2022 Worst of Ethics Awards: Most Unethical Mayor And Unethical Rationalization Of The Year

That video that I saw today on the Federalist site clinched two 2022 Worst of Ethics Awards for me, not that either was a tough call.

Unethical Rationalization of the Year: #64. Yoo’s Rationalization or “It isn’t what it is”

Frankly,Rationalization #64 would won this award in each of the past three years, which is pretty amazing for such a late addition to the list.

The reason, I think, is that the American public either has behaved so gullible and stpudly, or the political class and journalists have concluded that it is so gullible and stupid that the strategy of calling night day, day  night,good bad, bad good and failure success has become too attractive to resist. 2022 was the zenith of this revolting development so far, but there is no reason to think 2023 won’t be worse. We’re hardly started, and there is Karine Jean-Pierre telling reporters that the White House is being transparent about Joe’s confidential documents stash while she refuses to answer questions about it. Last year, the administration line about the chaos at the border was that the border was secure. LGBTQ+ activists looked us right in our eyes and told us that a man became a woman simply by deciding he was, and sports leaders announced that biological men who were now trans women had no advantage over natural-born women in athletic competitions while it was obvious that they did. Meanwhile runaway inflation wasn’t runaway inflation, Twitter’s partisan censorship wasn’t partisan censorship. John Fetterman was not cognitively impaired by his stroke. The January 6 House inquiry was unbiased and fair, with no partisan objectives. And when Joe Biden gave his Reichstag, he sounded and looked like a Nazi while accusing Republicans of being Nazis. There’s lots more. I’ve never seen anything like it.

And then Chicago’s Mayor Lightfoot went for the gold by actually claiming that she had lowered Chicago’s crime rate, generating that video. She was always a strong contender for Most Unethical Mayor, but there are just so many of them—Washington, D.C, New York City, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Philadelphia.  Lightfoot moved slightly ahead on the pack after it was revealed that she asked teachers to try yo dragoon Chicago students into volunteering for her campaign, then lied about it, but this was standard stuff for her. In May, she tried to incite violence against the Supreme Court. She’s classy, too: Lightfoot took the stage at a “Pride” event–she is gay, after all—and declared, “Fuck Clarence Thomas!” But her forte is clearly hypocrisy, denial, and dishonesty, while counting on Chicago blacks, the primary victims of her inept crime policies, to support her anyway. No wonder: this year she suggested that blacks caught on camera speeding or running lights should  get a break on extra fines and fees, or  pay based on an amount proportionate to their income. Soooooooooo…

Unethical Mayor of the Year: Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot


3 thoughts on “2022 Worst of Ethics Awards: Most Unethical Mayor And Unethical Rationalization Of The Year

  1. Maybe you should reconsider the inclusion of Seattle on the list, since the people booted Jenny Durkan, who described 20/20 as a Summer of Love and said the president shouldn’t be afraid of democracy in action as CHOP seceded, and replaced her with a more business friendly pro law enforcement mayor. It remains to see, however, if he can bring the city back to some semblance of a decent place.

    Lori Lightfoot is simply the culmination of the process you get when you allow a single party to become so dominant that there is no room for questions or disagreements. That goes especially in a notoriously corrupt one-party city like Chicago. Essentially, the voters don’t get a choice, whoever the Democratic party picks is who they get. After that process goes on long enough, the Democratic party stops caring who they run, and simply treats the job as a political plum to be handed to whoever they decide to hand it to. I thought no one could be more corrupt than Rahm Emanuel, a vicious, foul-mouthed bully who somehow avoided getting beaten up until he went up against Obama’s evil prime minister Valerie Jarrett, and learned what it’s like to be on the receiving end of the beating. I don’t think it really changed him much, though. He just went back to be in the big fish in the small pond. Now he’s been shipped off to be ambassador to Japan, where he can eat raw fish and listen to tinky-tinky music till it drives him cuckoo. But, I digress.

    Compared to Mayor Beetlejuice, he was a paragon of managerial ability and ethics. He could well have been mayor for life like a few people, but one too many black kids got killed on his watch. The thing is, it appears that the Democratic powers that be did not have any actually qualified candidates to run. So they picked a black lesbian who really has no qualifications beyond that, in the hopes of getting column inches and praise for being a first. Unfortunately, not only did this person have no qualifications, she is incapable of being guided or helped. As long as there isn’t another black death of the hands of the CPD she should be okay for life, since I believe there are no term limits for mayor of Chicago.

    The thing is, black votes for black, even though you’re not supposed to say that and no one will admit it. I know because the blacks in Newark turned out in DROVES for Obama, but the next year, when Chicago carpetbagger John Corzine tried to get reelected as governor of New Jersey, after having shut down the government to force a tax raise, very few of them showed up, leaving Chris Christie to take the post. Still, if the candidate is black and says all the right things, that candidate has the blacks in his/her pocket, and if they form a big enough voting bloc, he has a political career made. That’s why Newark mayor Ras Baraka is on his third term, having essentially run unopposed and having only about 30% of the eligible voters even bother. That’s also why Sharpe James served five terms, and only stepped down because he had done one too many corrupt dealings and the authorities were coming for him. He ultimately went to jail, briefly, only to return and still be treated like a god.

    The thing is, now not only do the blacks treat characters like this like gods, but the woke whites treat them the same, and the swing voters go along so as not to be thought of as racist. Northern unstoppable voting base like that, why even care who you run?

  2. As a Chicago resident I can honestly tell you that I, and many like me, couldn’t care less whether Lori gets re-elected or booted because ultimately she’s simply a product of the Chicago courting democratic machine that completely controls the city (and by extension Cook County and the state). We ain’t get anyone better—you should hear their pitches (more DEI, more entitlement, more union friendly policies, more taxes). The only thing “unique” about Lori is her inability (or unwillingness) to hide how vile, hateful, resentful, and petty she is; other Chicago politicians may simply better at hiding it

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