Ethics Quote of the Day: Las Vegas Blackjack Dealer Lisa Weiss

“I discovered that Anthony is a bad man and a liar…I am a Democrat, I think he is a wonderful congressman and I hope this doesn’t hurt his career. I am still a big supporter of his, despite all of this.”

Blackjack dealer and Rep. Anthony Weiner sexting partner Lisa Weiss, in an interview yesterday on Radar Online.

Americans who support leaders they think, or know, are bad men and liars misunderstand the core requirements for trustworthiness and leadership. This misunderstanding continues to allow corrupt individuals to wield power in our government, and the cost to all of us is beyond calculation.

Lisa Weiss is a “big supporter” of a national leader she has had only limited contact with, despite the fact that the contact led her to condemn his honesty and character. Until Lisa and the millions of Republicans and Democrats like her resolve to only tolerate and support honest and ethical leaders, the myriad of problems our nation faces will only multiply.

4 thoughts on “Ethics Quote of the Day: Las Vegas Blackjack Dealer Lisa Weiss

  1. I hope you don’t claim to be an honest wholesome girl because you are just as guilty as Anthony Weiner. I have no respect for women like you, you are predators of the rich and famous.

  2. Let’s not list all the American Presidents, Senators, Congressmen, etc., who have been philanderers and led dubious, unethical personal lives. Weiner wasn’t forced to run for office, but he did and he won. Once there, he assumed a responsibility to his district and his nation. Indulging oneself with cybersex is NOT a private act these days, especially if you are an elected official. If his level of judgment is this poor, he should not be in any decision-making capacity that affects the course of the country. He should have known that. And for him to think he’s above it all — there are numerous recent examples that the truth will come out when one lies about mistakes and foibles from which he didn’t take a lesson — is astounding.

    He should resign because: (1) He apparently has no self-control when it comes to decision-making of any kind; and (2) He is a proven, open, unashamed liar. (Of course he’s not the only one, but this is about him…)

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