More Evidence That The Public Is In Need Of Basic Education Regarding The Constitution And The Bill Of Rights…

The online petition can demand until it is blue in the face, if petitions could be blue in the face, or had a face, for that matter.

The comments of the citizen in the video clip are 100% First Amendment protected speech. There is no valid argument to the contrary. Signatories of such a petition have announced that a) they don’t believe in free speech; b) they want the government to censor individual opinions they disagree with and c) they are unfit to participate or benefit from a democratic republic, preferring a totalitarian government provided its agendas aligns with those of the petition-signers.

The petition has some civic value: it exemplifies the follow and intellectual dishonesty of using the term “hate speech” to justify censorship. Yes, we are familiar with the scheme: speech a group or favored individual finds upsetting or disagreeable is ‘harmful,” and thus not speech, but conduct, and government can regulate harmful conduct. However, the expression of a position or an opinion cannot and does not constitute conduct unless it is intended to provoke violence. The opinion expressed in the clip intends to promote “reading, writing and arithmetic.” The speaker denigrates the sexual orientations and conduct of LGBTQ individuals in the process of making a larger point that grade school education should concentrate on basic critical thinking skills rather than sexual practices and activities that contradict the religious beliefs of many families. That isn’t “hate speech,” but because some may want the speaker’s opinion to be censored, labeling it as such creates a convenient justification to try to smother a valid and widely held position.

The situation would be a tougher ethical and legal call if all the speaker did was to condemn LGBTQ citizens with no constructive recommendation flowing from it. Speeches at a public meeting that consist of nothing but insults and ad hominem attacks can legitimately be banned, not because they are “hate speech,” but because they are out of order, and not directed at policy considerations.

10 thoughts on “More Evidence That The Public Is In Need Of Basic Education Regarding The Constitution And The Bill Of Rights…

  1. The concept of hate speech proscriptions should be abolished.

    I don’t care what epithets someone hurls at me verbally. I just let them know that if their verbosity manifests itself physically I will own them to the maximum extent possible by law. I expect nothing less from my adversaries.

    If you don’t feel safe around me then leave the area where I am present. You have no more right to demand that I leave an area than I have to demand that you leave. Your feelings of insecurity are of your own making not mine so I feel not responsibility to mitigate your distress when you choose not to act on your own behalf.

    Using government to enforce your will on me marginalizes my rights as a citizen and the more you push me the more resistance you will feel coming from me.

    The world is full of choices you can choose tolerance or intolerance but every choice incurs an opportunity cost.

    • The concept of hate speech proscriptions should be abolished.

      Unfortunately, it is completely protected by the First Amendment, so it can’t “be abolished.”

      So it should be ridiculed — brutally, consistently, and fearlessly.

      • Don’t think it can’t be abolished. Look at what gun control has done in places like Oregon. NYC and Washington D.C. made it almost impossible for common people to own a gun (important, politically connected people could). Look at Mexico. Mexico has a right to bear arms in their Constitution. That has been reduced to the right to keep a gun in your house. You can’t use it to protect yourself. You can’t take it from the house for any reason. I suppose if you sell the house, the gun goes with it. Just as the gun-grabbers want to restrict your ability to buy a gun, putting all kinds of background checks, social media checks, training, licensing, and insurance, The type of gun in restricted, the number of rounds of ammunition the gun can hold, the types of guns, the uses of the guns are restricted. Your children are questioned about your gun ownership by teachers and physicians and you may lose custody depending on the opinion of 23-year old female government employees who don’t like guns. Why can’t the same thing be done for the first amendment?

        The future of the First Amendment:
        You of course have the right to your opinion in your own home with no one present. If you want to express an opinion with others present, you need to understand how dangerous it can be and learn to express your opinions in ways that won’t endanger or frighten anyone. Before you can express an opinion in the presence of others, you need to apply for a permit to speak with the federal government. After you fill out the form with your name, address, SSN, you will answer the following questions:
        (1) Have you ever been convicted of a felony?
        (2) Have you ever been punished for hate speech, insensitivity, or sent to sensitivity training at any educational institution or workplace? If so, list where and when.
        (3) Have you ever been accused of sexism or sexual harrassment? If so, list when, where, and victim’s contact information.
        (4) Do you attend a church? If so, list the church, address, and pastor/priest’s name.
        (5) Do you belong to any rightwing extremist group, such and anti-abortion group, and election integrity group, etc?
        (6) Are you a heterosexual white male? If so, explain why.
        (7) Please list all social media accounts you have had since age 10. List passwords if possible.
        (8) Did you ever vote for Trump, have a Trump sign, or go to a Trump event?

        Your answers will be analyzed and a full background check done by the FBI and you local law enforcement. Any incorrect answers can result in legal action for applying for a permit to express an opinion while a prohibited person. Even if you pass all the checks, but it takes more than 15 minutes to do so, the FBI and your local law enforcement will be authorized to do a full investigation of every aspect of your life from your taxes on down that fact will serve as justification for search warrants.

        Once you pass your background check, you may be required to pass a public speech course with no less than 8 hours of classroom instruction, a written test, and a demonstration of what you would say in public. This must be done through a government licensed instructor. Instructors certified through the Libertarian Party will no longer be accepted. You will be required to show a recorded example of legal, public speech you have previously given. It does not matter if this is the first time you have applied for a permit and you have no previous examples. Depending on your location, you may be required to carry free speech insurance to cover the pain and suffering damages and trauma treatment of anyone offended by your speech.

        Once issued a speech permit, you may speak publicly withing 30 days of the permit. However, please be aware that your speech must conform to the opinions of the most vocal leftists who may be exposed to it, even secondhand. Any complaint that your speech makes anyone who matters feel ‘uncomfortable’ or is deemed ‘misinformation’ by a government official or major media outlet, will result in a revocation of the permit, a permanent status as a ‘prohibited person’, and a possible criminal charges. You may also risk civil penalties.

        Remember, the First Amendment is not absolute. It is subject to ‘reasonable’ restrictions. See above for what happens when you fall for the ‘reasonable restriction’ argument. If you don’t believe this is possible, remember that I modeled everything above after current gun laws being enforced in this country currently.

  2. It is always something to celebrate, even “more in sorrow than anger,” the censorious assholes who reveal themselves to the public as censorious assholes.

    It would do no good to wish them a merry Christmas, as they are so self-righteous and narcissistic that they couldn’t possibly enjoy a holiday obviously intended for white oppressors and colonizers.

    I have to admit, this petition as droll as it is glaringly stupid. What it says about the signers doesn’t bear thinking on.

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