13 Days To Christmas Ethics Countdown, 12/12/22: 12…11…10…[Corrected]

12. Well, that’s one...Rep. Ro Khana (D-CA) on Fox Business:  “It is wrong to censor newspapers. It is wrong to censor journalists. Look, The New York Post hasn’t written a kind thing about me in my six years in Congress. They’re a conservative-point-of-view paper. But that doesn’t mean that you can stop publishing their pieces or articles or censor their journalists from sharing stories…it just offended the basic principles that our country is based on…”

See? That wasn’t so hard, was it? [Pointer: Other Bill]

11. Let’s boycott this unethical restaurant for Christmas...I object to boycotts, but the Metzger Bar and Butchery in Richmond, Virginia should be run out of business in the public interest. The non-profit Christian lobbying organization Family Foundation of Virginia was refused service after making a reservation for a private event because members of the service staff said they were made “uncomfortable” by the group’s political and religious beliefs as stated on its website. The religious discrimination is illegal, the political discrimination is unethical, and the restaurant’s explanation is moronic:

“Metzger Bar and Butchery has always prided itself on being an inclusive environment for people to dine in. In eight years of service, we have very rarely refused service to anyone who wished to dine with us. Recently we refused service to a group that had booked an event with us after the owners of Metzger found out it was a group of donors to a political organization that seeks to deprive women and LGBTQ+ persons of their basic human rights in Virginia…Many of our staff are women and/or members of the LGBTQ+ community. All of our staff are people with rights who deserve dignity and a safe work environment. We respect our staff’s established rights as humans and strive to create a work environment where they can do their jobs with dignity, comfort and safety.”

Fine them, boycott them, bankrupt them. In this country, being able to support political organizations and lobby for laws and policy is a basic American right; aborting living human individuals is not. The claim that this is an “inclusive” environment is a lie. Even religious bigots have a legal right to eat in restaurants, but restaurants have no right to discriminate against them. The principles, if you can call them that, advocated by the Metzger Bar and Butchery is poisonous to democracy. The complaining staff should have been given the choice of serving the group, or learning to code. [Pointer: RB]10. Before there was Don Lemon, Brian Stelter and Chris Cuomo, there was Soledad O’Brian and Carol Costello on CNN, and more smug, biased, partisan and dim-witted unethical broadcast journalists it would be hard to imagine. There was a Soledad Sighting recently on Twitter, as she responded to a Kyle Rittenhouse tweet about people needing “to be held accountable” with a snarkyFor killing people. Yes.”

It’s refreshing  to know she’s still a fact-immune asshole after all these years. Rittenhouse stood trial, though he shouldn’t have, since it was clear that he had been attacked and targeted, and fired his weapon in self-defense. A jury found him not guilty even after a flagrantly unfair trial, but to ideological fanatics like O’Brien, conservatives are guilty by definition.

9. Unwritten (and stupid) Sports Rules Dept. This spectacular dunk almost started a fight:

It seems that scoring a basket when your team has clearly won and the other team has quit in the last seconds is considered bad form in the NBA. Funny, I thought the idea was to entertain the fans. Those poor millionaires opposing the Suns had their feelings hurt? With all the show-boating and trash-talking that goes on in NBA games before the final seconds? I’m unsympathetic. True, Williamson’s justification for the dunk was truly idiotic: “That was a little out of character for me. But you gotta understand, they sent my teammates home [from the play-offs]last year… But I was in that locker room, my brothers was down because the Suns sent us home last year.”

Oh. What?

8. Of course. A new musical based on the classic Billy Wilder ’60’s film comedy “Some Like It Hot” has opened on Broadway, and you’ll never guess how the straight-men-in-drag-to-escape-from-gangsters plot has been altered. Now the show is about trans awakenings. Will every movie, play, musical or TV show now have to have a pro-LGBTQ subtext as part of the public indoctrination process?

In one of the most famous last lines in movie history, a clueless millionaire who has fallen for disguised musician Jack Lemon professes his love and proposes marriage. Lemon whips off his wig, drops his falsetto and says, “I’m a man!” The grinning old tycoon (Joe E. Brown) cheerfully replies, “Nobody’s perfect!” In this version, the character says, “You’re perfect!” Awwwwww!

Hey, maybe its a great show. I haven’t seen it. But as with all the interracial couples (that theme is shoehorned into the musical too) on TV and in films now, the entertainment industry is twisting our arms, and their priorities seem more political than artistic. (The New York Times drama critic, predictably, thinks it all is wonderful.)

7. Uh, yes, I would say this is unethical… In Germany, a female hospital patient was arrested after she twice switched off the oxygen equipment  another patient depended because, she said,  it was too noisy. An arrest warrant for the 72-year-old woman was executed; she was sent  to a correctional facility.” Her unfortunate room mate had to be resuscitated and is still in intensive care. 

6. Thank-you, mainstream media. As someone with a brilliant and once logical sister who is still wearing masks alone in her car and who refuses to come into her  brother’s house, this is not news: Labor-force participation fell for the third month in a row in November, and 13% of U.S. workers say they will continue social distancing while another 45% say they will do so as often as possible. According to a working paper distributed by the National Bureau of Economic Research, only 42% of Americans said they plan a “complete return” to the activities they participated in before the pandemic. “Long Social Distancing,” estimates that unwillingness among workers to be in close proximity to others  reduced labor participation by 2.5 percentage points in the first half of 2022 compared with what economists would normally expect to see. That translates to $250 billion in potential annual output, representing a drop of nearly a percentage point.

