSNBC opinion columnist, actually wrote, “A vote for Republicans might just be the last one you ever cast.” Who would have guessed two years ago that the bunch of morons who rioted in the Capitol would still be used today to justify a conspiracy theory that Republicans want to overthrow the Constitution? But then, who would have guessed that national affairs under Democratic leadership would be going so terribly that this would seem like the best argument for keeping pwoer that the party could muster?
  • Joy Reid, the MSNBC host for whom such hysterical observations are routine, tweeted, “It’s terrifying how many Americans will choose literal fascism, female serfdom, climate collapse, and the reversal of everything from Social Security and Medicare to student loan relief [because] they think giving Republicans the power to investigate Hunter Biden will bring down gas prices.” Actually, that’s funnier than the Saturday Night Live skits.
  • Matthew Dowd, the MSNBC contributor who was once used as a “conservative” on network Sunday talkshows until he became Trump-Deranged, said, “I’m not going to say that the GOP are Nazis at this point or whatever, but it certainly sounds very familiar to what happened in Germany, which is a bunch of citizens, Adolf Hitler gets a third of the vote. Nobody thought it could happen there. They kind of went along because they said he would solve the economy and fix inflation.” Translation:I’m not going to say that Republicans are Nazis like the monsters who gassed the Jews and killed millions, but they’re Nazis.”
  • Washington Post columnist Max Boot, another Trump Derangement victim: “I think a lot of voters are missing the point. These elections are actually a referendum on whether you favor the continuation of democracy in America—and Ukraine.”

And it’s going to get worse. Just wait.

8 thoughts on “Update: The Axis Of Unethical Conduct’s 2022 Mid-Term Elections Freak-Out

  1. I was going to post this as part of my reply on the last post, but I cut it short and brought it here instead. The Democrats are out of ideas, plain and simple.

    There’s no discount at the gas pump or in the grocery store for being a Democrat, and two years of runaway inflation with no end in sight hits almost everyone where it hurts the most, in the pocket. A war that’s hitting everyone in the pocket a second time and putting our fuel supply at risk with winter just around the corner would be hard to stay behind in the best of circumstances, and America’s support for wars generally is often a mile wide and an inch deep, especially when the going gets tough. We’re now seven months in, it’s going to be eight soon, and, although our support has stopped the Russians from turning Ukraine into a speed bump, we’re really no closer to victory than we were then, sunken Russian cruisers and destroyed Russian tanks aside. Now this oligarch in a t-shirt is demanding huge amounts of additional funds while there is no end in sight. Putting it bluntly and succinctly, the quality of life in this country right now has tanked compared to where we were before the pandemic, and it’s gotten worse, not better, since the current administration, elected on a promise of bringing normalcy back, took over. The fact is eventually this has got to end. This government’s first duty is the safety and comfort of its own people, not flushing them down the drain with the people of another nation that’s holding the line, but that can’t win ultimately. Russia is a nation of 144 million people. Ukraine is a country of 44 million people. You do the math. Just how much of our own energy security, never mind our quality of life, and our allies are we going to throw away to hold back the inevitable?

    An election looms, and it’s looking more and more like things are going to go very, very badly for the Democratic Party. They were fighting historical gravity as it was, but inflation and still-rising gas prices made that gravity all the stronger. This gravity is something they would need a very powerful force to counter, be it a great new plan to make Americans’ lives better, a proven cure for some major problem, or proven improvement in ordinary people’s lives. They offer none of those things.

    Instead, they offer lies, half-truths, gaslighting, and otherizing. They say the economy is strong and inflation is only transitory, when the economy is sputtering and inflation is stubborn after two years, partly due to them dumping more money into an already overheated economy. They say the border is secure, when anyone with eyes can see it is more porous than it’s ever been, and the administration is more interested in punishing border security agents on trumped-up charges of whipping immigrants than in keeping illegal immigrants out. They say democracy is in danger because there are 2020 “election deniers” running. No one’s spoken up to remind the populace that the Democratic Party are two-time election deniers in 2000 and 2016, when they tried to litigate Al Gore (who later walked around saying “I won, but the Supreme Court said I couldn’t serve”) into the White House and tried to get electors to vote for Hillary, whatever the voters of their states might have said. No one talked about election deniers or a danger then, and I don’t know why the GOP isn’t throwing their own actions back in their faces.

    Violence is a Republican tactic? Because 300 idiots rioted for one day in the Capitol and a whacko with views off the charts attacked Pelosi’s husband? That’s why the Democrats think we should elect them again? It’s at this point that I have to channel my inner Joseph Welch and say, “how dare they?” How dare they accuse us of targeting their officials when their Senators all but threatened two SCOTUS justices and when their Justice Department wouldn’t do a damn thing about it when an attempted assassination did in fact come to pass? How dare they indeed? How dare they accuse us of abusing free speech when it’s their adherents who roam in e-packs and insult, attack, and abuse everyone who dares disagree with them, to say nothing of making excuses for violence by saying that those who dare rule against their holy grail decision brought it on themselves? How dare they indeed? How dare they accuse us of being the violent party after they deliberately started and made excuses for riots that cost more than 50 people their lives and who knows how many move their livelihoods, savings, and everything else they spent their whole lives building because a petty thug died at the hands of a bullying cop while resisting arrest and high as a kite? How dare they indeed?

