Facebook Censors Me (Again): My Response

I posted that idiotic thing above on Mark Zuckerberg’s Monster after reading that the Fake Australia conspiracy was a “thing” among flat-earth types—you know, morons. Although I yield to no one in the strength of my conviction that stupidity lies wide, long and deep upon this nation (see today’s earlier post), there must be limits, so I shared it with my alleged Facebook friends with the question, “Is it possible that some people really believe this?” while adding that my sister honeymooned in Australia, or at least I thought she did. Facebook promptly slapped this on my post and took it down.


Here is what I just posted to make sure my “friends” know that I did not, in fact, post “misinformation, ” and to make clear my view of the incident:

Do allow me to clarify, for anyone here who may be confused, that Facebook pulled a completely harmless, reasonable post of mine last night in which I showed some alleged nutcase’s tweet about a many-century long conspiracy to make people think that Australia is a real place when, the tweet asserts, it isn’t. My question was whether there really were people who believed such rot, but Facebook, in its infinite wisdom and superior ethics, determined that such a discussion would be harmful, or help Russia, or something, and thus declared it taboo as “misinformation.”
Facebook can bite me. This is, yes, within their rights as a private company; it also is counter to basic American principles of free speech and expression, and part of a very toxic trend toward censorship in our culture. Even if I had been advocating the absurd notion that Australia is a myth—which I obviously would not—the (mostly) smart and merciless crew here would have quickly made me wish I had never been born, and justly so. Who—the FUCK—is Facebook to get in the way of that process?
Well I’ll tell you who they are—they are the allies of totalitarians, and by themselves a danger to speech, thought, humor, critical thinking and imagination.

5 thoughts on “Facebook Censors Me (Again): My Response

  1. “Well I’ll tell you who they are—they are the allies of totalitarians, and by themselves a danger to speech, thought, humor, critical thinking and imagination.”

    I take it that this was not flagged as misinformation.

    Telling, isn’t it?


  2. My most recent contretemps with Facebook:

    I’m the national president of a theatre organization, and one of two admins for its Facebook page. Last week, I needed to alert our members that the deadline for applying for the scholarships we sponsor had been extended.

    So I went to the FB page, posted the announcement, and linked to the page on our website where the application form can be downloaded. The next morning, Facebook’s omniscient algorithm decided that I was spamming (I’m an admin, remember, and posting a link to the organization’s website) and threatened me with dire consequences should I similarly misbehave in the future.

    Of course, it’s important that our members get that information, so I re-posted, explaining FB’s inanity. I left off the link, though, simply saying the application form is on the website. The good news is that anyone who goes looking for that form on the website and doesn’t think to click on the “scholarships and grants” tab probably isn’t all that scholarship-worthy.

  3. Bravo, and good on you! I once posted a photo of a WWII GI firing a M-1917 Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) with the caption, “So, a Nazi walks into a BAR.” Facebook removed this post as violating their communist standards, I mean community standards. I got a one-week suspension for that one. I’m supposing it was the word “Nazi” that triggered them, since the picture didn’t actually show anyone being shot. As a member of several FB shooting-related pages and groups, I’ve never seen just a gun photo get censored. Your response was spot on!

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