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  1. Joe Biden spreading classified documents all over D.C. and Delaware.

    I’ve always been amazed about the Chinese and the Ukrainians paying Hunter for “access” to Joe Biden. Jeeze, as near as I can tell, you can get a meet and greet and you picture taken in the White House with a sitting president for a few tens of thousands of dollars contributed to their campaign committee. Why were the Chinese and the Ukrainians paying a loose cannon like Hunter Biden millions of dollars for “access” to a vice president? Were they stupid?

    Well, maybe they were paying for intelligence briefings! Maybe they got their money’s worth. Intelligence briefings delivered to the “think tank” they set up in a nearby office building.

    And now the Biden Crime Syndicate is going to throw some staffer under the bus, saying she was the one who boxed up all these documents and carried them hither and yon. These people make the Clampetts look like the Cleavers. Joe and his dad and his brother and his son are a bunch of flimflam guys. They make Bill and Hill look like pikers. I wonder where the money came from to buy that God damned Corvette?

    • Oh, now, OB, be careful. The Ukrainians are a plucky people with an inspiring leader who are bravely staving off the Trump-Connected Russians intent on oppressing them. And criticizing the Chinese government makes you culpable when some idiot attacks an Asian-American citizen on Main Street, U.S.A.!

      • I don’t mind either the CCP or the Ukes buying intel. It’s what countries try to do. I do have a problem with people selling them intel.

        On a side note, what’s with all these lefties putting Ukrainian flags up in their yards? When did lefties become war mongers? This is a good war? Where’s Code Pink? A hundred thousand dead Ukrainians and a hundred thousand dead Russians is something we’re supposed to root for, like an SEC football team? Go Ukraine! Beat Russia! Wasn’t Mitt Romney an idiot for thinking Russia was a threat? Didn’t Hillary reset relations with Russia? Aren’t we supposed to coexist? Cue Kevin Klien: “Assholes!”

        • Do you remember massive peace demonstrations when Clinton got us tangled up in the Balkans or when Obama led from behind in air strikes as Libya disintegrated? Principled peaceful people are really few and far between, but those willing to use the cause of peace to boost their chosen side are many. A very few far lefties wrote articles that blame the current war in the Ukraine on either the Ukraine or NATO, saying that it was their fault for provoking the RUssians and that NATO has outlived its usefulness anyway, so why don’t they just give the Russians whatever concessions they want plus a guarantee that Ukraine will never join NATO. I think the term for that is “appeasement” which Churchill once said is “feeding the crocodile hoping to be eaten last,” and someone else said was simply surrender on the installment plan.

          • When’s John Kerry going to show up in Congress (wearing a field jacket) to testify about Russian soldiers abusing Ukrainian citizens?

        • The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Vladimer Putin is our enemy so that means that Zelenskyy is our friend + Trump is buddies with Putin=Russia vs Ukraine is the equivalent of Nazis vs Poland.

          The war serves as a nice distraction from domestic unraveling and a pretty scapegoat for gas and food prices, as well as shortages.

          Oh, and Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin and anyone else who warned us about Russia was a long time ago and even a broken watch tells the right time twice a day.

  2. Anyone have any opinions on the Illinois assault weapons ban?

    Here is an answer I left on Quora.


    I understand your rationale for supporting an assault weapons ban.

    You fear the street thug and the gangbanger.

    Sadly and tragically, too many people have compelling reasons to fear the street thug and the gangbanger.

    But what makes you think the law will be used in this manner?

    Consider this.

    The same side pushing for an assault weapons ban is the same side that accuses cops of habitually hunting down and gunning down unarmed Black men, the same side that claims that the criminal justice system is systemically racist.

    They want this assault weapons ban to be enforced by these very same cops in this very same system.

    What do you think would happen?

    • Incompetence is an ethics issue, and installing thousands of lights that apparently can only be controlled by a single piece of software is deeply incompetent. Nobody saw the flaw in this design on day one?

      Also, no circuit breakers for those lights? Why couldn’t they be turned off at the load center while they waited for a fix? Because it was just easier to waste tax money.

      Incompetence, bad stewardship of public resources, I’d say there’s plenty of ethics failures here.

    • Grandstanding. Alan Dershowitz has come to Alec’s defense. Alan’s doubtless right, but he also must want back onto Martha’s Vineyard.

  3. Star Trek hand held Phasers. Have several energy levels – ranging from a kind of warning shock to flat out dissolving a creature into particles. Lower levels of firing provide several options for “stun”, higher levels of firing provide several options of “kill” which includes the vaporizing option at the uppermost level. The stun levels include mild warnings, up to guaranteed incapacitations short of fatality for period of time requiring medical resuscitation.

    This means, in the Star Trek universe, they have weapons – when can put an attacker completely out of a bad situation without killing them. Yet they consistently set their phasers to “kill” – knowing they could just thoroughly incapacitate without killing.

    The only reason we use weapons that kill in the modern age is because our incapacitation ability isn’t predicable, consistent or thorough enough to stop all attackers in all situations.

    This is unethical – even more than the Prime Directive, which is unethical only because it makes no sense in the grand scheme of things.

    • Don’t they usually use the “kill” setting when facing unknown alien species and such? That would make sense if the danger you’re facing is non-human (assuming the “stun” settings are designed to work on a human nervous system). If I’m going into the woods where grizzly bears live, I’m not going to take a golf club with me if I have a .44 Magnum as an option.

      My favorite phaser thing is how they originally were pistol-shaped, but then the “Next Generation” producers decided that was too aggressive, so they made them into little rounded dustbuster things with horrifying ergonomics. It is not ethical to have a weapon that can kill at long range with no way to aim it other than vaguely pointing it in the direction of your target…

  4. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/supreme-court-report-sparks-suspicions-about-clarence-thomas-samuel-alito/ Listen to this garbage. The investigation couldn’t find the leaker, so it must have been either Thomas or Alito. Of course, when the left is questioning and attacking the legitimacy of the SCOTUS, a justice would leak his own opinion and really put the Court’s legitimacy at issue. Makes perfect sense. But Justice Ginsburg was a heroine for throwing everything else to the wind and attacking Trump, because all she was doing was cashing in her legacy early in a noble attempt to prevent a Trump presidency.

      • Nah, couldn’t be. It always happened how the left says it happened, and if there’s no way to prove it, then that just means someone lied, or someone got to someone, or someone covered his tracks too well.

        • But they say they haven’t found any digital evidence of the leak of the draft. I think that’s why it had to be a justice. I doubt the investigator was allowed to snoop around on the justices’ computers.

          • My understanding is that at the time of the leak, many staffers were working from home – and the investigation declined to procure warrants to search personal devices.

  5. So it turns out teacher’s unions are negotiating the teaching of leftist cant into their collective bargaining agreements.

    How unethical is that? It seems to me that the root of many of society’s problems are public sector unions. Where’s Ronald Reagan when you really need him?

  6. I recently watched a video by a long time political commentator on YouTube who goes by the name Razorfist. Basically, it’s a claim that Abraham Lincoln is the first American dictator, and that the only reason the Civil War happened is for Lincoln to consolidate power in the federal government.

    The video is over an hour long, but it’s made so that you can just have it playing while doing other things.

    If the comment doesn’t post because of the link, the video is called Abraham Lincoln: American Dictator.

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