Surely…SURELY…The American Public Will Eventually Stop Tolerating This. Right?


The increasingly unjust, unfair, harmful pandering to pseudo-transgender opportunists has got to eventually trigger a massive awakening in which Americans say, “Wait…what are we doing? This is crazy! Why have we allowed this to go on this long? Or at all?”

In the most recent debacle, Seattle Academy’s Aspen Hoffman, ranked 72nd in boys’ track as a freshman, transitioned to female, sort of, as a sophomore, was allowed to compete as girl, and suddenly started winning races.

Hoffman finished first in the 5,000 meter race, and broke Seattle Academy’s girls’ record with a time that would have achieved 48th place in the boys’ division. This is Barry Bonds-level cheating. It also shows how California derangement is infectious: both Washington and Oregon have lost their grip on reality, rationality, responsibility and ethics. When are their citizens going to stop being weenies and stop the madness? It’s their duty as citizens, after all.

Fifteen years ago, Washington state’s guidelines for transgender athletes held that male athletes had to undergo surgery and two years of hormone therapy before they could compete as females. Four years ago, the surgery mandate was lifted and only“documented testosterone suppression therapy” was required. Then, in 2021 as The Great Stupid raged, the state ruled that transgender athletes only had to “consistently express” a gender. Well, yes, that seems reasonable as far as it goes. You don’t want athletes saying, “I’m male!” “I’m female!” “I’m male!” “I’m female!” between races like Faye Dunaway between slaps in “Chinatown.” But then there’s the other matter—biological males have a huge advantage.

It’s hardly a matter of debate. The father of a female competitor beaten by Hoffman said “He is larger than any of the girls, and shamelessly takes first place on the podium. Now my daughter is competing against a male for scholarships. Another parent asked “What about [Hoffman’s] teammate that was bumped off the varsity? These girls are losing their opportunity to not just get to state but maybe earn a scholarship.” Another school’s coach said, “[A]llowing [Hoffman] to compete against biological girls deprives other girls’ teams of the chance to compete at Stat, which is a big deal.” Yet another coach said “This is just about fairness in female sports. It would be just as insane if we made a girl who’s transitioning to be a boy compete against the girls.”

The Washington Interscholastic Activities Association’s 2021 Gender Diversity Toolkit claimed that trans athletes have “not been shown to diminish opportunities for others” and that there are “no competitive advantages.” That’s classic “It isn’t what it is” cant embodying the modern Left’s penchant for denying that inconvenient facts exist.

The first father quoted above added, referring to the WIAA’s policy eliminating the right of students and competing schools to challenge the participation of a trans student in female sports, added. “And we can’t even say anything. You can’t even approach it in a nice way without being labeled a hateful bigot. You will get threats against you.”

Oh, stop whining and fight for what you know is right, you weenie. Don Corleone had the perfect response for this kind of lament…

These things happen because people like you want to be nice when you need to be formidable, determined, and strong. Stop this. Stop it for your children, their children, your nation and its values.

If you won’t make the effort, I have no sympathy for you.


Source: The College Fix

19 thoughts on “Surely…SURELY…The American Public Will Eventually Stop Tolerating This. Right?

  1. I see absolutely nothing unfair with making biological sex the standard for athletics.

    It seems that Transgenderism is being used to confuse social mores. There is nothing wrong with making biology the standard for competition.

    Sure, for those who transition and go through hormonal therapy, the inability to compete is an unfortunate downside. But, you can identify as a woman all you want, if you are XY, you have to compete with other XY people.

    I do not know how that view is wrong.


    • It’s funny how we have to trust the science … until … we don’t, because doing so might hurt someone’s feelings and completely unscientific beliefs.

    • I see absolutely nothing unfair with making biological sex the standard for athletics.

      I think we need to push back on the idea that biological sex is distinct from gender. This seems to be a recent phenomenon. My dictionary’s definition of “gender” starts with “1. Sex.” Alternative definitions refer to linguistic uses. Nowhere does it refer to the norms, roles, and social conventions that spring up around sex. This was 1983, not the Victorian era, not the Dark Ages. If this notion of their being distinct is more than 20 years old, it was only among small niche groups in academia.

      This dogmatic new divorce of the two words gives rise to all kinds of inconsistencies. Why do we have “gender roles”, “gender norms”, and “gender stereotypes” if gender IS the rules, norms, and stereotypes? Why would there be such a thing as “gender affirmation surgery?” You can’t perform surgery on a social phenomenon. We don’t have “class affirmation surgery” or “job affirmation surgery”.

      • You are correct on the big picture. They want to maintain that gender is a construct, but then, somehow, want to claim that it is an inherent characteristic. It is all very muddled, but I am not completely sure that I understand the argument.

