“What’s Going On Here?” Why Does Disney Think It Is Appropriate To Produce And Circulate Abrasive, Divisive, Confrontational Interest Group Propaganda And Indoctrination Like This?


I don’t like being shouted at by cartoon characters. Even if they had a valid point, my response to this kind of assaultive advocacy is, has ever been, and always will be…

Bite me.

25 thoughts on ““What’s Going On Here?” Why Does Disney Think It Is Appropriate To Produce And Circulate Abrasive, Divisive, Confrontational Interest Group Propaganda And Indoctrination Like This?

  1. Now, now, Jack, you know it’s racist to tone police. If they want to shout, they can shout, and you just have to sit there and take it. Yeah right, whoever wrote this can kiss my Italo-Irish ass.

  2. Wait a minute, I just watched that video a couple of times and wanna know what comes across clear as a bell, HATE that’s what comes across!

    Now imagine if white people had made this exact same video from their perspective yelling at the audience that “WE BUILT THIS COUNTRY”, this video would be tarred as racist hate speech and we have been told over and over again that…

    I proclaim that the video as presented is hate speech!

    In the words of Pharaoh Rameses II in The Ten Commandments…

  3. Reparations? That doesn’t change any of the prefactory statements made.

    This sounds like renouncing your citizenship to me. Go choose another country.

  4. This is just a two minute hate session. The left is now nothing but pure, blind, unadulterated hate now. They wallow in it. Steep in it. Eat, breathe and sleep it. Every second of every minute of every hour of every day is nothing but an exercise in stoking rage and hate. Asking what they are doing isn’t the right question. Why are they doing it is the real concern.

  5. Even before the big wave of wokeness, this cartoon (“The Proad Family”), was pretty PC, and I never liked it. The father was the ultimate “dumb dad” who everyone treats as a loser (including his own mother). The mother is virtually perfect (except when she ignores her daughter being bullied). Penny, the daughter and central character of the show, is actually a fairly decent character. However within her circle of “friends” is the aforementioned bully, which her other “friends” never stand up to and get rid of.

    If you thought this clip was bad, you should see the Kwanzaa episode.

  6. Anyone?

    If I had to guess, incompetent management hiring “woke” workers that they are afraid to overrule lest the mob descend upon them when they inevitably make their complaints known on Twitter.

    Cowards, weenies, and ass-coverers fearful of Democrat/Social media backlash.

    But I confess, my explanation may be too generous…

  7. I have never defended and will never defend slavery, but I have grown increasingly tired of the “slaves built this country” screed over the past thirty years. Sure they did. That’s why African nations, having cast off the bonds of colonial oppression, now lead the world in… oh, never mind.
    And the Thirteenth Amendment freed the slaves, not Lincoln or Juneteenth.

    • It did free more than 3 million slaves as more and more territories of the south were occupied by Union troops. The 13th Amendment freed roughly half a million slaves in the areas remaining areas that had not rebelled.

  8. The act concludes with the line, “We’re takin’ our freedom.” To which the only response is, “by all means, take it. Help yourselves. You’re in the most free country in the world. Enjoy.”

  9. Aside from obvious issue of Disney (and other entertainment outlets, especially those directed to kids) becoming conduits for Woke and other leftist propaganda, my biggest issue with things like this is the narrative taken as a given that slaves (and thus blacks) build this country. Mmmm… no! What build this country—that is made it the economic and military power that it has become is/was the Industrial Revolution and scientific innovation, which slavery had little if anything to do with it—in fact it may have been a major factor in pushing for ending slavery.
    Slavery was mainly agriculture related institution, and any wealth made therefrom was mostly limited to the South (and we most likely used more than it during the Civil War ending slavery and freeing the slaves).

  10. My objection to: it was built on slavery, therefore slaves built it.
    Everything in that piece rests on that illogic.
    The failure logic correlates to their failure in life.
    Next up: If I get reparations, I will live a successful life.

    They don’t understand post hoc ergo propter hoc.

  11. It is false.

    Slavery did create a certain amount of wealth in the country for sure.

    But, I am sure that those who created this video do not want to examine the true nature of that wealth creation.

    Slaves were treated like beasts of burden. They do not magically generate wealth. There is an inherent COST to BENEFIT analysis that must be done.

    And, slaveholders did that. Whatever wealth that was built by slaves came with an economic COST. Slavery did not mean slave labor was free.

    You could just as easily say (taking a cue from the video) Mule labor built this country.

    You also need to look at the fragility of wealth. I have read hundreds of “slave narratives” (the interviews from the WPA don’t count as much as “narratives” as those of Booker Washington, Frederick Douglass or Harriet Tubman) and one of the recurring themes in a lot of them interviews of ex-slaves was that Union troops plundered Southern Plantations as they moved through. They took food, property, etc. as they went through the South and freed up plantations.

    It makes perfect sense that they would do that, but it also illustrates an important point: the liberation of the South involved a huge amount of destruction of the wealth that was created by slaves. The South may have economically benefited from slavery in a disproportionate manner, a good deal of that wealth was destroyed in the Civil War.

    For my part, I wish the “40 acres and a mule” reparations program would have worked. That would have been a fair form of reparations at the time (because ex-slaves would have been easy to identify—much like the descendants of interred Japanese could be identified). Sadly, for many reasons, it did not. Also, sadly, many advances by black people in this country have faced reverses.

    But, those setbacks don’t make me think that we should make even dumber mistakes.

    Too Long; didn’t read (I know Jack hates internet speak): That’s a dumb video.


  12. It’s as if those at Disney are doing everything they possibly can to destroy the brand, and I cannot think of anything more harmful to Disney than this crude and noisy crt cartoon. But I’m sure their next effort will prove to be even more offensive.

