Weird Tales Of The Great Stupid: The 10-Year-Old’s Sexual Assault

Is there any time in U.S. history other than the Age of the Great Stupid that this could have occurred?

NBC News reports that a fourth grader was summarily suspended from the Holly Hill School in Volusia County, Florida after he hugged a school counselor late last month and, the counselor alleged, ‘grabbed her left breast” in the process. elementary school. The child now faces a potential misdemeanor battery charge after she filed a complaint with police.

The counselor—I wonder what she’s qualified to counsel about? — doesn’t have to give her name, thanks to a Florida law that allows “crime victims”—you know, like elementary school counselors who are sexually assaulted by hormone-crazed 10-year-olds—can remain anonymous.

The counselor claims the boy asked for The Hug; the boy’s family and lawyer say the alleged victim initiated it. The boy’s family lawyers claim that the school acted without sufficient investigation as the boy denies that the counselor’s accusation is true. Fortunately the child is also African-American, so the local NAACP has become involved and using the incident to demonstrate how students-of-color are disciplined disproportionately compared to students-of-pallor.

The real problem, however, is educators-of -stupidity, or what Rep.Swalwell calls “experts.”

Even if the kid did deliberately touch the counselor’s breast, any sane and responsible school system would have dealt with the matter by, ah, counseling, and not by getting law enforcement involved. Essentially the choice was made to traumatize the boy rather than to tell the grandstanding woman to 1) calm down and 2) be reasonable. Once again, we see school administrators more concerned about liability and #MeToo protests than fairness, proportion, common sense and that education thingy.

The boy’s family demands that the school clear the boy’s record and fire the school counselor. Of course the counselor should be fired, as well as anyone else in the chain of command that allowed the boy to be suspended for 10 days and to have the cops sicced on him.

“We will not stand by this and allow him to be accused of something that he did not do,” Ed Hollins, the boy’s grandfather, said according to The Daytona Beach News-Journal. “I would not stand for my grandchild or any child to be treated this way by a professional.”

Then he played the race card, saying, “This is a new way of lynching.” Nice, grandpa! Never mind that there is no evidence that the alleged “professional” wouldn’t have done the same if a white fourth grader copped a feel. But this is how the game is played in the Age of The Great Stupid.

I blame Harvey Weinstein. Well, maybe Bill Clinton. Brett Kavanaugh?

2 thoughts on “Weird Tales Of The Great Stupid: The 10-Year-Old’s Sexual Assault

  1. If this little Bart Simpson did actually cop a feel, he should have been dragged down to the principal’s office and sat in a chair until his parents came to the office. His parents should have told him to apologize, taken him home, swatted him on the butt and grounded him for a few days. And that should have been that.

    Who’s raising the kid? A village? Hillary Clinton?

  2. If this was simply a preadolescent cop feel incident then less draconian methods of behavioral correction could have been employed.
    If this is a teacher/couselor looking for her 15 minutes/payday at the expense of a 10-year-old then severe draconian methods of correction must be employed.

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