Unethically Leaked Unethical Manuscript Shows That Sarah Palin Is Unethical

The Anchorage Daily News has obtained a leaked (read: stolen) manuscript of an unpublished book detailing a close former aide to Sarah Palin’s discovery of the Republican star’s many character flaws. Among other items, the book suggests that she knowingly violated federal election laws.

Now what? Let’s run down the ethical docket:

  • The leaker. Public minded citizen or unethical scum? Well, the leaker stole the author’s property, and isn’t admitting to his conduct. Anonymous hit jobs are cowardly; second-hand anonymous hit jobs that require appropriating someone else’s work product is worse. The manuscript was being peddled; there was little danger that Sarah’s turncoats wouldn’t eventually get their story out. 

Verdict: Scum

  • The Author, Frank Bailey. Whistle-blower, or disloyal and venal creep? The book reveals him as assisting Palin in breaking election laws, and staying on her staff after he was well aware of her less appealing traits. In general, tell-all books by trusted aides are unethical: the aides are allowed to see their bosses warts and all, and made privy to confidences as a necessary feature of their jobs. For them to turn around and trash their former employers out of spite or greed is a serious betrayal of trust and breach of confidence that had better be outweighed by clear-cut benefits to the public; otherwise, the revelations should wait until the main players have died off.

Verdict: Creep.

  • Sarah Palin. Victim, or unethical politician? The incidents and observations in the book seem credible. and nothing alleged is very far out of line with what any objective observer of Palin knows, or should know, already. Still, she was betrayed by someone she trusted.

Verdict: Victim and unethical politician

  • The Leak Launderers, also known as The Anchorage Daily News. Good journalists or accessories to a crime? I hate the fact that newspapers proudly publish stolen material as their own “scoops,” make money off of it, and act as if this is a noble act in the tradition of great and courageous journalists. I detest the fact that their First Amendment protection allows leakers to use the press to pursue unethical personal and political agendas while violating their ethical and legal obligations and commitments. I would like to see newspaper required to divulge their sources in such cases as this. Realistically, however, there isn’t a newspaper in the U.S. that wouldn’t write this story, and what we accept as ‘journalistic ethics” says that’s OK.

Verdict: It’s a newspaper.



4 thoughts on “Unethically Leaked Unethical Manuscript Shows That Sarah Palin Is Unethical

  1. 1. Is it still wise to disavow knowledge of things that were obtained in a way that would make them inadmissible in court? “Sarah Palin’s unethical? Well, knock me over with a feather into a huge pile of No Duh. I knew that when she wanted to ban books.”

    2. I’m sure the anonymous leaker won’t stay so for long. Only so many eyes fell on this manuscript, I’m sure. Furthermore, this jagoff works for a publisher, and he’s giving away books for free! What kind of business strategy is that?

    • I’m not a Sarah fan, but the book-banning canard is a smear. As mayor of Wasilla, she asked the librarian her views on banning or censoring books, the librarian said she thought it was unacceptable, and that was the end of it. The librarian has admitted that it was a question only, and the Palin siad nothing about her reasons for asking it. From that, the anti-Palin brigade has spread the story that she wanted to ban books.

      There are so many legitimate reasons to to doubt Palin; it’s ridiculous that people are so dedicated to imaginary ones. And that makes her stronger.

      • The fact that she considered it at all is still bothersome, but you’re right. At the end of the day, it’s small potatoes. It was just the first thing I thought of.

  2. I don’t want to sound completely disingenuous here, but honestly: we are surprised that a beautiful conservative Alaska governor is not faultless? That one member of her own trusted team can read the writing on the wall and decide to make some bucks off of it? Much as I like her style, she it NOT presidential timbre, and we all know it. Does that make her fodder for the press cannons? Guess so.

    Palin should have served out her term as governor of Alaska. She should have minimized the shooting sprees; she should have kept her family in the background. But NO. Bad judgment reigned. Too bad, or otherwise all the better for us.

    I am getting pretty sick and tired of articles about how she has and has not been treated. She made her choices; she knew the media; she’s stuck with them.

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