Mark Levin’s Irresponsible Substitute Host Ethics

What ever one may think about Mark Levin, the pugnacious conservative talk show host, ignorant he is not. Levin has had a distinguished career in government and law, and is a constitutional scholar. When he isn’t railing against the Obama Administration’s efforts to impose what Levin regards as “tyranny” and “totalitarianism,” he is lecturing his audience about how too much of the public and most Democrats are willfully uninformed about our nation and how the American system works.

Levin puts great stock in knowing and understanding American history, yet he willingly allowed Texas talk show host Michael Berry to fill in for him this month, proving that despite Levin’s rhetoric, he prefers ideological fervor over competence, truth and accuracy. Berry, who gained some measure of infamy by declaring over KTHR radio that if the “Ground Zero Mosque” were actually built, he’d like to see it blown up, used Levin’s national audience to unveil a long rant about the need to elect a Republican Congress, and mots of all, to get rid of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Noting that the Speaker holds the third highest elected office in the government, Berry said,

“And let me remind you that 36 years ago, the Speaker of the House became President of the United States when the President and the Vice-President resigned!”

How’s that for educating the audience about their nation’s history, Mark? Your hand-picked substitute informed your trusting audience that 1974 marked the beginning of the fabled administration of President Carl Albert, of Oklahoma. Albert, a Democrat, was the Speaker of the House in 1974.

No House Speaker has ever become President, in 1974 or any other time. Berry, a lawyer and politician, was apparently referring to President Gerald Ford, who had been House Minority Leader at the time he was named Vice-President under President Richard Nixon, when the resignation of V.P. Spiro Agnew created a vacancy. (This was the first, and to date the only, invocation of the 25th Amendment, providing for the filling of a void in the Vice-Presidency). Ford, as anyone who reads the first two lines of his many printed biographical sketches can find out, was  just one more Vice-President who succeeded to the Presidency upon the death or resignation of his predecessor, like L.B.J., Truman, Coolidge, Teddy Roosevelt, Andrew Johnson, Chester Arthur, Fillmore, and John Tyler.

Passing along historical errors as fact to a large radio audience is radio host malpractice. Not correcting such a careless representation before the end of the show is rank incompetence.

Levin, however, ought to be ashamed of himself. He extols his own trustworthiness as an authority on law and history, and yet allowed that trust to be used by a historically-ignorant agent of his own choosing to misinform his listeners regarding a historical event involving Constitutional law.

3 thoughts on “Mark Levin’s Irresponsible Substitute Host Ethics

  1. All this proves to me is that we are a nation of morons, that we have come nowhere close to what the Founders envisioned, that it was in fact a celestial (?) accident of history that they (the Founders) were men of extraordinary intellect but men of both profound thought and profound faith.

    That the Constitution they devised remains in some semblance of workability is a tribute to them, not us. The whole thing depends on an “informed electorate,” and because our schools teach nothing and our voters are either lazy or idiots is amply demonstrated by what is happening in our nation today.

  2. Speaking as one who knows Mike Berry personally, I can tell you that he seldom misses on his facts. Obviously, he did here. I’m sure he corrected himself later on. Frankly, Jack, if that’s the only mistake you can pin him on- despite all the live, on-air commentary he’s done, then Mike’s doing pretty good. Levine apparently thought so, too, when he picked him as a substitute host for his nationally syndicated show. BTW: Mike is a former Houston city councilman.

    • I know he is. That makes it worse.

      No, he never corrected it. I’m sorry, that’s on par with saying that the Civil War was fought in 1948. It was a prepared speech by Berry, and he EMPHASIZED the Speaker “fact.” That’s radio malpractice…especially for someone who is trusted. If you know him, ask him for me how that could have happened. I expect city councilmen, lawyers, and political pundits, all of which describe Berry, to know their history—and Levin mocks anyone who doesn’t.

      If the mistake was ever corrected, I missed it. It should have been instantly corrected. Where was the staff? They were mocking Biden for saying he was second in line for the Presidency—an obvious Biden-ism (he was counting Obama as ONE, clearly).

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