Morning Ethics Warm-Up, 12/31/2022: Good-Bye 2022 And Good Riddance Edition

I want to take this opportunity to thank the Ethics Alarms stalwarts who have kept the comments lively and substantive over the holidays. December usually is a wasteland here, indeed the cyber-tumbleweeds start rolling through the abandoned streets the week before Thanksgiving. This year the traffic fall-off was hardly noticeable due to the quality and quantity of the participation. Thanks.

1. What can be said about this depressing video? An unshakeable progressive is confronted with damning facts about the current child gender-swapping fad on the Left, and he insists that it is a conservative conspiracy theory lie, until he is shown convincing proof. Then his objection to the conduct evaporates, and he announces his approval.

Here’s what I can say…

  • The mask is a tell. Outside, and he’s still virtue-signaling to the mask-fascists, “I’m one of you!”
  • This could be staged. If so, the actors are excellent.
  • Partisans like this guy roam on both sides of the political spectrum, They are blights on democracy, and why we can’t have nice things.
  • Two likely trolls commenting on this post give every indication of being like that Masked Man. I’ve got a bet with myself that the get themselves banned by Monday. We shall see.

2. Exploiting gambling addicts and the poor...There was no jackpot winner in last night’s Mega Millions lottery drawing,so the top prize will rise to an estimated $785 million dollars. In the excellent 2017 ethics movie “Molly’s Game,” currently streaming on Netflix, a brilliant woman who runs high stakes poker games for rich men and celebrities comes to feel that she is exploiting their weaknesses and helping to ruin their lives. (She stands trial for “raking the pot” in some games, which is exactly what the government does with lotteries.) The news media, like CNN in the link above, aids and abets this unforgivable regressive taxing scheme (that mostly exploits the poor and the stupid) by constantly publicizing the growing lottery pot. Yesterday I was stuck in line behind eight 7-1l customers, all black or brown, one almost literally in rags, purchasing Mega Millions tickets. One bought $150 worth. Some day I’m going to snap and give the speech I’ve carried in my head all this time mid-store.

3. I hoped this was a right-wing fantasy, but it apparently isn’t. The CDC has issued an “assessment tool” to schools that asks teachers questions about school employees and their attitudes towards “queer theory,” pressuring teachers to use gender-neutral language, and discouraging terms like “boy” and “girl.” The CDC’s guidelines also urge teachers to encourage membership in their school’s “Gay Straight Alliance” groups, to embrace “pride” flags and other pro-gay symbolism, and to support “transitioning”students. This is, of course, government political indoctrination masquerading as “disease control.”

And this corrupt and incompetent agency was allowed to cripple the nation’s economy, education, social structure and election integrity….

4. Science! Monkeypox has almost exclusively been spread by sexual activity among gay men, but the health and science communities have gone to great lengths to obscure that fact, placing the threat of “stignma” as a higher priority than informing the public. (This is similar to those communities avoiding calling a deadly virus that came out of China and infected the world “The Wuhan virus.”) Almost no women have contracted Monkeypox–How strange!—so The Lancet, a respected medical journal, published a resrach paper that purported to study monkeypox in women. The study concluded that the “clinical features of monkeypox in women and non-binary individuals were similar to those described in men,” and that anatomically, “anogenital lesions were reflective of sexual practices: vulvovaginal lesions predominated in cis women and non-binary individuals and anorectal features predominated in trans women.” But as non-woke critics have pointed out,  it was hardly surprising that the findings showed women having similar clinical features as males when almost half the “women” studied were biological males. “Same people doing these studies are the folks angry that people are not trusting medical authorities and consuming ‘misinformation’,” tweeted Jeremy Carl, a senior fellow at the Claremont Institute.

Why of course!

5. Finally, in a crummy year, at least in my little world, some innocent creatures could be counted on the brighten our days…


6 thoughts on “Morning Ethics Warm-Up, 12/31/2022: Good-Bye 2022 And Good Riddance Edition

  1. #3. This scares the crap out of me; and I say this as the mother of a gay son who “came out” at 13 (at no surprise to our family.). He came home one day and announced that he had joined the LGBT club at his middle school (we live in the middle of the country.) I asked him, with a chuckle, “are you the only member?” He said “no,” and that the club was completely student driven. A group of students appealed to the school for support and the school assigned both a guidance counselor, and a teacher, an hour of time, and a classroom after school where they could gather. No big deal was made of it. No announcement. There was no push from the CDC, the school board, or any virtue signaling by the school itself. Nothing.

    You see, this isn’t about the kids – at all. This is about adults using self-adulation to appear woke, and driving an agenda that feeds some need in their fragile self-esteem, and to what ends I can’t even imagine.

    We have lost our minds.

  2. Re :3
    Why is it necessary to make special efforts to include LGBTQABCXYZ students in various scholastic activities. Conceptually, teachers have a professional duty to treat all students equally. There is no activity in primary, secondary and post secondary institutions that are designed to accommodate specific sexual preferences. If a kid wants to take another of the same sex to a social event such as a dance you need to do nothing more than treat the couple the same as a boy and girl couple.
    By going out of your way to include one group you spend less time with the others so this over compensation to assuage the feelings of the minority you wind up excluding members of other groups.

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