Ethics Quote of the Week: Blogger Jeff Jarvis

"If Charlie's unavailable, get this guy. He's hilarious!"

“One way or another, by one definition and diagnosis or another, Charlie Sheen is a sick man. He doesn’t need airtime. He needs couchtime. News people are ill-serving him and the issue of mental illness in this country by putting him on the air as if he were just another source, another celebrity. They are not informing the public. They are exploiting Charlie.”

Blogger Jeff Jarvis on his site, BuzzMachine, on the media’s disgraceful rush to get celebrity meltdown Charlie Sheen to do as many wacky, self-destructive, “did he really say that?” interviews as possible before he falls completely to pieces as addicts in full denial inevitably do.

Jarvis is right. There is no more news to be milked from the sad Sheen story, other than “Charley continues to say things that are destroying his career, making him dislikable and unemployable, and that prove that he is sick, getting sicker by the day.” This is no less despicable than exhibiting freaks, the brain injured and schizophrenics for the amusement of the crowd. “They want him to act nutty,” says Jarvis. “Ratings, man, ratings.”

Charlie Sheen is a jerk, but right now he’s a sick jerk. The media should consult the Golden Rule, and keep him off the air no matter how juicy his ramblings, until he’s just a jerk again.


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18 responses to “Ethics Quote of the Week: Blogger Jeff Jarvis

  1. tgt

    He’s also building on his fanbase. While alot of his comments are ridiculous, he’s being attacked for alot of things that are also true. Saying his life is “more bitchin'” than his attackers’ lives kind of hits it on the head.

    • He’s not being attacked for the content, but for being the one that said it. Nobody denies that rich stars have more interesting lives than their fans, but it takes a mega-jerk to actually say it himself. If he’s well and wants to say outrageous things, fine: there’s a market for outrageous. There shouldn’t be a market for sick and crazy though. I’ve been around enough addicts to hear the ticking: Charlie’s in trouble, and this crap just makes it worse.

      • tgt

        I disagree on the mega-jerkiness. He’s being attacked left and right for his lifestyle. His saner comments boil down to “I’m not going to apologize for my lifestyle like you all want me to. It’s awesome and you know it.”

        Is there anyone who can honestly say that if they had the chance to have an enjoyable time in the carribean with their hot ex and a porn star, they wouldn’t go for it? Yet this is used as evidence for his sickness. Why isn’t Charlie Sheen an ethical hero for telling it like it actually is?

        Yes, many of his other comments come off as if he’s tasting the rainbow (what a horrible slogan for a candy) and seeing odors, but while the media is considering him a trainwreck, they’re missing how much this connects with people brought up on absurdity.

        • Please. Trying to strangle your wife is not a “lifestyle.” Slamming your employer in public isn’t a lifestyle. Jeopardizing the jobs of the people who depend on your show isn’t a life style. Betraying your wife and kids isn’t a life-style. He’s an addict. He acts like he’s proud of it. What’s the “it” that he’s telling? He is a train wreck, and he’s going to end up like a train wreck. He’s a jerk who connects with jerks, just like Bill Maher cheered on Clinton for using his position to get blow-jobs from starry eyed fat chicks.

          I think you are straining for a point. If that is one, Charlie’s not the way to make it.

        • Curmudgeon

          Yes, I can honestly say I would not enjoy the scene you describe in the Carribean, etc., and I’m not even gay. I grew up and got over my own personal train wreck decades ago.

          Don’t judge everybody by yourself, tgt.

          • tgt

            I grew up and got over my own personal train wreck decades ago.

            What part of what I described is a trainwreck?

            • Curmudgeon

              “Trainwreck” was not a quote from tgt, but from general media (and blog) descriptions of Mr. Sheen’s illness-inspired and tragic behavior.

              • And a common description of troubled celebrities whose lives are constantly in turmoil and controversy, a la Britney Spears, Lindsay, Amy Winehouse, Gary Busey, etc. Charlie clearly qualifies.

              • tgt

                So your response is basically: “I would not like what you described. Non sequitor.” Got it.

                • Curmudgeon

                  Not really non sequitur, tgt. I was answering your question about is there anyone who could honestly say, etc.

                  My 72-yr-old ex is a nice lady, but is not exactly “hot”; as to the “porn star”…a brainless bunny-type whose “entertainment equipment” has been god-knows-where…? Yuck…no, thank you.

        • tgt: More “lifestyle”?
          From Slate this AM:
          “Another delightful episode from Charlie Sheen’s “perfect and bitchin'” life: Sheen has reportedly given up his two sons to the police on Tuesday after his ex-wife won a restraining order against him, reports TMZ. Police showed up at Sheen’s Beverely Hills mans on Tuesday evening and took his boys. Sheen’s ex-wife Brooke Mueller alleged in her restraining order request that Sheen had threatened to stick a pen knife in her eye. After being ordered to stay 100 yards away from Mueller and her children, Sheen tweeted: “My sons’ are fine… My path is now clear… Defeat is not an option..!”

          Sick mega-jerk. But at least this is news.

        • Karl Penny

          tgt, are you serious? “Is there anyone who can honestly say that if they had the chance to have an enjoyable time in the carribean with their hot ex and a porn star, they wouldn’t go for it?” Yes, I can honestly say that I would not and, I suspect, so can a lot of people. Not all people, no, and maybe not even most (maybe), but a lot, just the same. Ethics and morality can be made into habits like so many other things, and the people who have done so would immediately answer your question with a “no.” Some others might have to think it over briefly, but would likewise respond in the negative. There are a lot more people who can be counted on to do the right thing than you might imagine.

      • Karl Penny

        Now, Jack: “Nobody denies that rich stars have more interesting lives than their fans,…” Nobody? Hey, what am I? Chopped liver? But, seriously I do deny that celebrities lead more interesting lives than the rest of us. In my experience—and these days, I hear a lot from others about the details of their lives—everyone has a story to tell. Indeed, they have a narrative, and one that is way more interesting, and far more uplifting, than those of the celebrities whose stories are broadcast at us.
        I recall some time back your doing a rather lengthy post on the passing of your father, and why he would always be a hero to you. By the time you were done, he was a hero me and, I suspect, to most of your readers as well. Equally to the point: I can relate to those kinds of stories better. Ordinary people can do extraordinary things, and often do. Very few of us are ever going to have an opportunity to pull a child off the highway just in time, or perform CPR on someone who’s in a bad way, or return a large amount of found cash. But all of us are going to have an opportunity to make someone else’s day a little easier or a little brighter. The older I get, the more I am convinced that heroism is simply having a choice to do the right thing and…doing it.
        Those are the kinds of stories I’m interested in—not those of celebrities who who have little, if anything, to teach those of us who make their lives possible.

  2. Curmudgeon


    Denial is not just a river in Egypt (been there, done that).

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