Scary Headlines From “The Great Stupid”

I couldn’t resist a post in “The American Thinker” which listed 12 “headlines you never would have seen just a few short years ago,” because 10 of 12 had appeared on my birthday, December 1. That explains why my favorite recent Great Stupid headline didn’t make the list, “Shark Week Lacks Diversity, Overrepresents Men Named Mike, Scientists Say,” which sparked two Ethics Alarms posts yesterday, here and here. Eric Utter writes that taken together, the list “looks like a harbinger of chaos and disaster.” I won’t argue with that, especially since I see worse headlines than these every day and have time and gorge to write about only some of them. Here are nine of the twelve:

3 thoughts on “Scary Headlines From “The Great Stupid”

    • Is there such a thing as “too outrageous” in 2022? Each fresh absurdity is almost immediately topped by the next one, in an accelerating spiral of insanity…

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