      • I just wrote a post about how hypocritical they are, and it’s accurate, but I do think I know what they’re thinking.

        They’re thinking when we played it safe in the 50s and 60s with racism- we are not constantly criticized for that. They’re trying to be on the “right” side of history this time.

        They’re making a calculated bet that their opinions that they are endorsing now will be almost universal in about 25 years.

        With respect to gay issues, I think they are making a reasonable bet. The movie “Strange World” did have a really nice scene where a grandfather finds out his grandson is gay, and doesn’t bat an eye. I didn’t love that movie, but I actually kind of thought that scene worked- and will work many years from now. With respect to the above issue, the bet may still pay off, but it’s much riskier.

        To say the same thing differently, they think they are mostly insulting and alienating the people who will be dead within twenty years, and are impressing those who will be spending the most money in twenty to twenty-five years.

        Sadly, the bet may pay off, given how many of the above points my liberal friends will make over and over again with nothing that resembles, you know, critical thought or analysis.

        Ugh. Sorry, this response depressed me.

  13. What that is is, to me, is some next level hypocrisy.

    Let me tell you some things I know about Disney because my autistic son just happened to love The Princess and the Frog (the movie with the black Princess made in 2009) for approximately two years. (We are very thankfully on to Wreck it Ralph- which is preferrable because there are two of those movies, and I think they are just better as well. I shouldn’t complain, though he never liked Frozen.)

    Everyone knows Disney’s deep history of arguably dangerously racist movies: Song of the South, Peter Pan, Dumbo, Fantasia, and Lady and the Tramp. This post won’t be about those movies because, granted, it was a long time ago with different leadership- so I can’t say that’s hypocritical.

    Anyway, this is the company that did not have a movie with an African American Princess until 2009. And thereafter, their continued complete lack of concern for the African American community was ABSOLUTELY OBNOXIOUS. I know this because in the heyday of my son’s incredible love of Tiana- it was IMPOSSIBLE to get reasonably priced toys for that particular movie. My son was born in 2016- and his love of it was about 10 years after its theatrical release, if I recall correctly, from about 2019-to early 2021. If you wanted Tiana toys, at that time, it would cost you, minimum, $100.00. There was like a Tiana barbie he did get from walmart (completely ignored it- but he often ignores toys for his true love,: decorations, which his Dad has now just completely leaned into- he got almost entirely decorations and books last christmas), but otherwise I just couldn’t afford to get him those toys. (He got Mickey’s Christmas Carol toys instead that year.) Anyway, so it’s easy to say, well that’s a ten year old movie- and the reason the prices are so high is high demand. Obviously, African American girls and boys are very likely to buy Tiana toys first a significant portion of the time. But then, you could also say, Disney is one of the richest companies in the world. If they cared, they could have fixed the issue. And it should further note, the people most likely to be priced out of those items would be black people. If they gave a shit, they could have fixed it. Guess what, they didn’t. I searched again today, and it looks like Tiana toys are back- which makes sense as there is a new series coming out called Tiana on Disney Plus this month and they are re-theming Splash Mountain to a Tiana theme next year. Literally, there were years when little black girls and boys would not be able to afford Tiana toys- and I couldn’t much afford them for my autistic son either. Disney couldn’t have cared less.

    For many of those same years, Tiana could not be found at the parks either, which was a common complaint from black parents. By the time my son went, they had fixed that, and Tiana was one of his favorite things- although the Mickey crew was pretty popular with him too. I’m assuming Disney fixed it to stay woke. They certainly didn’t fix it for the black folks who go to their park. I know, because I’ve been three times, and have seen approximately ten guests, if that, who are black. While certainly there are affluent black persons, Disney’s outrageous prices clearly eliminate the ability for the average black family in America to frequent the park. If you see black person at Disney World, there’s about a 98.5% chance they are working for Disney.

    They only cared about making Tiana available when it became politically necessary to care- and even now- it’s clearly just virtue signaling. I know that because Tiana is the only non-white Princess who HAS to be available. The obvious reason Tiana was not around in the Park for some years is that the girls who play the Princesses often switch from one Princess to another depending on the park needs. This can’t be done for Tiana or Mulan. (I originally said Jasmine here too, but a google image search suggests to me that they may at times just cake a ton of make up on a white girl in order to allow her to play Jasmine- and no one seems to notice or care.) So, for years, all of those Princesses were uncommon and hard to find It’s till very hard to find Jasmine and nearly impossible to find Mulan. Tiana, on the other hand, is always available, every day, no matter what at Princess Fairy Tale Hall. The other Princesses switch off- but not Tiana. She MUST be there. I assume because Disney is now afraid of appearing- you know, not woke. This has been the case for about three years, if I recall. This tells me Disney doesn’t care about being inclusive- because they don’t much seem concerned about making the other non-white Princesses available every day.

    So, as I said at the beginning, given their track record, they can go ahead and shove it. And the track record I’m talking about is not the horrifically bad ancient track record, but the much newer track record.

    I’ll also add, although it’s not the theme of my post, that Disney’s arguably horrifically racist films were made a lot later than, you know, any white people still owned slaves. But that would be a theme for a different post.

    They haven’t got a half of a leg to stand on.

    (If this posts twice, sorry, wordpress is always weird when I first sign in.)

  14. first- I am glad my children are grown adults so I never will have a reason to attend Disney venues or watch Disney production. (I do have vhs of Fantasia, Old Yeller, Sleeping Beauty, Pinnochio, Jungle Book, Dumbo, and Song of the South, etc which I will maintain for grandchildren.) This is a company that has lost sight of its mission statement, which is to entertain not repulse!
    Second that particular piece of trash shows not have one smiling face, it only portrays rage and rage, as we all know, is nonproductive and divisive.

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