Ethics Dunce: Jennifer Siebel Newsom, Wife of California Gov. Gavin Newsom

…and aspiring First Lady, presumably.

Jennifer Siebel Newsom, a former actress and documentary filmmaker testified in the L.A. Harvey Weinstein trial yesterday. The wife of California Gov. Gavin Newsom (reportedly a possible 2024 Presidential candidate when the Democrats decide to kick Joe Biden to the curb from which he never should have escaped in the first place) told the court that the once powerful Hollywood producer and major Democratic Party donor raped her in a hotel room in 2005. She spoke of the devastating effect it had on her in the 17 years since…wait, what? Let’s go through that again 2005? And she never told the police or warned any of the other women who Harvey went on to sexually assault, rape and abuse? Why would that be?

“Because you don’t say no to Harvey Weinstein,” she ‘explained.’ “He could make or ruin your career,”


In her testimony, Mrs. Newsom also said that when she had a drink later in the day (!) with her rapist, he was “charming” and showed “a genuine interest in talking about my work.” Then everything was OK, then! No hard feelings….

We know there were literally dozens of women like Newsom who knew from personal experience or the accounts from close friends and associates that Weinstein was a monster and a serial predator. One of those women who knew was almost certainly Hillary Clinton. They all did nothing until two New York Times reporters broke the story that brought Weinstein down. Nothing.

It is considered bad form and un-woke to criticize women like Newsom: blaming the victim and all that. Yes, she was a victim; she was also an enabler and a virtual assessory to Weinstein’s crimes. Her self-righteousness and indignation now make me nauseous, frankly. How many rapes and assaults might she have prevented if she hadn’t been so focused on what her rapist could do for her career? She couldn’t be asked that, of course: “calls for speculation.”

“He knows this is not normal!” she shouted during her testimony. “He knows this is not consent!” “Horror! Horror!” she said, describing her alleged rape. “I’m trembling. I’m like a rock, I’m frigid. This is my worst nightmare! I’m just this blow-up doll!” She then expressed more horror that Weinstein was looking at her in the courtroom as she was asked to identify her rapist. “He’s wearing a suit, and a blue tie, and he’s staring at me,” she said as she broke into tears. Many of the news accounts of yesterday’s dramatic testimony employed the appeal to emotion fallacy rather than just giving the facts. NBC’s headline was that Newsom “broke down.” Yahoo!’s lead is that she “burst into tears.”

The Associated Press story buries this nugget deep, deep into its account: she told her husband about the rape when he was Mayor of LA, meaning at least seven years before Weinstein was exposed by the Times. To be fair, Harvey was raising a lot of money for Democrats then, so why stop him from his little actress-raping hobby? We also learn that Jennifer asked for and received contributions for Gavin’s campaigns from her old pal.

BUT, she emphasized, Gavin returned the money…after he had been elected, and after Weinstein had been disgraced.


6 thoughts on “Ethics Dunce: Jennifer Siebel Newsom, Wife of California Gov. Gavin Newsom

  1. I grow weary of the post-incident indignation after a successful career is lived because of the indignation.
    She profited from her indignation then and wants to profit from telling its tale- Hypocrisy!

  2. She can’t stand to have him sitting in a court with a couple of dozen people between her and him…I can believe that.

    But had no problem having drinks with him after the attack and getting campaign donations from him in the interim?

    Hollywood is just screwed up. Ethically. Morally. Legally. Intellectually. It has always been this way, but now the denizens have stepped out of their entertainment niche and are trying to change the country into a reflection of their warped values. No wonder people are so confused.

    Talented performers should be admired for their craftsmanship. A few of them may be intelligent, upstanding citizens one can trust to give advice. As a whole, though, the entertainment industry has no business trying to influence anything the rest of us do. These people do not deserve the pedestals on which our culture has placed them for far too long.

  3. Another sad tale from America’s Babylon. Given: Weinstein is a predator and a criminal. On the other hand, most of these encounters look a whole lot like prostitution with second thoughts. Prices apparently vary, but the exchange is well-defined. The fact that so many knew and either profited directly or indirectly, or were his victims and still did nothing, taints their outrage now. She (among others) valued her career and financial success more than her bodily autonomy and integrity. It is always hard to sustain a believable claim of rape when there is no outcry. This man may have been powerful, but he was not God, and he was not above the law. To believe otherwise is indicative of a lack of naivety beyond credibility. Trading a good life for a good lifestyle is seldom a wise choice, although one made by many.

  4. Jennifer Newsome is a disgrace — to herself and all women. She was and is the worst of acquisitiveness: “I can put this aside because after all it might eventually help my career.” Really? If she is really so sickeningly ‘practical’ (for want of a better term), I can have no sympathy for her. She is an abomination, though clearly a good actress, if reports of her testimony are true. All she is doing here — coming forward now that she is married to the governor of California, BTW — is disgracing all women, encouraging other rapists, and perpetuating the longtime lie that women are not trustworthy, have venal interests, are cowardly and are somehow less than men.

    Thanks, Jennifer. You are truly a blot on the landscape, and your marriage and your husband (who has known about this for years and done nothing, despite his governmental and political position) are both laughable and terrifying.

    Is this how far we have come? Justice delayed until it is convenient? Individual interests always preempt the interests of society? Some culture we have created here, and Newsome (the latest example of this sickness) should be roundly despised by all women, whether they are victims or not, and if they can set aside the basic human sympathy Newsome does not deserve.

    Finally, if it weren’t about Weinstein, would anyone think that it actually was a rape?

    • Well said, E2.

      She started dating Gavin Newsome, the then mayor of San Franciso, at least the titular head of a police department, in 2006, still well within any imaginable statute of limitation. Sorry Jennifer, it was a transaction.

      And how can anyone possibly decode testimony by a professional ACTRESS. When is she NOT acting?

  5. She said Gavin returned the campaign contribution because he “is so ethical”. She was getting advice from Weinstein on how to deal with the outcry from a married Gavin having an affair with his best friend’s wife. So much for ethics.

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