    Anyone who swallows this line of lies and half-truths is either a hopeless partisan or an idiot. Either way, you’re unworthy of the freedom the Founding Fathers set us up to have.

    • Speaking of the economy; back in August 2019 I wrote in Jack’s “A Show Of Hands, Now: Who Thinks Brian Stelter Is Telling The Truth This Time?” blog post, “I’m sure we’ve all heard it; prominent lefties are actively hoping for a recession so the President can’t run on a good economy. They are saying that a recession won’t really hurt us and we’ll survive it just fine.”

      Well folks, they got the shitty economy they wanted.

      Here’s what we see now that the political left has been in charge for a couple of years…
      • The economy is shitty!
      • Inflation is off the charts!
      • Retirement investment funds have lost many ten’s of thousands of dollars!
      • The government has been forced to raise monthly social security to help cover some of the hyper inflation costs!
      • Gas prices doubled in less than a year and are now in a slow downward trend but fluctuating a bit!
      • The price for home heating oil has shot through the freaking roof! In April 24, 2020 $0.9308/gallon, November 2, 2020 $1.5895/gallon, October 9, 2022 $4.5498/gallon. There has been a 186% increase in heating oil since the 2020 election and a 389% increase since the most recent low in April 2020 (Source) An average heating oil tank is about 275 gallons so it costs $1,251.20+tax to fill it now and $437.11+tax to fill it on election day 2020. There have been relatively similar increases in natural gas which has been wildly fluctuating.
      • My grocery bill has literally doubled.
      • Eating out is getting unbearably expensive. In most cases the prices have gone up between 50% and 75% and now that expected tips are 20% it makes the whole thing worse. We used to eat out up to five times a week depending on if we went out for lunches on weekends and now it’s only once maybe twice a week and we’re no longer picking any of the nice sit down places, my money stays local and I don’t drive to Madison, WI from our bedroom community for dinner anymore. Prices have changed our habits and if it gets any worse, the local restaurants will no longer be seeing us.
      • Interest rates have gone up.
      • It’s pretty damn clear that we’re in a recession.

      What does the political left do; they actively gaslight the public and telling everyone that the economy is strong. They’re a bunch of brazen liars!

  2. Democrats are truly out of ideas of dirty tricks that they tried to use to stem the tide (Red Tsunami), and they are really mad that they are failing and lashing out like two year old spoiled brats. Here’s an example of one of these tricks. Here in Illinois, Cook County (which contains all of Chicago and most/many suburbs—i.e., the center of Dim power in the state) has delayed sending out the 2nd installment of property tax, which typically issues in mid-July, till mid-Nov due to “technology issues”. The timing explains why they’re doing that. It’s widely expected that there will be huge increases (we already pay one of the highest property taxes in the US), to pay for all these DEI based initiatives Governor Fatzker & co. have been pushing, and to pay for continued pension funding shortages (Illinois/Chicago owe staggering amount—almost $300B)

  3. Matthew Dowd a Democratic Party hackified¹ tool wrote, “I’m not going to say that the GOP are Nazis at this point or whatever, but it certainly sounds very familiar to what happened in Germany, which is a bunch of citizens, Adolf Hitler gets a third of the vote. Nobody thought it could happen there. They kind of went along because they said he would solve the economy and fix inflation.”

    (Yes, I repackaged and slightly expanded the one that Susan Sarandon posted and Jack shared)

    Wake up people, the patterns are there, 21st century progressives and their militant arm of social justice warriors are regressive and it’s not in a good way. These are the ones that are dragging the Democratic Party over the totalitarian cliff into the abyss of a fascist like society!

    The main-stream Democratic Party is now seriously addicted to left wing propaganda and is now delusional, yes delusional³. The outspoken Democrats/progressives that are parroting their propaganda are brazen hypocrites that are psychologically projecting their own tendencies towards fascism on the Republicans.

    ¹Hackified: is what turns an ideologue into a political hack².

    ²Political Hack: is a morally bankrupt person that has actually chosen to be a political tool and a political attack dog. The intentions of a political hack are aligned with victory NOT personal conviction, ethics or morals. The purpose of a political hack is to disrupt the political opposition from getting their message out using any and all means necessary. The ends justifies the means is a core belief of a political hack.

    ³Delusional: an idiosyncratic belief or impression that is firmly maintained despite being contradicted by what is generally accepted as reality or rational argument.

  4. The thing that I find most atrocious that most of the posts I see from the AUC state that they are so upset that instead of focusing on DEI initiatives and woke policy changes, as well as legalized abortion on demand until 12 years of age, the common person is concerned more with inflation, the economy, and our personal grocery bill.

    This continues to remind me of Yzma in the beginning of the Emperor’s New Groove.

    Y: It is no concern of mine whether or not your family has…what was it again?”

    P: “Uh, food…”

    Y: “Hah, you should have thought about that before becoming peasants. We’re through here. Take him away.”

    • “Hah, you should have thought about that before becoming peasants.”

      What a great line. Funny how people of color are poor because of systemic racism but white people who are poor screwed up and brought it upon themselves. Those darned peasants do things like “vote against their self-interest” instead of placing their trust in their elite Democratic betters and waiting for hand outs.

  5. Dow D’s memory is selective. I recall hyperinflation combined with supply issues in the late 1970’s and it was a Republican administration and Paul Volcker who righted the economy without the despotism the left suggests. Dowd also forgot that Hitler was a Socialist.

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