Comment Of The Day: Final Ethics Observations On The Bud Light-Dylan Mulvaney Ethics Train Wreck

When I implied that with yesterday’s post about the Bud Light-Dylan Mulvaney fiasco I was through commenting on the matter, I didn’t mean to preclude others from doing so. Here, Michael R. opens up a whole new wing of commentary that I managed to keep shuttered.

Today was also another entry on the episode’s timeline with ethical resonance: The CEO of Anheuser-Busch tried to avoid some accountability in an earnings call with investors by insisting that the whole thing was misinterpreted, was “not a campaign,” and should not have had so much attention attached to it. He also promised investors that Bud Light will triple its marketing spend this summer to undo the damage that the company was not really at fault for. “Anheuser-Busch did not intend to create controversy or make a political statement,” he said, unconvincingly. “In reality, the Bud Light can posted by a social media influencer that sparked all the conversation was provided by an outside agency without Anheuser-Busch management awareness or approval. Since that time, the lack of oversight and control over marketing decisions has been addressed and a new VP of Bud Light marketing has been announced.”

How do investors retain trust in a company with such loose and inattentive management that this could happen? Is just announcing, “Not to worry, it’s all fixed now!” sufficient to restore their confidence?

Just asking, not observing.

Here is Michael R’s Comment of the Day on the post, “Final Ethics Observations On The Bud Light-Dylan Mulvaney Ethics Train Wreck”:


I don’t see this as a boycott. I see this as people being done with a product. People boycotting something usually have demands. Bud Light’s former customers aren’t demanding anything. They are just done with the brand.

Let’s see the timeline of events:

(1) Company hires feminist, woke, woman as ‘historic’ hire.
(2) Woke female executive finds that none of her friends use or patronize ‘her’ product.
(3) Woke female executive finds that the customers of ‘her’ product are not ‘cool’ or ‘hip’, like her friends, but are ‘frattish’ and ‘out of touch’. Some of them might have even voted for Trump!
(4) Woke female executive decides that the brand is ‘dying’ despite its great success, so she needs to turn the brand around.
(5) She decides to ‘turn the brand around’ by getting rid of the current customers and attract a new, better clientele.
(6) This turnaround is accomplished by destroying the brand for the existing customer.

Oh, I’m sorry, that was the timeline of events for the destruction of Star Wars.

Oh, I’m sorry , I mean that was the timeline of events for the destruction of Star Trek.

Oh, I’m sorry, that was the timeline of events for the destruction of Marvel movies.

How many other things does this apply to? How many times have female executives told an audience that ‘this isn’t for them’ and when that audience doesn’t spend money on it, the same executive rants about the fact that the audience didn’t come to patronize the product?

I haven’t seen much backlash against Mulvaney. I have seen a lot of complaints about Bud Light. The people who drink Bud Light probably aren’t his fans. The problem with the ad was that it was interpreted through steps 1-5. People know when the product is insulting them, this ad was definitely a targeted attack on Bud Light’s customers, and the customers knew it. People get upset when a brand they have patronized and given a lot of money over the years goes out of its way to insult them.

Just like with Star Wars, Star Trek, and to some extent, Marvel movies, the traditional customers are just gone. I watched the first 6 Star War’s movies, and was a fan of Star Trek until I was told they didn’t want people like me watching. I obliged, but I was mad. Bud Light told the Bud Light drinkers that they were no longer wanted. Those drinkers obliged and they are mad.

Maybe I don’t follow the wrong crowd, but I haven’t seen any real blame on Mulvaney from the people complaining about Bud Light. I actually suspect that if Mulvaney had been used (using his typical schtick) as a spokesperson for Dexron, the very same Bud Light drinkers would have laughed and applauded GM for a clever marketing campaign.

I don’t really have a dog in the Bud Light fight. I have been ‘boycotting’ Bud Light for over 50 years. I just see another company entering the culture wars and driving away a customer base that they view as beneath them.

7 thoughts on “Comment Of The Day: Final Ethics Observations On The Bud Light-Dylan Mulvaney Ethics Train Wreck

  1. As long as the destructive (towomen&kidsespecially) radical trans movement continues, so will the drop in sales of BudLight. These assholes stay in the news, so it is easy to remember how not to support their agenda. BudLight is pisswater anyway, so it is not like giving up butter.

  2. Well done, Michael R.
    Coincidentally, I ran into a series of movie reviews that were presented by The Critical Drinker. This highly opinionated Scotsman does a great job of analyzing the Hollywood trends of the past several years (i.e. the Star Wars franchise) to identify themes that have been influencing movie narratives.
    I think that you and The Critical Drinker are kindred spirits. Here’s his take on the Star Wars franchise:
    Many more here:

  3. Not to mention the colossal flop that was Rings of Power, the disastrous Peter and Wendy remake, and what everyone fears will be the upcoming shredding of the Indiana Jones franchise.

    These woke female executives have a goddess complex. Their dream is to remake the world in their own image, or what they think their image should be. There is no room in that world for anyone except the like-minded. There is definitely no room for men with any kind of testosterone, who, God forbid, might have voted the wrong way the last time out. Unfortunately, those same guys will not pay to see some mentally ill person strut their mental illness nor pay to watch yet another kick-ass, perfect girl boss take on the world and win. Fine, these would be goddesses think, we’ll just replace every guy who walks away with two or three wokesters that will push our sales and stock through the roof. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. It kind of reminds me of a 1990s Calvin and Hobbes strip in which Calvin’s nemesis Susie Derkins wipes her eyes after a nasty insult from Calvin and says that she wishes she had 100 friends so she could ignore Calvin while in all her friends went and did something without it. However, in the last panel, she realizes this is just wishful thinking and says “and as long as I’m dreaming, I wish I had a pony…” The current crop of woke female executives never figured out what was wishful thinking and what wasn’t.

      • If you’re going to try to bring loved characters to life, you better make sure everyone in the audience will love them as you bring them.

    • It’s because those female executives are, like all other diversity hires, are very easy to hire and near impossible to fire. You literally (ok maybe figuratively) have to commit a murder or similar major crime for you to lose your job if you’re a diversity hire.

      P.S., no one hates this diversity crap more than people like me, who achieved everything solely based on their merits.

  4. I believe I read somewhere that the AB CEO actually said they were finally severing their relationship with Mulvaney, something they refused to do until they realized it was no longer possible to recover Bud Light while maintaining this relationship.
    Bud Light and Mulvaney have become the butt of jokes in bars and taverns throughout the nation, and few want to incur the embarrassment and ridicule of being seen ordering or drinking one.
    As for Mulvaney, most people see him for exactly what he is, which is an effeminate gay male that decided to pretend he’s a young girl.
    He must believe his exaggerated prancing around in videos is how actual women behave, but he ends up only as a caricature. I think his 15 minutes of fame may finally be drawing to a close.

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