Dear Christine O’Donnell: No, You’re Not Me, and Please Stop Saying You Are

In Christine O’Donnell’s latest campaign ad in her race for the Delaware U.S. Senate seat, she says,

“I didn’t go to Yale. I didn’t inherit millions like my opponent. I’m you.”


  • Since whenever O’Donnell has claimed to have attended various institutions of higher learning it has usually turned out that she hadn’t, her claim that she didn’t attend Yale, based on her established record for accuracy, candor and veracity, raises a rebuttable presumption that she did.
  • O’Donnell says later in the ad that she will oppose all tax increases, presumably including a re-institution of the Death Tax, which would restrict the ability of people like her opponent from inheriting millions. Indeed, O’Donnell and her supporters champion the right of families to save and achieve wealth for their children’s future without estates being double-taxed by the state after death. (I agree with them.) So why is she implying that there is something wrong with her opponent inheriting his family’s wealth? Generally, Yale grads think more clearly than this. Generally, high school grads think more clearly than this.
  • In fact, just stop saying you’re me, Christine. I don’t lie about my credentials, I have a real job, and nobody mentions Yale in my house, ever.

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