Let’s Play “Unethical, Obnoxious, Or Just Plain Stupid!”

MC: Ready, contestants? For your first challenge, consider this latest controversial Truth Social post by former President (and soon to announce candidate for President in 2024) Donald Trump!

What do you say, contestants? Is this Unethical, Obnoxious, or Just Plain Stupid?

Our ethicist from Alexandia, Virginia is first to buzz in! Yes, Jack, what’s your answer?

JACK:  Wink, I say it’s all three. I’s unethical, because Trump is attacking rising conservatives in his own party for his own gain, or at least he perceives it that way. It’s disloyal, it’s irresponsible, and it can’t possibly benefit anyone but him. That kind of gratuitous attack is a Golden Rule violation, and it’s a Categorical Imperative breach as well: Trump is just using Virginia Governor Youngkin as a convenient prop to remind everyone how valuable (Trump thinks) he is as he senses hostility from Republicans after his attacks on Ron DeSantis.

The message is also obnoxious, though in a way Trump’s fans are used to: he’s boasting like a 10-year-old, taking credit for someone else’s achievements, and asserting, as usual, that everything is about him. The bit about Youngkin’s name sounding Chinese is off the charts; it’s arguably beneath a 10-year-old. I saw a pathetic defense of Trump’s message that claimed there was nothing in what Trump wrote that constituted an attack. Bias makes you stupid (not necessarily you, Wink, but this is something ethicists say, at least this ethicist): everyone knows what Trump thinks of China. If he had written “Sound Jewish, doesn’t it?” would there be any doubt about his intent?Mostly, the message is stupid. At the exact moment that many of his allies in the GOP and the Republican media are critical of his influence on the illusory “red wave” and angry about his threat against DeSantis, Trump, as is his pattern, doubles down and attacks another GOP rising star that might be competition for him in 2024. This isn’t shooting oneself in the foot, it’s shooting oneself between the eyes. Notably Scott Adams, the “Dilbert” cartoonist who, despite his own left-leaning proclivities (he celebrates Black Lives Matter and has his pronouns on his Twitter profile), has defended Trump consistently since 2015, reacted to the latest outburst by tweeting, “I’m out.”

WINK: Well, Jack, you blathered on for so long that there’s no time for any of our other contestants to weigh in! Thanks a lot, you verbose jerk! We’ll see you all back here next week, same time, same channel, when once again it will be time to play,

“Unethical, Obnoxious, Or Just Plain Stupid!”


17 thoughts on “Let’s Play “Unethical, Obnoxious, Or Just Plain Stupid!”

  1. From Scott Adams’ twitter feed:

    I am proud to declare that my pronouns are She/It, and if it isn’t too much bother, please use both. Usage: “If you think Scott Adams is wrong, you don’t know she it.”

  2. Jack asked, “Is this Unethical, Obnoxious, or Just Plain Stupid?”

    My answer is “YES”! Donald Trump is a political, social, cultural and internet troll.

    Troll: noun Those that post inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion, to draw attention to themself and for their own amusement.

    Donald Trump is a trolling narcissist asshole.

    If I had the opportunity to give Donald Trump only one piece of advice, just one, it would be to…


  3. That’s a fake account. Not Donald Trump. I saw it on Twitter last night and realized immediately what it is. Fallout from the end of the elite blue checks.

  4. Would Alec Baldwin’s decision to sue members of the film crew, claiming they are responsible for him killing Halyna Hutchins, be a good subject for this “Unethical, Obnoxious, or Just Plain Stupid?” game show?

  5. All of the above and he’s beginning to make everyone who voted for him look foolish too. Maybe if he had just quietly gone away after Biden’s inauguration, all of this January 6 would have been avoided and Ms. Pelosi could have found something else to waste time on. Maybe there would have been a “red wave” without Trump’s temper tantrums!

  6. I find the comment foolish and stupid. With that said, it does not take much to fake a statement like that because he has primed the pump with such outbursts.

    I am not however going to lay the entire blame for the Republicans poor performance at Trumps feet. Keep in mind that Lyndsay Graham stated when they take over, he would initiate a ban on all abortions. Dems have effectively exploited the Covid election scheme to their benefit. This has resulted in my personal skepticism that we can have legitimate elections anymore. I find it troublesome that it is nearly always heavily Democrat districts that routinely in the thirteenth hour change the trailing candidate to the leading one. Third, we have nurtured an entire irresponsible population of people that want government to provide that which should be their own budget priority so that they can use their resources for expanded lived experiences through travel and socializing. I have no desire to remain a Republican and will probably be less likely to vote if mail-in voting continues and/or the current Republican leadership remains in their roles. When an electorate votes for candidate with significant cognitive impairments, lie with impunity and a press that covers for them our Republic is effectively a non-entity and governed by the mob. I want no part of it unless I think there is hope.

    Welcome to the Idiocracy.

    • The claims that the statement was fake is just desperate denial, and the easiest proof is that Trump hasn’t denied that he wrote it, even though its hurting him. (And he would never apologize, of course.)

      • I wasn’t claiming it to be fake. I was simply stating that Trumps other words are high can be validated are little different than these.

        I am sure that I could make fake claims that could be sound very similar to Pelosi, Schumer Biden and others whose rhetoric is easily imitated.

        Imagine a fake tweet from someone clawing to be Bernie Sanders that called for windfall profits taxes on Wall Street and banks who are making exorbitant profits because of Fed interest rate hikes.

    • Regarding giving up on the American electoral system, I saw a meme on a Mastodon feed the other day that said, “I put all my ‘I Voted’ stickers on my rifle, so when the time comes to use it, I can at least say I tried.”

      I wish that felt more like a joke and less like a factual statement than it does…

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