As part of its effort to convert American society into boot-licking, safety-obsessed, risk-averse weenies, the mainstream media spent two years deliberately encouraging panic and terror by over-hyping the Wuhan virus and its likely effects. Now phobics lurk everywhere, making the nation poorer, isolated, neurotic and not any safer.

5. Golden rings…

4. The rest of the story: Oberlin College, which drove a local bakery into ruin by assisting  student radicals in their dishonest and racially-biased campaign against it simply because the school’s administrators didn’t have the integrity or courage to tell its students that they were wrong, finally paid what was left of the family-run bakery the $36 million in damages decided on by a jury.

Oberlin never apologized, and still hasn’t.

3. The fifth installment of the Twitter documents is now out, I just learned. I’ll try to get a readable version up today. No promises.

2. Hey, was White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre working at Twitter before the 2020 election?  She would have fit right in. Asked about Elon Musk’s tweets criticizing Dr. Fauci and President Biden, Joe’s paid liar said, “These personal attacks.. are DANGEROUS…They are disgusting and they are divorced from reality.” Yeah, Musk should be locked up for the greater good.

1. And a partridge in a pear tree!


17 thoughts on “13 Days To Christmas Ethics Countdown, 12/12/22: 12…11…10…[Corrected]

  1. The Dedham Public Library is back in the news. There’s an article in the Daily Mail about the nasty things a now former “human rights commissioner” had to say to some, you know, humans. I’d put in the link and insert some of the quotes, but that would toss this comment into WordPress limbo.

    • I read it too. Apparently, some of these people on “Human Rights Commissions” or whatever think their status means they can act like hateful bigots, bullies, and little Hugo Chavezes with impunity, just like some cops think that as long as they have the badge, they can do as they please, and if someone get hurt or killed while “resisting arrest,” well, too bad. Where do these entities get the people to staff these “commissions” anyway? This is arguably worse that the woman on the Colorado Human Right Commission who spewed all that anti-religious hate and got the case against the baker who wouldn’t make the gay wedding cake tossed. Do they just seek out the angriest people with the loudest and dirtiest mouths? This is or should be a job that takes more than a filthy mouth and a foul temper.

  2. Regarding the German woman, I see that CNN is upholding its usual fantastic attention to detail by explaining that humans need oxygen to live, but somehow managed to leave out what exactly the oxygen-turner-offer lady was charged with. Does CNN’s audience really need to have the concept of respiration explained to them?

    I’m curious as to how this was charged. Assault? Attempted murder? Vandalism of hospital equipment? Disorderly conduct (hey, that’s a hospital pun!)?

    • Rep Ro went the furthest of all Democrats by reaching out to Yoel & Gadde and expressing concern over Twitter’s censorship of the New York Post. No other Democrat has made a claim of communicating with Twitter’s ultra-censors at any time for any reason.
      If you can stand to read these things on Twitter, screenshots of Khanna’s concerns over the censoring of the NY Post, I believe it’s part of the 2nd #TwitterFiles dump, released via Bari Weiss.

  3. A liturgical correction- The Twelve Days of Christmas are the days that follow Dec. 25, NOT those that precede it. In Catholic Liturgy, the Christmas Season (AKA Christmastide) extends from Dec. 26 (Boxing Day in the English Tradition) to the feast of the Epiphany ( the coming of the Magi) on January 6.

    Day 8- Indeed anyone with eyes can see that LGBTQ+ is ubiquitous. No TV commercial is without the presence of some LGBTQ+ image as well as the interracial couple (curiously always portrayed as being in the upper economic echelons) no matter what they are selling or no matter what the storyline is.
    This used to be called subliminal messaging, which was broadly admonished, now it is blatant indoctrination for the sake of DIE.

    Day 11- Are there no grounds for a lawsuit against the restaurant?

    Day 3- I breathlessly await the movie, “The Twitter Zone”

    • My dear old liturgically correct, Vatican I mother always insisted our Christmas decorations not go up too early, stayed up until Epiphany, and then promptly came down. She just had a wonderful sense of the seasons and all the Holy Days and the Saints Days. As did our parochial grade school. We’d have parades on various Saints Days, even made spring shrines to bring to school. It was pretty neat. Brought over from Ireland, I’m pretty sure.

  4. “Some Like it Hot” as a pro-LGBTQ vehicle? I’ve been watching Broadway in its death throes for years, and this might do it. Unless the economics change enough so that Broadway insiders can fill the seats and pay the bills, that is. And I doubt a movie version to make up money lost on Broadway) will be a hit. What do you think?

    • Broadway’s been pretty much a strictly gay thing since at least the ’70s. Looking at TV commercials these days, gay people are ubiquitous and outnumber straight people, so Broadway should be just fine selling tickets to gay people insofar as they constitute the majority of the population.

      • Also a demographic that is more wealthy than most of the rest and can afford 100 bucks plus for a ticket. Broadway is the ultimate elite institution, championed by phony working class heroes in the various unions.

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