“What Color Is The Sky On Your Planet?” Unethical Tweet Of The Month: Andrew Wortman

You might well ask, “Who the hell is Andrew Wortman?” Fair enough, and I have no idea. He describes himself on Twitter as “Activist. Super-Followable. Gay AF. Dems are pro-U.S. The GOP despises America…. #BlackLivesMatter #ExpandTheCourt” which tells me all I need to know, but he has 186 THOUSAND followers on Twitter.

This is one of the realities that convinces me that I am a miserable failure.

This guy equates not getting a free lunch at one’s workplace with “starving.” He is an epitome of leftist delusion…and he has 186,000 followers. In addition to making me realize that I am a miserable failure, his tweet also reminds me that I never chose to work for  a properly ethical, humanitarian, generous, caring employer. Not one of them provided free lunches on a regular basis, and I just accepted it, like a submissive prole.

Even in my current job there’s no free lunch—and it’s my own company!

18 thoughts on ““What Color Is The Sky On Your Planet?” Unethical Tweet Of The Month: Andrew Wortman

  1. Should Mr. Wortman have a job, I must wonder if his place of employment provides a free lunch and, if it does not, does he consider himself starving?

    Of course, he doesn’t.

    He doesn’t expect any employer to provide free meals to employees. The tweet is just a cheap shot at someone who’s been put on the Leftist Hate list, electric vehicles notwithstanding.

    Just Democrats going high.

  2. Wortman writes that Musk “is failure incarnate”.

    Isn’t Musk something like the richest man in the world?!? He earns something like ten million dollars a week. He spent forty-plus billion dollars on a company just because he wanted to. Andrew Wortman can only dream of “failure” that spectacular.

    Wortman is moron incarnate.

  3. These people obviously have no concept of what “Under New Management” means. I would feel blessed to still have a job and would get busy proving my value to the new boss or resign if I couldn’t get on board with their new direction. No free lunch? Cry me a river!

    • The last employer I recall paying for my lunches was the US Army, many years ago.

      Much more recently when self-employed, I asked my CPA if I could deduct my meals when I was away from my “office” (the corner former bedroom upstairs). She said no, unless I was with a bona fide client talking business. She said the IRS takes the position that I eat regardless of location, etc. I think if I had an employee I could deduct their lunch but they would have to claim it as compensation. The IRS wants their pound of flesh, and are not picky about whose flesh it is.

      I am far from starving, for the record.

      • As a retired Amy officer, I never got a free meal. We always had to pay when we entered the mess hall, what is now called the dining facility.
        As a previously enlisted guy I sweated a lot for those ‘free meals’

  4. Jack,
    Anyone can have 186000 followers (maybe bots) when their followers are never forced to think beyond their own wants and desires. Success is when you have a solid core of followers even when you challenge their belief systems no matter how large or small the number.

  5. Mr. Wortman’s social media numbers vs. your own are not an indicator that you have failed, Jack, but the comparison does provide further evidence (as if more was needed) that our society is failing.

  6. In a nutshell, there are lots of voters out there who firmly believe there is such a thing as a free lunch. And there are lots of politicians more than happy to buy their votes. We’re turning into a shithole country. Next thing you know, precinct bosses will be delivering washing machines for votes like PRI in Mexico.

  7. I am not sure I have ever worked for a company that had a cafeteria, let alone free lunches. Should we have been asking for vouchers for McDonald’s or Applebee’s?

    I weigh more now that I did when I worked at TI, so I am thinking it is just possible I didn’t starve. Would I know or would I need an ‘expert’?

    What claptrap.

    Not to mention that I believe his stats are wrong, too — what I read indicated that Musk laid off — not fired, there is a difference. He did fire the CEO (thank goodness) for cause –perhaps half of Twitter’s employees. Is he saying Amazon and Facebook are failures because they laid off thousands of employees?

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