Comment Of The Day: “Unethical Quote Of The Month: President Joe Biden’s Howard University Class of 2023 Commencement Address”

Perhaps you could tell: I was disgusted by President Biden’s speech at Howard. Was it more destructive demagoguery than his “Soul of the Nation” speech last fall? At such unethical depths, comparisons don’t matter. Is it worse to try to turn half the nation against the other half, or to poison the minds of young college graduates by using the authority of the Presidency to convince them that their own country is a dark and dangerous place with large segments of the public determined to harm them because of the color of their skin?

For those sufficiently independent-minded, Biden’s speech was not just hypocrisy, but stunningly thinly-veiled hypocrisy. Ann Althouse focused on one example, Biden referring to SCOTUS Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson as “one bright woman.” The blogging retired law professor wrote,

“Isn’t that a microaggression? It’s my subjective experience — disagree with me if you want — that “bright” is a patronizing word. It’s used for children, and when it’s used on an adult, it’s looking down on the person as if they are something like a child. It expresses vague surprise that the person stands out and can do reasonably difficult tasks, but it sets them apart as not able to do the most sophisticated things that the speaker imagines himself to be doing. Older men in superior positions have said it through the years about younger associates and, especially, women. And I think it’s what a racist would say about a capable black person.”

The routinely perceptive and incisive Mrs. Q. picks up on the same vibes in her Comment of the Day on the post, “Unethical Quote Of The Month: President Joe Biden’s Howard University Class of 2023 Commencement Address”:

* * *

Where to begin…

Who was Biden’s mentor? An Exalted Cyclops who recruited at least 150 members into his chapter of the KKK.

What did Biden tell a digital audience on a black man’s podcast?
That if they had trouble deciding if they were for him or Trump, then they “weren’t black.” Last I checked an old white guy mentored by a formerly virulent white supremacist should be last person to tell blacks if they were in fact black.

Who said this about Obama?
“I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.” That was Biden.

Who said this during his campaign?
“…poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.” That was Biden.

And who said this gem?
” You cannot go to a 7-11 or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent. I’m not joking.” Biden of course!

These aren’t gaffes. This is the mindset of a racist shining through the veneer of justice speech. Biden is welcome to have as many “firsts” on his staff as he can muster, but I am not fooled by this dude. He wants blacks to be afraid. That’s part of the fun. Say you care while keeping your captives on the plantation for “their own safety.” It’s a classic move of paternalistic racism that keeps racial minorities who believe him enslaved to an ideology that tells us were dirty, poor, can only work at convenience stores, and aren’t really black.

Recently I heard someone break it down very simply. There are people who call everyone else bigots to hide their own bigotry. Everyone struggles with bias but Biden’s hypocrisy regarding Trump is a farce. Trump (and I’m not a fan of his in the moment) has actually helped murdered/missing indigenous women. Trump had the lowest unemployment rate of blacks and Hispanics in history. Heck, our own mixed-race family had more money thanks to Trump’s economy. We struggled for years under Obama/Biden but we finally got to take vacations again under Trump.

I judge by beneficial actions, and Biden has only served to take bread off my family’s table and remind me that in his eyes, I’m not good enough due to my skin tone. I reject that idea 100%.

(In case anyone is concerned about “misinformation” please note my sources for the above include: USA Today, Time, The New York Times)

8 thoughts on “Comment Of The Day: “Unethical Quote Of The Month: President Joe Biden’s Howard University Class of 2023 Commencement Address”

  1. Biden regularly gets absolved for his racist statements with the idea “That’s just Joe being Joe.” He’s forgiven because “his heart is in the right place.” One media supporter said “anyone with half a brain can see he has no malice in him,” inadvertently identifying the real problem – too many voters operating with just half a brain.
    Well-deserved COTD, and thank you for your always welcome insights.

  2. I talked at some length in another comment about how children, sometimes even dead children, are treated like pawns by the Democratic Party, to be used when useful and ignored when not. Children don’t get much of a choice, since they have no voice.

    However, most other groups that are not white straight males do in fact have voices. Nonetheless, they still allow themselves to be used as pawns. Fewer and fewer people remember this, but one feminist activist said that women should get out their kneepads to fellate Clinton, partly because under his administration there was much lip service to sexual harassment, but mostly because he was a dedicated defender of the right to abortion. They can cook it in all the stories about rape victims being forced to carry their rapists’ children, or 12-year-olds forced to carry the child of a creepy pedophilic relative, or delayed removal of cancerous wombs, due to pregnancy, but stories like that are just cover for the fact that they don’t care what anyone says or does, as long as he makes it possible to carry on like a cheap Las Vegas whore with lipstick bright enough to stop traffic and a don’t you dare go for a rebound skirt on a busy weekend without consequences. As long as he does that, women should be his willing pawns. The thing is, way too many women buy it and allow themselves to be willing pawns of those who really don’t give a damn about them, they only give a damn about power, and as long as they can stop fear and anger to keep that power, they’ll do it.

    Black people are the biggest pawns of all. It’s been over 150 years since slavery ended in this country. It’s probably a good 80 years since the last individuals born into slavery left us.

    Here’s the thing: the slaves were freed right around the same time the Irish and Italians started to arrive here in any kind of numbers. Some Irish arrived before, fleeing the Great famine, and some Italians came a little later in the wake of the unification of Italy. About the same amount of time later, the Irish and Italians are in all the professions and generally good solid working citizens, actually, make that good solid law-abiding citizens. Yet black people continue to draw welfare at much higher rates than any other group and break the law at much higher rates than any other group. Consequently, many of them are anything but good solid law-abiding citizens. Their latest hero was a rotten citizen who spent most of his life committing crimes and siring children without regard for what would become of them. However, instead of trying to get out of this problematic situation and try to move up in the world and become productive citizens, most black people just choose to keep buying into the progressive line that they are oppressed and they can’t get out of oppression without the help of the progressives, but the price of that help is becoming their pawns, and even their militia. Even some of those who managed to escape this difficult situation have become pawns for fear of being called Uncle Toms or worse.

    I don’t even need to really go into depth about how those who come here illegally are the pawns of the progressives, since they are essentially beholden to them for their lives here.

    As anyone who has any knowledge of chess, which I know our host here does, can tell you, pawns in the game do not simply exist to make things dangerous for the other side’s pieces, nor to simply be sacrificed to gain their King the advantage. If played correctly, a pawn can become just as powerful as any other piece, just as anyone who actually uses his or her talents and takes advantage of the opportunities presented can become much more than just the pawn of one political party who would just as soon expend him or her. The difference between chess and life is that at the end of the chess game, all of the chessmen, be they king, knight, or pawn, go back into the same box; while at the end of life not the same fate awaits everyone who has lived it. Even if you do not believe that any kind of afterlife awaits us, those who come after us will know and remember the game we played. It’s up to you to make sure that game is fair, well-played, and memorable. ♟️

    • You hit the nail right on the head with regards to the Democrats. The only rights they believe in are the right to sleep with whomever you wish without social consequences and, if there are physical consequences (such as STDs or unplanned pregnancies), they should be paid for at taxpayer expense. Everything else is just lip service.

      • The only rights in a progressive America would be the right to get an abortion and the right to ask permission to do anything else.

  3. Conservative and republican state legislators, election officials, and citizens would be smart to already be doing every necessary thing to insure a fair and honest vote count in 2024. Investing early in grassroots manpower/offices, legal teams at the ready, and crafting laws that close mail-in/voter ID loopholes.

    Dems continually demonstrate they consider laws more of a suggestion and only for the little people. These fine folks will do anything to retain power. Best to be well prepared.

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