Ethics Sarcasm Of The Month: Ann Althouse

“I wonder which “national party” is expressing this anxiety to The Washington Post — which party relied on Twitter moderation to protect its interests in the run-up to the elections….” 

—-“Fiercely neutral” but increasingly annoyed blogger Ann Althouse, commenting on the Washington Post’s report that “Devastating cuts to Twitter’s workforce on Friday, four days before the midterm elections, are fueling anxieties among political campaigns and election offices that have counted on the social network’s staff to help them combat violent threats and viral lies…”

Nah, there’s no mainstream media bias! The Post’s spin is brazenly self-indicting: I wonder how many readers are so insulated and brain-washed that they don’t notice…or can’t.

Recently the official Democrat campaign desperation talking point that “democracy is on the ballot” has been repeated over and over again from President Biden down the line, and tweeted and retweeted as well. That’s a viral lie, or course: democracy is the ballot, and “democracy is on the ballot” is Democratic aspiring totalitarian code for the head-spinning assertion, “if you vote for any party other than ours, you’re destroying the Republic.”

How strange that none of the many thousands of tweets pushing that “misinformation” have been censored by what the Post risibly calls Twitter’s “teams devoted to combating election misinformation.”

Via Twiiter, British pundit Piers Morgan neatly flagged the dishonesty while flagging the bias of partisan NBC reporter Ben Collins:

It’s a nightmare! The unethical, partisan, propaganda-pushing mainstream media is losing a crucial ally just when they need it most to try to stop an epic defeat for their party.

Libertarian reporter Glenn Greenwald doesn’t do sarcasm:

And David Strom writes, “The MSM can implore us in serious tones that “democracy is on the ballot” and “election deniers™” will destroy the union, but again, nobody cares. It is the tantrum of a child, not the warnings of serious people.”


Maybe sarcasm is all they deserve.

2 thoughts on “Ethics Sarcasm Of The Month: Ann Althouse

  1. One of our sons in law was the data centers manager for Twitter, booted in their managerial bloodbath a few years back. According to him, the Orwellianly named “Trust and Safety” Department was a bed of groupthink leftists, and grossly overstaffed. He tells us the company should suffer no real loss of functionality from their departure.

  2. Next Democrat ad I expect to see: “If you vote Republican, you will spontaneously combust upon leaving the polling place. And N.B.: This will likely negate your vote.”

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