It Can’t Happen Here…Can It?

I’m seriously considering using Major Clipton (who has the last word after the mind-blowing and bridge blowing finale of “The Bridge on the River Kwai”) exclusively for unethical climate change policy craziness. There is plenty—as in “an outrageous amount” already—with more to come.

The Dutch government is going to buy and close down up to 3,000 farms near environmentally sensitive areas to comply with EU nature preservation rules. These will be forced sales. How will the elimination of the livelihoods of thousands of Dutch families prevent a speculative climate-created cataclysm at some undetermined point in the future, if it would occur at all? That’s easy; it won’t. The European Union, however, like the United Nations and the Biden administration has swallowed whole the complex, imperfect, ideologically-biased climate science that remains speculative, Thus the EU is committed to taking draconian measures that will do certain harm immediately for extremely uncertain results far into the future. It isn’t just magical thinking, it’s incompetent magical thinking, by policy makers who couldn’t read a cliamte change model if their lives depended on it. Just once I would like to see an interviewer of a climate change-obsessed politician or elected official ask the passionate individual to explain exactly what data they are basing their position on and how he or she explains the various phenomena involved. This never happens, of course, because most journalists are ardent supporters of crippling the economy and industry to avoid amorphous climate change effects without having a sufficient understanding of the science themselves.  It also never happens because the typical woke journalist would never ask a question guaranteed to make a member of their favorite party go “huminahuminahumina…” on national TV.

Would the Biden administration or some future climate-obsessed regime emulate the Dutch? Right now, the conservative Supreme Court makes that unlikely, but I wouldn’t assume that it won’t try. It wouldn’t be the first time the Biden gang attempted blatantly unconstitutional measures “for the greater good” (eg. keeping themselves in power) like the cynical student loan scheme. I can see the Justice Department arguing that eminent domain under the Fifth Amendment’s Taking Clause can and should be used to forestall climate change, because what could be a more legitimate government purpose, or “public use,” than preventing the end of the world?

Remember, a primary operating assumption of progressives is that the United States would benefit by emulating the very nations whose culture and values it deliberately rejected by beginning the American experiment, which, historical revisionists, woke academia and the 1619 Project notwithstanding, has been a spectacular success. What the Dutch are doing undoubtedly looks wonderful to them. They are envious. They are relentless, and yes, their ethics are the “ethics” of Big Brother.

Stay vigilant, and watch out.

15 thoughts on “It Can’t Happen Here…Can It?

    • They did it before and they will doubtless find a way to do it again. The Climate Change hysterics want us all eating plants anyway…not themselves, of course, but the rest of us.

      On the other hand, it appears the Chinese are finally starting to reject the stringent Covid Lockdowns of their government so there’s hope that the people of the world are getting tired of the madness that’s been spreading for the past 5-10 years.

  1. Farm collectivization, where have I heard of that before? Ah yes, that was just before the Holodomor. Also, the Great Leap Forward. Or more recently, Zimbabwe and Venezuela.

    On a related note, ABC News recently ran an article on the Holodomor in the context of the current war in Ukraine. I find it amusing the lengths they go to in order to avoid the words “socialism”, “communism”, or “Marxism”.

    • It’s worse than that. At least the collective farms in the Soviet Union produced *some* food. The Dutch are just taking productive land out of the agricultural system entirely. They’re not going to run the farms as some mismanaged government operation, they’re shutting them down permanently.

      I guess the idea is to import more food to replace what they’re no longer going to produce. Which just means someone else will have to grow it somewhere else. They’re not going to reduce whatever they think they’re going to reduce by even one molecule, they’re just moving its source. Actually, this scheme will likely increase the “carbon” they’re so worried about, since there will now be a longer transport chain involved in bringing them their food. Brilliant!

      • I think they are just trying to starve everyone in Africa to death. This will just drive up the price of food internationally and leave poorer nations that import most of their food starving. I guess killing portions of the global population will reduce carbon so that makes genocide ok.

      • I think they’re driving beef and dairy farming out of business because of run-off from feedlots and dairies and so forth. The Netherlands are the largest exporter of agricultural products in the EU. Probably beef and cheese. This is why countries leave the EU. The psychos in Belgium set up all sorts of regulations on nearly everything. In the Republic of Ireland, EU regulations limit the number of sheep the Irish can graze and the number of trees they can grow. The bureaucrats don’t care in the least what havoc they wreak on people and families. They think food comes from grocery stores or via online shopping. In an ideal world, they would be entitled to depopulate the planet.

  2. From the article:

    “The Dutch cabinet also wants to draw up a long term plan for the future of agriculture with farmers, environmental groups and local government. ”

    They don’t even have a “long term plan”

  3. Bingo, bang-go, bongo.
    However, if you prefer a more inclusive analysis of the Global Warming/Climate Change fiasco, I strongly, strongly, strongly, recommend the tens of thousands of words addressing the subject at Or else, be satisfied with Jack’s efficient synopsis: MADNESS.

  4. >>the United States would benefit by emulating the very nations whose culture and values it deliberately rejected by beginning the American experiment

    In all things except, of course, abortion and voting by mail. They are totally ignorant on those subjects.

  5. Remember, a primary operating assumption of progressives is that the United States would benefit by emulating the very nations whose culture and values it deliberately rejected by beginning the American experiment, which, historical revisionists, woke academia and the 1619 Project notwithstanding, has been a spectacular success…

    Hidden in there is a circular argument. It has only ever been “a spectacular success” by the standards it, itself, implanted. It rests on the second, usually unquoted, part of the Latin saying “tempora mutantur et nos mutamur in illis” (“times are changing and we are being changed in those“). That there experiment effectively created a new people. Contrariwise, others drew other lessons from it, e.g. Canadians read it as an awful warning when planning federation, shortly after the then recent unpleasantness to their south. Brevatim: what the Americans are doing undoubtedly looks wonderful to them – well, it would, it’s theirs. The truth of the matter is not to be found in that, one way or the other, any more than in the case of the Dutch or of anyone else. Any success by standards outside itself remains to be established (it may be too early to call; call no man happy until he is dead, and that).

    This is not a topic that calls for argument to convince me, or even to convince the arguers themselves. Rather, it is a call to people to become aware of their unexamined foundations. Only after that, and only if others agree with those premises, does argument even become feasible. But merely calling that “a spectacular success” skates over things just as much as when the Soviets claimed the same for themselves.

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