A Conservative Whataboutism And Rationalization #22 Spectacular!

Republican George Santos’s election to a Long Island seat in Congress helped Republicans achieve their  narrow majority in the House of Representatives. He ran as  the “full embodiment of the American dream.”

His campaign biography said he was the son of Brazilian immigrants who raised himself from humble credentials at a New York City public college to become a “seasoned Wall Street financier and investor” with a family-owned real estate portfolio of 13 properties and an animal rescue charity that saved the lives of more than 2,500 dogs and cats. But Citigroup and Goldman Sachs, the  Wall Street firms Santos said he worked for, have no record of  Santis ever working there.  Baruch College, which Rep. Santos  said he graduated from in 2010, has no record of anyone matching his name and date of birth graduating. That  animal rescue group, Friends of Pets United, isn’t, as Santos claimed, a tax-exempt organization: the IRS has no record of a registered charity with that name. The New York Times also alleges that important information on Santos’s personal financial disclosures were withheld. Then there are some criminal charges for check fraud in Brazil that Santos never included in that shining campaign biography.

Is that a problem for Santos and worthy of scrutiny now that he’s lied and faked his way into the House? Not according to conservative bloggers like Ace of Spades, who listed the various and storied fantasies claimed as truth by Joe Biden over the years, passing on the research of tweetster Tom Elliot in response to Santos’s outing:

Biden claims:

— Survived a fire
— Arrested in civil rights march
— Star football player
— Once a truck driver
— Arrested meeting Mandela
— Son killed in Iraq
— Overheard mass shooting
— Top of his class in college
— Hit a 368′ homer in baseball game
— Had job at timber co.

— Drunk driver killed his wife & daughter
— Pinned medal on a Navy captain who was just a kid
— No knowledge of Hunter’s foreign business dealings
— Turned down offer from the Naval Academy
— His uncle won a Purple Heart
— His helicopter in Afghanistan “forced down”

— Met Parkland families as vice president
— Was once a coal miner
— Comes from a family of coal miners
— Was shot at in Iraq
— Called Milosevic a “war criminal” to his face
— Criticized George W. Bush to his face
— Participated in sit-ins during civil rights movement

— Oil industry somehow gave him cancer
— Won a fight against a drug dealer named Cornpop
— Dead Amtrak worker awarded him for riding 1.8 million miles
— Attended Temple services on a Sunday
— Raised in Puerto Rican community
— Worked as a college prof


To which the only ethical reaction is “So what?”

By what warped logic does Lying and Exaggerating Elected Official X’s misconduct mitigate, justify or excuse Lying and Exaggerating Elected Official Y’s misconduct in any way? It doesn’t. If one wants to argue ethics estoppel, and that publications like the New York Times that have refused to hold Democrats like Biden (and Harris, and Pelosi, and both Clintons) to the same standards they apply to conservatives and Repubicans, fine; but that only means that the unethical pols that the news media has allowed to con the public need to be treated responsibly and with objective critical scrutiny, not that fakes like Santos deserve mercy. Conservative pundits pointing Biden, who is admittedly a Phony of Phonies that anyone paying attention should have categorized as such long ago, are indulging in grotesque Whataboutism and making the offensive argument embodies by Rationalization #22, The Comparative Virtue Excuse: “There are worse things.” I detest #22. There are always worse things and worse people, no matter whose unethical conduct is being focused on. Conservatives and Republicans of integrity ought to furious and disgusted with Santos as any other American should be.

Ethics Alarms also issues a special “Yecchh!” at Ace’s headline, “Leftwing Clowns Are Troubled When They Hear That a Politician, Not a Leftwing Democrat, May Have Lied Some About His History.”

May? Some?

Congressman Santos should resign.

And nice job by the Times and the rest of the media, not to mention his Democratic opponent in making sure the public knew who it was voting for to represent Long Island in Congress! They didn’t seem to have any trouble flagging Herschel Walker’s many phony credentials, false claims and obfuscations.

8 thoughts on “A Conservative Whataboutism And Rationalization #22 Spectacular!

  1. I am beginning to believe that politicians will adopt any party affiliation or say anything that will get them elected. Whether it is this clown or any of the so called conservatives in the Senate who voted for this ridiculous spending bill they all need to go. Deception in any manner that induces a voter to cast a ballot for you is cause for their termination.

  2. The NYT is a gossipy propaganda rag with about as much trustworthiness as the National Enquirer, like every other newspaper in the country. I’m not particularly inclined to believe a damn thing they say. Until the news starts reporting the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, I have officially decided to stick my fingers in my ears and sing Yankee Doodle Dandee at everything they say. Is this ethical? Doubtful. But quite frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn. I’ve had it with the lies, the spin, the propaganda and the hypocrisy. The legacy media exists to make me care about things I simply don’t give a damn about. I don’t care about the latest scandal du jour, what happened on January 6th, or what flavor of ice cream is currently all the rage in rich people’s repertoire. I care that the country is spiraling into a depression, the borders have been flung wide open to everyone who cares to invade the country, the education system has been regeared to pump out broken children, and that the left is a boiling cauldron of totalitarian whack jobs. Unless and until the media decides to share my concerns, I don’t give a single damn about what they pretend to care about. I’ve had it.

  3. I understand Jack’s point that 2 wrongs don’t negate each other but NP hits the nail on the head when it comes to what should take priority.
    Every candidate is packaged product and unlike goods we buy that must contain that which is necessary to give the value it promises politicians can give the value promised without having all the puffery in the packaging. Like it or not elections hinge on large measure what the public wants to see in the packaging. Few voters ever get the chance to know the candidate. We far too often support the “pretty” candidate who says what we want to hear. I guarantee that AOC would still be tending bar if she was a clone of Bella Abzug.
    The real question about this Congressman is will he become a member of the swamp or will he represent his constituents interests.

  4. I was entertained by Santos’s apparently having an ex-wife in Brazil but billing himself as being married to a gay guy currently, or maybe not actually married to a gay guy, just claiming to be married to a gay guy, I forget which. He appears to have played all fifty-two cards in the voter demographic deck at the same time! He should give up his seat and become a full-time political consultant. He could call his firm “All of the Above Consulting.” He won, didn’t he?

  5. What is the greatest concern to me is the apparent stupidity of the Long Island and other NY voters. Their astounding lack of a fundamental grasp of political policy is evident in their representatives- AOC, Schumer, Mrs. Clinton, any member of the Cuomo clan, and Mr. Bloomberg, to name a few reveals the gross stupidity of the vox populi

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