        Small picture: avoid the argument and simply say that gender is not how teams are composed. It is strictly by sex.


        • There is a book, “Material Girl”, written by an ardent feminist, who goes into great detail about how contemporary academic discussion of transgengerism is muddled and how it ill serves the populations it purports to benefit. Jack also wrote about a similar book, but I can’t recall its title.

    • JUT said, “I do not know how that view is wrong.”
      JUT, my pronouns are Me/Mine and We/Whine (I notice you failed to provide yours). Maybe I can help you understand where you have strayed from the proclamations of the New Trans Order.
      Your ignorance is understandable … for now. Millennia of a XX/XY dichotomy have placed cataracts upon your eyes so you cannot see the pain of the Trans community. The drumbeats of the oppressors have deafened you to their cries. The lust for privilege and power of the gender normative has stripped away all hope of empathy for the otherwise gendered.
      However, while your stance may be understandable … it is NOT forgivable.
      Your expressions of doubt toward gender affirmation fuel others to take aggressive/deadly action to maintain the millennia-long status quo. It is as if you handed ammunition to the Colorado Springs shooter (speech is deadly). There is real, palpable, blood on your hands. If you cannot accept that, then just move to the back of the bus, sit down, and shut the fuck up. That is where people like you belong … out of sight and silent.

  2. “It would be just as insane if we made a girl who’s transitioning to be a boy compete against the girls.” I know this is a confusing situation, but did Coach mean to say, “It would be just as insane if we made a girl who’s transitioning to be a boy compete against the BOYS.” Anyone? Beuhler?

    • Since the advantage (mostly?) works only in one direction, trying to do that type of flip just seems to produce a confusing comparison.

    • A girl transitioning to become a boy is still female with less muscle so she would lose consistently. Ergo, allowing different biological sexes to compete against each other is not a competition at all if one always wins and another always loses. That may be the reasoning behind the statement.

    • It could be correct both ways. The girl transitioning to be a boy is taking testosterone, which at other times was labeled a “performance booster” when she competes against other girls. When she competes against boys any victory would be dose-dependent and whether those boys had yet reached physiological maturity.

  3. These things happen because people like you want to be nice when you need to be formidable, determined, and strong. Stop this. Stop it for your children, their children, your nation and its values.

    The unfortunate reality is that the woke forces arrayed against your average citizen is immense. The majority of people hate the woke ideology, but that woke minority wields power that ruins lives. Woke pressure on companies, especially if those companies are woke themselves, or at least not wanting to draw the woke ire, will readily fire an employee who speaks out against the woke agenda. In same cases, the woke ire amounts to a blacklist, where one can’t find a reasonable job once targeted by the woke mob. Worse, it isn’t just the prospect of losing a job that cows people; it is also that the woke mob will target family and associates, as well. Friends, spouses, other family members are then at risk of losing their livelihoods, or being shunned in public, or target of harassments and even violence. Children might be bullied out of school, with no teacher willing to stand up for them, and with some teachers even participating in or encouraging the bullying. And there’s the prospect of colleges being unwilling to accept a child who raised a cry against the unfairness of the woke agenda. And that does not begin to cover the potential of being ousted from regular commerce by having banks refuse to open accounts, or credit card companies refuse to issue credit cards, and so on. The woke seem to have enough strings to pull to completely cast one out of society altogether. And that is a terrifying prospect.

    If enough people in unison stood up against the woke mob, it would break. Just as if enough people rose up against any ruling entity, that entity would find its illusion of power shattered. However, until that time, the woke mob knows it can keep people in line by wielding its cudgels. How many people are willing to destitute themselves and subject their family, especially their children, to repercussions of fighting against the woke?

    The illusion of the woke power is the belief that anyone who tries to fight against it will be alone. Keeping opponents isolated and unware of each other, or better yet, at each other’s throats, is the way totalitarians keep power, and people do feel isolated in the struggle against the woke. The school system seems to be against them. The municipal and state governments in many states seem arrayed against them. Anyone who dares defy the woke is smeared in a media that is largely devoted to the woke agenda. Daring to cite Fox News will just garner heaps of scorn. Nodding to the Ron DeSantis’s and Kristi Noems who as governors push back against the woke agenda is fine if one lives in their states, but outside of those states the information about them is largely negative, and the cognitive dissonance scale is then at play. If such villains are against the woke agenda, then one starts to wonder if one is a terrible person for also protesting against the woke agenda. As long as one sees every opponent of the woke agenda as a lone, bigoted, despicable being, one will remain alone, and easy prey to the woke.

