The First Thing We Do, Let’s Fire All The Principals…

Oh, there are many things that need to happen in the wake of Seattle’s Lincoln High School’s leadership demonstrating that it doesn’t comprehend that government-supported racial segregation is illegal and that openly favoring black students is exactly as contrary to core democratic, Constitutional and American values as openly favoring white students. First, however, we need to fire the smiling, racist, woke-poisoned, incompetent fools above.

Here is what they allowed to be published to students and parents:

Our student leaders in our Black Student Union (BSU), Latino Student Union (LSU), and Asian Student Union (ASU) have been hard at working planning our upcoming Multicultural Week March 13th-17th…On Friday of Multicultural Week, students and staff of color and/or those who identify with any group represented by BSU/LSU/ASU are invited for a lunch potluck.

In other words, white and Jews stay away. These alleged education professionals saw nothing wrong with that, directly in contradiction of Brown v. Board of Education though it was. No ethics alarms sounded, because those alarms are as dead  as Thurgood Marshall in these products of the thoroughly rotted culture currently metastasizing in the state of Washington.They all have to be fired, and that’s just as a start. Unless someone on this school staff list can prove conclusively that he or she objected to the planned apartheid potluck lunch, they all should be canned as well. How could any parent trust teachers, administrators and staff who blindly and cheerily follow racist policies without a single twitch of doubt as to whether it is healthy, fair, responsible, or legal?

And yet, incredibly—or incredibly if this were anyplace other than…let’s see: California, Washington, Oregon, Minnesota, New York, Massachusetts and Northern Virginia, there was no outrage from parents and no criticism from the local mainstream media. It took Jason Rantz a conservative talk show host—you know, one of those “fascists” President Biden complains about—to flag what was going on at Lincoln High. Exposed, the racists at Lincoln acted with Jesse Owens-like speed. Suddenly the announcement was changed to,

“As part of our celebration this week, a number of our student union clubs have planned a combined lunch gathering on Friday. This has been part of the planning of our student leaders. As with all our clubs, any student is invited to join and bring their lunch on Friday.”

Too late. They changed it because they were caught, not because they understand what was ethically and legally wrong with their scheme. Fire them all, and then move on to the brainwashed parents and the progressive-biased news media. There’s a lot of ethics repair work to be done.

But the first thing we do, let’s fire all the principals. Now.

11 thoughts on “The First Thing We Do, Let’s Fire All The Principals…

  1. Again, just replace the text a tiny bit and send it to those administrators:

    Student leaders in our White Student Union (WSU) have been hard at working planning our upcoming Uni-cultural Week March 13th-17th…On Friday of Uni-cultural Week, white students and staff and/or those who identify as white are invited for a lunch potluck.

    Doesn’t that sound JUST as not-racist as the original message?!?

    You are 100% correct. You can’t fix gross hypocrisy nor can you fix stupid…these folks should probably be fired.

  2. I’m surprised. All four appear to be white and of European descent. And three of the four appear to be heterosexual. I’m going to assume Azure likely uses various personal pronouns and is not “cisgendered,” but that’s just a guess. How can the principal’s office be so crowded, I mean, so non-diverse?

  3. What do you expect, Jack? Look at them. They are all white people. And, probably liberals/leftists.

    Mind you, though: they are not “white saviors”; they are good little “allies.” They don’t question what they hear. They check their privilege. They don’t exhibit “white fragility,” and do so that by not denying their role in systemic racism and white supremacy.

    Which kind of makes them white supremacists because they believe minorities need them as allied in order to save them.


  4. Well, I was surprised they didn’t dig in their heels, and express with great indignation that this cannot, by definition, be racism The offended race must be a minority that has historically been subjected to disparate impact of all sorts, and does not wield the overwhelming balance of institutional power blah blah blah.

  5. BTW, three Assistant Principals is probably at least two too many for a single high school. But I suppose if parents don’t care about the excessive racist tendencies those extra bodies exhibit, I shouldn’t be surprised that they don’t care about the excessive six-figure-salaried repetition in the organizational food chain, either.

    • I was thinking the same thing. I went to a fairly large high school in the late 80s/early 90s, and we had a principal and a vice principal. The non-teaching support staff for the whole school numbered in the single digits.

      Today, a quick perusal of their website shows the school administrative staff has more than doubled that number, despite the student enrollment remaining fairly flat. And the trend is even worse in big-city schools.

      This is a large part of what’s wrong with public education today. Too many people with not enough to do, so they start looking for contrived “problems” they can pretend to try to solve. The waste of taxpayer money on these jobs isn’t even the worst part; the devil’s playground we’ve created with all these idle hands is worse.

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