An Unethical Quote Of The Month By ABC Clinches The 2022 Ethics Alarms “Most Unethical Profession” Award

“You talk about open borders, I don’t think I’ve ever heard President Biden say, we have an open border come on over, but people I have heard people say it are you, former President Trump, Ron DeSantis, that message reverberates in Mexico and beyond…”

—-ABC’s Martha Raddatz, desperately spinning for Democrats and the Biden Administration

I always had a soft spot in my heart for Martha Raddatz, because she rminded me of Dick Radatz, the greatest relief pitcher in Boston Red Sox history and my favorite reliever of all time, period. I knew Martha spelled her name with an extra “d,” but always held out hope that they were related. She even looks a bit like “The Monster,” don’t you think?

But I gave up on Martha after her disgracefully biased moderating of the 2012 Vice-Presidential candidates debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan. The latest is even more disgusting. Raddatz actually made the argument that Republicans and others describing the current policy of the Biden Administration regarding illegal immigration at the southern border as what it is has caused the flood of illegals into the U.S. What hackery. If the borders weren’t so open, conservatives could be screaming “Come and get it! Free stuff for all, legal or not!” and it wouldn’t make a bit of difference. Her dishonesty goes beyond the usual “It isn’t what it is” rationalization to an even more unethical, “Not only isn’t it what it is, but anyone who calls it what it is makes it what it is!”

Of course President Biden doesn’t describe the slow-motion invasion as a result of open borders. He also refuses to call a recession a recession and progressive desires to gut the First and Second Amendments what they are. This is a party that calls election integrity “voter suppression” and opposition to Democratic policies “fascism,” as biased and complicit journalists like Raddatz assist in their disinformation efforts.

Martha’s regurgitation of what was probably a Democratic National Committee talking point clinches it, not that there was much doubt:

Most Unethical Profession of the Year: Journalism

The still ongoing refusal of the mainstream media to inform the public about the Democratic Party’s and government agencies’—successful!—efforts to control what the public learned on social media regarding the damning Hunter Biden emails found on his laptop would have been enough to take the prize even if the media had been ethically pure the rest of the year, which it was not. I still hesitated to let the other unethical professions (whose defining characteristics are supposed to be that they are trustworthy and dedicated to the public good) off their metaphorical hooks, since so many of them behaved abysmally; educators, lawyers, scholars, historians, health professionals, accountants, law enforcement, elected officials (of course) and others. Journalists, however were the worst: their ethical corruption accelerated from past years, which I believed impossible; their lack of ethics even as defined in their own ethics codes was nearly universal, and the failure of this profession to do its job fairly, honestly and well damages our society, our culture and our democracy.

9 thoughts on “An Unethical Quote Of The Month By ABC Clinches The 2022 Ethics Alarms “Most Unethical Profession” Award

  1. The Biden administration’s encouragement to illegal immigrants couldn’t have been more clear if they had sent engraved invitations and rolled a red carpet across the Rio Grande. One report I saw of Martha’s “gotcha” showed several clips of Biden and Harris almost literally saying, “ Y’all come on over!” How ridiculous and stupid she looks -to anyone who hasn’t drunk their Kool-Aide.

  2. So what should we have learned from the ‘damning emails’ that we didn’t because of this ‘successful’ effort to ‘control’ what we learned on social media? With so much currently being revealed re January 6 this continual reference to Hunter Biden’s laptop seems to me a somewhat weak attempt to distract?

    • No Andrew, you’ve got it backwards. The MSM is flogging January 6 to distract from the laptop story and how the FBI and the MSM/Big Tech colluded to manipulate what ordinary folks could find out.

    • Andrew, what is being revealed regarding Jan. 6 is what they want to have you know and any exculpatory evidence is suppressed. It is a narrative presented by one side with none of the claims subject to cross examination. What pray tell is not being revealed such as why the Speaker of the House turned down the offer of the National Guard? Why are the explicit statements from Trump regarding peaceful protesting never mentioned by the media? In the Biden matter it is the incriminating evidence that the power players don’t want the electorate to see.

      It would be just as easy to convene a “select” committee to investigate members of Congress whose inflammatory rhetoric led to real violent insurrections across the nation the prior year. Hundreds of officers hurt or killed with billions of dollars in property damage.

      Sorry it makes no damn difference what the rationale was be it an act of violence perpetrated by a cop or people who believed (with some justification) that the 2020 election process was rigged. That justification may not have held up in court, but neither would those who destroyed innocent people’s lives over the act of a brutal cop. If we are to hold Trump accountable for the criminal actions of his supporters, then we must also hold the members of Congress criminally liable for fanning the flames of hatred toward police. Do those Congressmen and women bear responsibility for the ambush that left five Dallas, Tx officers dead?

      In a society that proclaims equality before the law the entire process smells. The United States used to stand for blind justice. Today, the idea of innocence until proven guilty is a relic of the past. Guilt is now decided by which team you are playing for. If your team is in power, you are safe from prosecution if you have not wronged another on your team. If not, watch your back because the power structure will not let you threaten them. I am ashamed of what our judicial system and society has become, Europe.

      • As I read and you probably know : In 1787, when the Founding Fathers had hammered out the U.S. Constitution in Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Benjamin Franklin told an inquiring woman what the gathering had produced, “A republic, madam, if you can keep it.”

        I wonder whether ‘you’ can? I really hope you do. As an Australian (with plenty of US connections) I am simply an observer. It all looks like a dreadful slow motion train crash from here. Good luck.

  3. For years (going in 25+ yrs) I’ve telling anyone who’d listen (and some who won’t) about the bias and total partisan hack’ary of most “journalists” and “educators” (especially on our college campuses). I’m glad people are finally seeing it (Trump’s greatest achievement is the severe TDS he triggered, caused most lefties to lose it and expose themselves for biased partisan hacks they are).
    I wish I can say this is a positive thing, but I fear it’s too late. The left’s grip on MSM and education/academia is complete and unshakable at this point—I mainly blame Bush II and the neocons who pulled his strings, wasting GOP control and time on unnecessary foreign wars instead of confronting real domestic threats.

  4. A metaphor- A child misbehaves getting into the cookie jar before dinner. Mom sends him to his room without supper. Dad quietly gives the child a handful of copies as the child enters the room. The Mom finds out and argues with Dad that he is undermining her discipline. Dad retorts, I didn’t say anything about your discipline. The moral of the story- Actions or inactions speak louder than words or silence!

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