AshleyMadison Finds Its Perfect Symbol

Well, if you run an unethical website, I suppose the most ethical thing you can do, other than shutting it down, is to be transparent about what you are selling, and how wrong it is.

Thus I have to reluctantly tip my ethics cap to the pro-adultery website, AshleyMadison, for finding the perfect symbol. [You can read my earlier commentary on this particularly atrocious site here and here.] Yes, TMZ is reporting that Bombshell McGee, the Nazi-celebrating tattoo model who helped Jesse James wreck his marriage with actress Sandra Bullock just as the couple was adopting a child and while she was proclaiming her trust and love for him to the world, will be promoting AshleyMadison’s adultery services. If seeing Bombshell McGee promoting a service endears makes it attractive to you, AshleyMadison can’t lead you astray: you are too far gone already. Bombshell’s (can I call her “Shelley?”) enthusiasm for adulterous relationships has destroyed a family and devastated another woman who never did her any harm. This is truth in advertising at its best: an irredeemable unethical business, hiring an openly despicable spokeswoman.

7 thoughts on “AshleyMadison Finds Its Perfect Symbol

  1. That is all true; however, when stuff like this is trotted out undisguised for what it is, it tends to find its own level. If you look at the comments about “Shell” on the TMZ page you flagged, they . . . uh, say it all. A more sanitized website like Ashley Madison offering anonymity and discretion is more dangerous because it gives the veneer of respectability and good manners.

  2. Jack: Do you know, by any chance, how that site got its name “Ashley Madison”? That innocuous sounding title (which might be the name of just about any high school cheerleader!) revolts me almost as much as the website’s purpose. Why would anyone want to purposely destroy homes and families by promoting infidelity? What does A.M. gain by this? Beyond perverse satisfaction, that is.

  3. Steven: That’s why I like the use of Bombshell McGee! No mistaking the meaning of THAT name. Believe it or not, I have been assailed by supporters and users of that site for criticizing it, including a nasty e-mail from a fairly distinguished national scholar.

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