Central Connecticut State University May Not Be Stanford, But Its Anti-Speech Mobs Are Exactly The Same

Candace Owens’ documentary exposé on Black Lives Matter was released last Fall. “The Greatest Lie Ever Sold” also challenges the mainstream media narratives surrounding the death of George Floyd, so you will not be shocked–shocked!—to learn that it has received minimal attention from the news media. Discussing, never mind showing, the utter corruption of the cynical, racist movement that corporations, whole industries and major cities bowed down before in abject submission is a perfect excuse in for Woke World—-and that includes most journalists and editors—to metaphorically kill the messenger. I’m abashed to admit that I had never heard of the film before this week.

And so it came to pass that when The Daily Wire-produced documentary was screened at Central Connecticut State University (CCSU) earlier this month, the film was shut down by a Stanford Law-style student mob. Conservative Hollywood blogger Christian Toto quotes the account of a CCSU professor who related what happened when the film began to play on the screen:

“Fifteen minutes into the film, before an audience of approximately 50 students and others intrigued by the title of the film and curious about its contents, roughly the same number of students, at least one faculty member and possibly others unaffiliated with the university stormed onto the stage, screaming that the film was “racist” and holding signs proclaiming it “hate speech.” By doing so, they prevented the audience from watching it.”

Fortunately the school’s DEI vice-president was not Tirien Steinbach but Dr. Craig Wright (unfortunately, the school has a DEI vice-president), who tried to persuade the protesters to leave the auditorium so the screening could continue. Many did, but they pounded their drums and screamed sufficiently to drown out the movie’s soundtrack. A few students refused to leave, and added their voices to the disruption. Campus police did nothing, and the movie’ showing was halted.

Toto concludes, “[T]he First Amendment suffered another body blow while the ACLU, journalists and Hollywood activists stand down.” He explains,

A film got silenced. Opinions that could have changed a heart or mind (maybe more) couldn’t be heard. Now, have you heard about this from any Hollywood activists? Variety? Deadline? How many news outlets picked up the story?

A good faith Google search found the Hartford Courant’s reporting on the incident, the professor’s op-ed and a story based upon it from Legal Insurrection

That’s it.

As Walter Cronkite might say, “And that’s the way it is.”

And that’s the way powerful forces in the government, culture and society want it to be.

6 thoughts on “Central Connecticut State University May Not Be Stanford, But Its Anti-Speech Mobs Are Exactly The Same

  1. So, it appears that marginalizing voices is acceptable. When someone talks about marginalized communities we should ask if they are talking about conservative voices.

    • Current day racism theory is basically segregationist/separatist. Integration was about letting black people enjoy the benefits of the majority culture and its various institutions. Today’s push is to control and dominate those institutions. Racism is now something that is everywhere and inherent in whiteness. Therefore, black people must be able to dictate how these institutions must be run. I don’t see the majority culture ever ceding those institutions to a minority culture. The only solution that will mollify the current racism people is separate institutions and frankly, a separate country. There may be another civil war and once again it will arise out of the existence of slavery. Funny how history can repeat itself.

      • Then I say so be it. This is not South Africa, where the blacks out number the whites so much that they can dominate them and essentially murder them or run them off with impunity.

        We should not tolerate a culture of white inferiorism. I don’t know if that’s a recognized term, but I made it up just now. I ran through the thesaurus looking for terms that were the opposite of supremacy, since everyone in the latest woke culture keeps talking about white supremacy.

        The opposite of white supremacy or any of that nonsense is not anti-racism or any of this other nonsense that the woke are throwing around as the latest and greatest way to be. The opposite of white supremacy, which means thinking that white people are superior to everyone else, is thinking that white people are inferior to everybody else, whether it be for moral reasons or whatever reasons. What a lot of the latest culture wars are pushing is not the idea of equality or any other bringing of the minorities to parity with the majority. It is, quite simply, White inferiorism.

