Comment Of The Day: “Fire Them All: No, Training Cannot Fix Teachers Like This One”

Sarah B., proving that Ethics Alarms Comments of the Day do not have to be novelettes in order to make the grade, offers her reaction to the post about the Texas charter school’s grudging admission that forcing 7th graders to pose like sex workers seeking a “date” may not have been appropriate classroom fare:


I saw this and it saddens/frightens/infuriates me so much that I can hardly express it.

I believe that this exhibit, one of so many examples, proves that I need to change my answer to a question I get asked a lot.

“Why do you homeschool?”

Usually I cite my wanting to raise my children in my value system, the need of my second child to have incredible flexibility for medical appointments, a desire to control various aspects of the curriculum such as including cursive and home ec, inculcating them in my faith, nationwide illiteracy rates of 45% in fourth grade and 25% in 12th grade (local isn’t much higher), and my experience as a math tutor showing me that children are not taught math appropriately anymore.

The answer I should give is, “Why don’t you?”

5 thoughts on “Comment Of The Day: “Fire Them All: No, Training Cannot Fix Teachers Like This One”

  1. What should be most surprising/offensive to those with delicate sensibilities?

    1. One of the participants is a sex worker who exercises her feminine wiles to win (foul temptress!)?

    2. One of the participants has a gun and kills a defenseless animal to win?

    3. The bear has to maul a female to win?

    3 is straight up misogynistic. 2 endorses gun violence. 1 could also be misogynistic, but it is also sex-positive.

    I guess I would rank it 2-3-1; even the picture of the gun above is enough to “trigger” some people.


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