    In order to solve a situation like this, people need to know that there are others who understand their situation and will have their backs. For example, for homeschooling families who know that the government is hostile to homeschooling, there is HSLDA, the Homeschool Legal Defense Association, a group of lawyers and associates who know the laws, know the attacks on homeschool families, and provide resources and legal assistance for homeschool families (who are members, granted) who are targeted by the governmental mafia. To date, I’m unaware of an entity to which people can turn to fight the woke agenda. The ACLU has long become a woke mouthpiece, so there is no recourse there. We’ve seen FIRE begin to take on more challenges, but has until recently been contained to college campus issues. And I would hazard a guess that few people even know that FIRE exists.

    There needs to be an organization on the size of the NRA (and maybe FIRE will become that group, or maybe there is someone out there that I’m not aware of) who can reach all those people who are being singled out and mocked in the media for daring to protest against men competing in women’s sports, who have the legal resources to bear against the woke agenda. And then word needs to spread that such an organization exists, knowing that entities like social media, the mainstream media, and the likes of the ACLU and SPLC will trying to destroy it if possible, or silence it if not.

    It maybe that some lone martyrs will rouse the population, but I doubt it. People largely want to be left alone to live their lives, and if the choice is letting some woke measures slide, well, is it really worth defending women’s sports if it means one’s entire life is destroyed? Most people are wired to choose to surrender and live their lives rather than face such persecution, especially if they don’t have a cause to rally behind or a strong belief in something higher worth sacrificing everything for.

    I look at 2 Maccabees 7, in which a mother bravely watches her sons die in the Greek persecution of the Jews. Not only does she witness it with bravery, but she encourages her sons to accept death rather than betray the God of Israel. I would hope I could have such courage. The thought of my daughters facing such pain and tribulation is agonizing; asking them to choose to die rather than give in to the evil forces of the world twists me up inside. I’m not sure my faith is actually strong enough. And because of that, I can sympathize with everyone who backs down from the fight.

  4. I’ve said it numerous times, there is no such creature as a transgender because it is a scientifically validated biological impossibility. There are only the mentally deranged, brainwashed, or con artists. They can ingest quantities of chemicals and hormones and can mutilate themselves on the surgical table but all they’ve accomplished is only superficial. This is because gender is determined by ones DNA which is infused into every cell. I’ve also challenged anyone to prove me wrong. To date, no one has tried.

  5. Marginally related: I was registering booth personnel for a veterinary convention. Among the required information – required, mind you – was the gender with which you most closely identify. There was a drop down menu of choices including everything from trans to queer to questioning. Female and male were options but they came with the additional tag of “cisgender.” I could not register my employees without answering the question. A veterinary convention. “Go fuck yourselves” was not an option.

  6. I think we’re approaching a point where this is going to happen in some state or town that raises its girls to be a little tougher than other places, and we’ll see a whole team of girls just refuse to compete against (or on the sand team as) a boy. That’s what it will take to break this trend. The parents can make a lot of noise, but only when the options are given to the school as “you can have girls sports, or you can have one lone mentally ill (or grifting) boy all by himself”, will we see change. The only way I see that happening is for the girls to have the courage to stand up for themselves.

    This is extremely difficult, because teen girls are generally averse to this kind of direct conflict. And the stranglehold of media and tech giants on the narrative makes it seem like the “pro-transgender” viewpoint has far more acceptance than it does, making it even more difficult to swim against the perceived tide. But there are enough young women out there who are tough, smart, and bold enough that we will eventually see someone mess with the wrong group and get slapped down. One example like that will open the floodgates of rebellion against this nonsense.

  7. I think that all sensible people when they think about it realise that those transitioning from male to female have a great and unfair advantage when competing against biological females. Also, those transitioning from female to male have an advantage as soon as they start taking drugs to aid their transition.
    Being involved in track and field, I often see athletes in para athletics competing against each other or against non para athletes in their various classes, such as vision impairment, intellectual impairment, co-ordination impairment, short stature, missing or impaired lower or upper limbs.
    Each of the various classes of impairment have various categories depending on the severity of impairment, for example vision impairment for track ranges from T11 (totally blind) through T12 to T 13 (least severe). Field events range from F11 to F13.
    One example I know of is a girl who has a classification of F38. I’ve seen her compete in a high school competition with a 2kg shot put while those around her were competing with a 3 kg shot put. Because she uses a lighter weight shot put she can’t win the local high school champs but it does allow her have some competition before going to the National High School Champs where there is a separate para competition.
    So for transgendered people there could be two classes for those transitioning from male to female, and those transitioning from female to male. Each of the classes would have different categories depending on how far they have transitioned.
    Also there could be a class for those born intersex i.e. hermaphrodites.

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