        It’s the idea that white people are worse than people who have more melanin in their system simply because they happen to descend from people who got way ahead of the rest of the world in navigation, warfare, and technology and made use of that superiority to dominate those who made no such advances. It isn’t Europe’s fault that in the same 6000 years that they became conquerors, the Australian Aborigines never got farther than running around naked throwing spears and clubs and eating grubs. It isn’t Europe’s fault that China became so obsessed with its ancestors that it became a backward country, ripe for the slicing up like a pizza in the 19th century. It isn’t Europe’s fault that Africa’s empires came and went long before it made sustained contact them and that its people were only too willing to kidnap and sell their own folks into slavery. It definitely isn’t Europe’s fault that the Indians of North and South America never got more advanced than bows and arrows with stone heads, which even the ancient Egyptians had moved past 2,200 years before Columbus arrived on the shores. It also isn’t Europe’s fault that the non-european inventors of things like gunpowder and paper never really perfected them, nor that they took some of these ideas and ran with them. It also isn’t Europe’s fault that when they did run into problems, sometimes very big problems, that they weren’t so full of themselves nor so shackled by their beliefs that they were not able to adapt and overcome the problem. Eastern Europe was an inch away from everything falling apart in the face of the Mongols, who only withdrew because of the death of their ruler. However, when they emerged from the terror left behind, they found that the savage horsemen from the East could be beaten by disciplined armored forces and didn’t have the first clue about siegecraft. When the Great Khan’s returned later to make another attempt at conquest, they found themselves confronted with an array of castles and walled cities they could not break, and armored forces who cut them down like a metal scythe taking down dry wheat at the end of the summer. Funny, but although you still hear about how the Mongols almost conquered Europe one time, you don’t really hear too much about them returning and getting their heads handed to them. I guess it would damage that white inferiorist narrative that the historic community wants to push.

        If you also go back through history outside of Europe you really don’t run into any kind of participationalist government. If nothing else, primitive tribal societies stuck together and got along because they had to, any conflict in the face of nature and enemies could end up destroying them all. Otherwise, though, what else do you have? Islamic empires where the word of the Caliph or the sultan was law, Chinese mandarinates where you could possibly move up by taking an exam, but otherwise were pretty much stuck where you were and the emperor was treated as a god, Japanese society that was strictly regimented into noble, warrior, farmer, artisan, merchant, and everybody else, with no hope of moving up and a very good chance of getting your head cut off for any reason or no reason, the Indian caste system, which actively discouraged anyone from trying to better his lot in life in favor of tending to matters spiritual and hoping that in the next life he would be born into a better place. As an aside, people talk about Christianity and Islam being the biggest scams ever put over on large groups of people, but the Hindu caste system, which created a stable, fatalistic society where no one was likely to revolt, was much older and arguably influenced just as many people throughout history, but let us not get too far afield.

        My point is that every group in history has something to be ashamed of, in some cases, it has a lot to be ashamed of. I’m not interested in hearing about the class system from someone who’s country not only chained people religiously to whatever lot in life they were born into but burned widows alive on their husband’s funeral pyres. I am not the least bit interested in hearing about humane behavior from someone whose ancestors bound little girl’s feet to make them unnaturally tiny. And I am damn sure not listening to lectures about slavery when I have never seen a slave, owned a slave, bought, sold or traded a slave, and neither has anyone on my behalf, going all the way back to when anyone from my family first got here. I will not hang down my head because a career criminal died at the hands of a heavy-handed but not racist cop. I sure as the devil will not pay a current ne’er-do-well because someone who vaguely looks like me did something bad to someone who vaguely looked like him. As far as I’m concerned, if these folks want their own country they can have it, though I’m not sure where we should carve it out of. Of course they could always go back to Africa where they have many of their own countries to choose from. What we shouldn’t let them do is reduce us to a moral underclass in our own country, where everything we do or did is minimalized or erased, our public art pulled down, our streets and cities renamed, maybe even ourselves renamed, just like in grade school the bullies told you to answer to the feminine form of your name to humiliate you.

        • The problem with black activists (even existing, frankly) is they are asking for stuff. They’ve turned themselves into supplicants dependent upon the generosity and good will of others. Never a good idea, particularly when you have cast those others as your evil tormenters responsible for every aspect of you alleged condition. Did Jews, the Irish, the Italians, the Chinese, the Cubans, anybody ever ask for anything? Cuban refugees were given a heck of a leg up but they didn’t much militate for it. But they took what was given them and ran with it. Bottom line: begging is never a good look. Have some self-respect. Go out and get what you need.

  2. Steve, You wrote: “It isn’t Europe’s fault that in the same 6000 years that they became conquerors, the Australian Aborigines never got farther than running around naked throwing spears and clubs and eating grubs. It isn’t Europe’s fault that China became so obsessed with its ancestors that it became a backward country, ripe for the slicing up like a pizza in the 19th century.”

    This very sentiment can be used to explain that the notion of systemic racism in the US is a crock. Is it white people’s fault that inner city kids eschew learning to read and write at grade level or their parent(s) ensuring that they attend school. I understand that the LAUPSD (Ca) spends $24,000 per child and none were reading at or above grade level.

    Is it white people’s fault that so many black children are born into poverty because the mothers find sexual gratification more important than achieving economic self-sufficiency through education and training. Is it white people’s fault that blacks focus on their blackness to such a degree that they become useful idiots for the race baiters and drug lords who slice up the community for their own benefit.

    The question is when will this question be asked of the black community.

    • Clearly, we are not to ask questions like those, Chris. Nor are we to ask the questions Steve poses. Boy, it’s kind of refreshing around here.

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