Did You Know That Auto Insurance Protects You From Anything Bad That Happens To You In Your Car? No? Neither Did Geico….

What would it take to make you feel that an insurance company has been treated unfairly? For me the bar is pretty high, but this crazy story may clear it.

The Kansas City Star reports that a woman contracted the sexually transmitted disease while makin’ whoopee in her lover/ infecter’s car. The cur knew he has the STD but didn’t tell her, so she filed a claim against Geico in February 2021, claiming that her  liability insurance had to pay her damages. Geico’s lawyers thought the theory was bats, so the case went to arbitration.

The creep was found liable—good—but the arbitrator approved an award of $5.2 million in damages to be paid by the insurance company. The insurance company appealed  on several grounds, and was denied on all points.

Now THAT’S a bad precedent. File this one under “law vs ethics.” And thanks to the now presumably kaput couple’s careless sexual proclivities and an anti-insurance company arbitrator, we can all expect our auto insurance premiums to go up, at least until an overly generous loophole is written out of the policies.

Ethics Observation of the Week: the Wall Street Journal’s James Taranto

Dissecting a Washington Post op-ed in which Attorney General Eric Holder and HHS Secretary Kathleen Sibelius argued for the constitutionality of Obamacare,  Wall Street Journal wit and political commentator  James Taranto argued that the two Obama officials…

“…can’t even muster a coherent argument in favor of ObamaCare as a matter of policy. The op-ed opens with what is meant to be a heartstring-tugging anecdote: Continue reading