Hypothetical Ethical Gesture of the Year

From the imagination of conservative radio talk show host Sean Hannity, a wonderful suggestion of an ethical gesture missed: President Obama should have paid a visit to arch-critic and conservative icon Rush Limbaugh while Limbaugh was recovering from chest pains at a Hawaiian hospital.

Brilliant! A completely presidential act, rife with respect and kindness, bridging the toxic partisan divide, while simultaneously making great political theater and showing Obama as gracious and forgiving.

Naturally, such conduct would never occur to hyper-partisan warriors David Axelrod or Rahm Emmanuel. I would like to think, however, that if the idea had been brought to President Obama, he would have done it.

Please leave me my illusions.

3 thoughts on “Hypothetical Ethical Gesture of the Year

  1. I think if Rush were closer to D.C., Obama might have done it, but I think a “quick trip” to Hawaii would have put Obama in a bit of hot water. Who wants to fly for 7 hours from the East Coast to HI just to sit in a hospital room with someone who might kick you out or not even admit you?

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