Worst of Ethics Award 2022: Most Unethical Parent Of The Year…And More!

Kendra Licari was arrested this month and faces up to ten years in prison. In December of 2021, Licari informed police that her daughter and her boyfriend were being harassed, bullied and stalked online. Her daughter, she told them, was frightened and traumatized. Kendra and the boyfriend’s mother, she said, were working together to find the person responsible for the cyberbullying.

Police investigated, and discovered who was making Licari’s daughter’s life miserable. It was her own mother.

The investigators found that Kendra Licari had begun harassing her daughter online in early 2021, sending anonymous threats and insulting messages while pretending to be another high school girl. Though Mom tried to conceal her real identity, but FBI cyber-experts traced the messages to Licari’s IP address.

The collection of threatening and denigrating messages, social media posts and texts totaled 349-pages. When police confronted the 42-year-old woman with the evidence, she admitted that she was the harasser. However, she has not explained why she was treating her daughter this way.

The term “cyber-Munchausen’s” has been used to explain such incidents, which are very rare, like the psychological disorder Munchausen’s by Proxy, where a caregiver intentionally makes a child or other individual sick so the victim must depend on the poisoner. There have probably been as many fictional examples of the phenomenon on TV and movies—See “The Sixth Sense”—as in real life.

Coincidentally, another contender in this category surfaced just yesterday. Alexandra Eckersley, 26, faces charges of felony reckless conduct, endangering the welfare of a child, second-degree assault with extreme indifference and falsifying physical evidence. She gave birth to a baby boy in a tent in the freezing New Hampshire woods about 1 a.m. on December 26. The new mother told investigators that she did not know she was pregnant and admitted to using cocaine and marijuana leading up to the child’s birth.

Asked why she had left her unclothed infant in a tent in 18-degree weather as she waited for an ambulance, Eckersley said, “What do they tell you when a plane goes down? Save yourself first,” according to a police affidavit quoted by the Boston Herald.


The good news: the baby is alive and doing fine.

Eckersley is mentally ill, as a statement by her family—she is the adopted daughter of baseball Hall of Fame pitcher Dennis Eckersley—made clear. Licari is probably mentally ill as well, but in a close race, I’m giving her the award.

Most Unethical Parent of the Year: Kendra Licari

This is a good place to begin catching up on the year-end awards that Ethics Alarms decided earlier in the year:

Nazi of the Year: Kent, Washington Assistant Police Chief Derek Kammerzell

Kammerzell was eventually fired after the  27-year Kent police veteran,

  • posted the rank insignia of a Nazi obergruppenfuhrer over his name plate on his office door.
  • referred to himself by that rank , which was one of the highest in the Third Reich held by officials of the SS, which oversaw the concentration camps and the “Final Solution.”
  • shaved his facial hair at one point into a Hitler mustache, and—this is the point where I laughed out loud…
  • had himself photographed in lederhosen while giving a Nazi salute during the city’s 2019 Oktoberfest celebration.

The Ethics Alarms post is here.

Most Unethical Bill of the Year: H. Res. 919, “Declaring an unconditional war on racism and invidious discrimination and providing the establishment of a  Department of Reconciliation charged with eliminating racism and invidious discrimination.”

You can read more about the racist bill introduced by race obsessed Democrat Al Green here.

Unethical Website of the Year: Ruth Sent Us

There wasn’t much competition in this category in 2022, but even if there had been, I’m confident that Ruth Sent Us, a nasty pro-abortion protest site, would have prevailed. I called this one in May.

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