7 thoughts on “From The Great Stupid, Linguistics Division, Res Ipsa Loquitur Files…

  1. Babylon Bee headline coming soon:
    “Associated Press Decides English Language Dehumanizing and Racist – Makes ground breaking announcement in Lorem Ipsum to avoid inconsistency and cultural appropriation.”

  2. There was a British post-punk band called The The. It emerged in the late 1970s.

    Turns out, the fact that their career stalled (the band still exists, but only in obscurity) proves only that AP’s new guidelines were far from prescient.

    As with most things in the newsbiz.

  3. Yup. It is the word “the”, as in the definite article, that is causing heartburn in that it is used as a function word to indicate that a following noun or noun equivalent is definite or has been previously specified by context or by circumstance (ex. the cat) or is used as a function word with a noun modified by an adjective or by an attributive noun to limit the application of the modified noun to that specified by the adjective or by the attributive noun (ex. Peter the Great). See?


  4. Well, it appears that the AP, and the journalists working there are just as much of virtue signaling indoctrinated idiots as the Woke at large

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