Recognition and Gratitude Time

Despite the lightest traffic Ethics Alarms had experienced since Christmas in the week running up to Memorial Day, May 2011 will break the blog’s previous record for most visits, and end up approximately 300% busier than May 2010.

My heartfelt thanks to regulars and occasional visitors too—even those who still want to argue about the Tide commercials—with Acti-Lift!—for making my efforts here seem, if not especially influential, not entirely unappreciated either.


13 thoughts on “Recognition and Gratitude Time

  1. You’re welcome, Jack. I read almost every one of your blogs but usually have nothing worthwhile to say. But I do have THIS to say — Thank YOU, for elevating our awareness on topics in the realm of ethics. Your blog posts really make my brain work. (Sometimes they make my brain HURT, too!)

    • I honestly cannot believe that you have nothing worthwhile to say, PAW. Heck, with all the vocal anti-religious commenter here, a resident theologian would be a welcome resource.

      • with all the vocal anti-religious commenter here
        Hey! I have put on some weight since college, but that’s a cheap shot if I ever saw one.

        Also, I’m not sure what a theologian can add to a discussion of ethics. Appeals to questionable authority? Rationalization of unethical behavior? Precise arguments that only make sense in counterfactual situations? With my biases known, I’m open to the possibility that I’m wrong.

      • Thank you for saying that, Jack. But, for only a brief shining moment was I the kind of “academic theologian” who could discuss such brainy stuff all the livelong day. At best, nowadays, I am what I call a “practical theologian.” I don’t really have time for dogmas and doctrines. I’m too busy just trying to live a decent life, make some music, and keep an eye propped open for evidence of the numinous in daily life. And, TGT — you would not find me to be unreasonable in discussions regarding the possibility of there being or not being divinity. Just trying to live a decent life has taught me that there’s just no way to know. One day, it’s leap of faith. Another day, dark night of the soul. Which one is right? God only knows! 🙂

  2. my efforts here seem, if not especially influential, not entirely unappreciated either

    Setting expectations low I see. Bill Watterson (through Calvin) got there first.

  3. Jack, you probably know better than anyone how easy it can be to get discouraged when it comes to this, but I’m at least one person you’ve influenced for the better. You have my thanks for that.

  4. Thank YOU, Jack. I’ve learned a great deal from you over the years and for that you have earned my appreciation and my eternal respect.


  5. I also want to “pile on” and say thank you Jack. I also don’t often have much to add to the discussion, but read your work every day. I admire your balanced approach to every subject. I also appreciate the level of intellect and civility of the discussions/posts. The only thing I have a little trouble with is your affinity for the Red Sox…sorry, couldn’t resist.
    Best regards,
    Scott Clark

  6. Your modesty overwhelms me.

    Be honest: We read your blog because we’re interested in your take on ethical issues and current events, AND because we can talk back to you.

    So save your thanks. You do your service; we all do ours. And we’re not doing you any favors by reading your opinions.

    Keep it up and I’ll begin to believe you’re running for office…

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