An Ethics Hero Writes, “Dear Ethics Villain…”

Here is the text of the full letter…

All of the Big Tech companies are in a neck-and neck race for Most Unethical Corporation on 2022 title; i may just have to open a special category just for them. Sen. Hawley attached his letter to a tweet that read,

“I’d like to know why ⁦ @Apple⁩ continues to aid and abet the totalitarian regime in #China while campaigning against free speech at home.”

Wait: there’s no inconsistency there, Senator. Both actions are consistent with Big Tech’s values and agenda.

5 thoughts on “An Ethics Hero Writes, “Dear Ethics Villain…”

  1. I’m a novice…

    Just before Sen. Hawley asks his five questions of Tim Cook, he uses the phrase “So that Congress may consider remedial legislation…”

    What does that mean or imply?

  2. The commentary on the Twitter link is predominantly pro Apple.
    Most keep saying Apple is private and can choose with whom to do business. Obviously, they have no understanding of why we regulate monopolies.
    I would like to see what these proto-facists would say if the fossil fuel producers cut the power to Apple stores or gas stations and recharging stations that use fossil fuels decide to stop selling to people who indicate they are anti-fossil fuels

    • That’s what they were saying about Twitter’s censorship policies before Musk bought it. Now, of course, it needs to be hauled back into line by the government.

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