Unethical Tweet Of The Month: Harvard Law Professor Emeritus Larry Tribe

  • No, it doesn’t look like that at all.
  • An extensive and expensive investigation held by anti-Trump-biased lawyers found otherwise, and
  • This kind of claim regarding a stolen election has been called “baseless” by the mainstream media and Democrats as a virtual mantra for more than two years, and is routinely categorized as “misinformation.”
  • Tribe, as a law professor, is presumed to know what evidence is, but there is no “evidence” of what Tribe claims, and the Mueller Report specifically stated so, as painful as it must have been.

Tribe’s reputation-scarring delusions, however, are confirmation for the Trump Deranged, who think, for example, this meme by Occupy Democrats is profound:

You can waste your precious hours on Earth debunking every one of those assertions, if you have nothing better to do, which, if true, is sad. Once, Larry Tribe was capable of explaining why not of it is “evidence” that Trump helped Putin steal the election, or vice-versa.

Once, he was also a respectable law professor.

7 thoughts on “Unethical Tweet Of The Month: Harvard Law Professor Emeritus Larry Tribe

  1. For the Trump Deranged, only THEIR truth matters, not THE truth. It’s the same for 1619, CRT, white privilege, systemic racism, the “police are hunting black men” trope and on and on. Rational thinking has no home among these people.

  2. More to the point, why say this now? Trump’s been out of office going on three years now, and it isn’t time to start attacking him for 2024 yet. At least wait until this fall. What’s more, why attack him based on the 2016 election, which is now going on 7 years ago and something between a fait accompli and moot? It’s established that Trump won the popular vote IF you took California out of the equation. Hillary didn’t win more states, all she did was run up the irrelevant popular vote score in a state she was going to win anyway. But so what? We argued all of this out waaaaay back at Thanksgiving 2016.

    You’d think the primary goals of the left now would be to 1. keep Trump out of the 2024 race altogether; 2. If that can’t be done, take him out of the running as a GOP candidate so he will run third party and split the anti-Biden vote; 3. Dig up dirt on Ron DeSantis, right now the strongest candidate the GOP can run; 4. Identify and target other strong GOP candidates and hopefully knock them out of the running; 5. Get this inflation under control; 6. End this nonsense in the Ukraine or at least stop it from being so disruptive; 7. Get real about 2024 – the GOP had a tough Senate map to defend this last time out and Biden himself wasn’t on the ballot, in 2024 it’s the Dems who have a tough Senate map and Biden IS on the ballot.

    • He was retweeting (with a comment) a tweet that said, “James Comey felt compelled to announce the reopening of the Hillary email investigation because it had already been leaked by two agents at the NY FBI office, one of whom we now learn was a Russian agent. Don’t tell me Putin didn’t steal the 2016 election.”

      I think the “why now?” is to promote a propaganda film.

      The quoted tweeter has this in their Twitter bio blurb: “An association of mental health professionals warning NOW about TrumpISM. #UNTRUTH documentary, the follow-up doc to 2020’s #UNFIT, to be widely released soon.”

    • It’s election denial when the GOP does it. When the Dems do it it’s just pointing out irregularities that anyone can plainly see.

  3. The same Laurence Tribe who tweeted this yesterday?:

    “Fascist wannabes like #KariLake define “fair elections” as the ones they win and treat any election they lose as a stolen election. Heads, they win; tails, we lose.”

    (Spoiler alert. The answer is yes, the very same Laurence Tribe. He appears to be a hypocrite with a short memory. )

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