Amnesty For the Unethical Pandemic Policymakers, Fearmongers And Health Experts?

I was thinking about making the latest Atlantic essay “Let’s Declare a Pandemic Amnesty: We need to forgive one another for what we did and said when we were in the dark about COVID” an Ethics Quiz. Wouldn’t that be the civilized, forgiving, soothing, fair thing to do? After all, as author, a Brown professor named Emily Oster, argues, weren’t “most errors were made by people who were working in earnest for the good of society”? They meant well! (Rationalization #3A  The Road To Hell) Anyone can make a mistake! (#19. The Perfection Diversion) OK, we could have done better! (#19B The Insidious Confession) That’s in the past! (#52. The Underwood Maneuver). There are so, so many more rationalizations, all employed here to avoid accountability by those who richly deserve it. And I realized that this was coming from The Atlantic, one of the leaders of the Trump-hating media, and a herald of the Progressive New Order. Of course they want an amnesty.

The Atlantic’s ideological and political clients were responsible for closing the schools, which started a domino effect resulting in businesses shutting down. Progressives used “Science denier!” as a bludgeon to force Americans to accept the contradictory, ever-changing, often dishonest edicts of the CDC and its narcissist symbol, Anthony Fauci. Social media platforms censored posts and tweets as “disinformation” that questioned what turned out to be fake science and often outright lies by Fauci and others. “The good of society” for Democrats meant killing the good Trump economy to make him vulnerable in the 2020 election, and using pandemic fear to justify deliberately insecure, and often illegal, voting procedures. Amnesty? For which misdeeds? All of them? Claiming that President Trump had blood on his hands for all the pandemic death, when the next administration saw more, even with a vaccine? Using the disease to place outrageous restrictions on travel, arresting people for walking alone on a beach, taking down tennis nets? Issuing arbitrary rules and orders about masks and social distancing? Does the Left get amnesty for accusing President Trump of racism for referring to the Wuhan-originating virus as the Wuhan virus (as I will do until my dying day)? Does Andrew Cuomo get amnesty for killing thousands of nursing home resident by putting infected patients among them? Do all the Democratic mayors and governors (and a Republican here an there) who forbade citizens to travel, gather in churches or around Thanksgiving tables deserve “amnesty” for violating their own rules? Do the hypocritical (but woke!) health officials who waived their supposedly life and death rules so Black Lives Matter could hold mostly peaceful protests without social distancing or masks deserve amnesty? How about the mainstream news media that engaged in flagrant fear-mongering, like the New York Times with its front page death charts with peaks that reached beyond the margins of the paper?

To hell with that. There should be no amnesty, just vigorous prosecution of responsibility and betrayal of trust. Pundit Emily Burns sees the Atlantic’s dodge more narrowly than I do—she sees it from a feminist perspective— but her analysis isn’t wrong. She writes,

First, let’s be clear to whom Emily Oster is speaking. She’s speaking to the furious well-educated suburban women who are swinging towards Republicans in this cycle, even in the bluest of states. Because it was the bluest of states that were hit hardest by these policies. It was in blue states that the schools were closed longest, that the economic devastation was worst, that crime spiked the most, where masks were required longest. …As women, we have felt far more acutely than at any time in the past what it really means for government to interfere in our lives—controlling whether our children go to school, whether we can socialize, or go to a gym, or a restaurant, how many people can be invited to our home, whether we can spend holidays with family, whether we can run our businesses. These are all violations, violations of our personal liberty that harmed us, our children, and our communities, and which were done solely in service to political power. We have internalized this, and many will not be quick to forgive.

Emily is asking us to forgive a mistake. There was no mistake. There was a political calculation that harmed us, but even more, that harmed our children. The harm was considered acceptable because those who undertook it, took the votes of women for granted. They assumed they could lie and manipulate us into believing these harms were necessary, or barring that, unintentional. If we, as women, want our votes to be courted in the future by either party, we must vote to punish the past three years treachery. After we have exacted some political retribution, if there is acknowledgement of the wrongs committed and contrition for those wrongs, then we can talk about amnesty.

Bingo. This is just another desperation Hail Mary effort to somehow avoid the Nov. 8 retribution Democrats deserve.

6 thoughts on “Amnesty For the Unethical Pandemic Policymakers, Fearmongers And Health Experts?

  1. First, let’s see some humility, then perhaps we can talk amnesty. I can think of nothing more dangerous to the republic at the moment than to allow those who trampled individual freedom (and scoffed at the very idea as some kind of juvenile affectation), ran roughshod over the Constitution, lied to our faces, deprived children of education, breadwinners of work, congregations of fellowship, families of togetherness, etc., etc., and vilified dissenters as if they were the bad guys, to carry on in positions of power and influence, without a very serious, public, and lasting shaming.

  2. I’m willing to offer forgiveness for any one of these public officials who admit they were wrong, that they deliberately or ignorantly did the wrong thing, and now wish to make amends. But first, just because I’ve forgiven you doesn’t mean you shouldn’t suffer some punishment for your own good. And second, I don’t believe most of these crocodile tears we’re seeing from officials who are fearful that if the Republicans do take the reins in Congress, they will be targeted by said Republicans. It was what they would do, after all, if Republicans wielded such power over them, and they were able to seize control back.

    Frankly, being held responsible for your actions, is the healthiest thing that can happen to you. If you aren’t held accountable, then you’ll probably take that as permission to do something worse.

    • Unfortunately, the Democratic party has recently become the party of never being held accountable and advocating for no one to ever be held accountable…except that other party. Which is the party that is always calling for reduced sentences, eliminated cash bail, and in a lot of places, is running someone who wants to cut 2/3 of murderers loose, and calls for the defunding of the police? It isn’t the Republican Party. Yet the Democratic party has the audacity to say that if the opposition is elected, it is an existential threat to democracy. No, it’s not an existential threat to democracy, it’s an existential threat to their continued total control of this nation, and that’s something they can’t stand.

  3. If only there were any kind of assurance that the exact same thing wouldn’t happen next time something like this happens. But we all know that if covid 22 were found in China tomorrow, and looked to be very similar to covid 19, that everyone would act the same way.

    Because it’s not about what’s “good for society,” it’s truly about virtue signaling at best and, at worst, that gross desire to control other people’s lives because you know what’s best for them. The only people who are acting close to remorseful (and there are only a very few who are acting at all like mistakes were made) are the few who are somewhat intellectually honest, and actually want to improve their decision-making. The vast majority still think their response to covid 19 was exactly what it should have been, except for that pesky activist 5th circuit that stopped the vaccine mandate executive order.

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