A Tale of Two Heathers

All right, cooking your child doesn't mean you're a bad person.

Heather #1: Ethics Hero Heather Elliott, who saw two small boys locked in a car parked outside a Kroger store in Indianapolis. The temperature was in the 90s and climbing, and the boys looked red-faced and hot. One was screaming and crying, and banging at the closed window. Elliott decided to take action, and began to try to find a way to open the car doors.

Heather #2: Ethics Dunce Heather Query, 21-year-old mother of the two cooking boys, who arrived on the scene just as Heather #1 was trying to rescue her children. “How long were you in that store?’ Heather #1 asked #2.  “It’s 100 degrees outside.” ‘What do you care?” said Ethics Dunce Heather. “Mind your own business” When Ethics Hero Heather responded, “I’m just concerned about your kids. I’m just thinking about the safety of your kids,” Heather #2 attacked her, punching her in the face.

There’s gratitude for you.

The assault continued, and this eventually brought the police on the scene. Heather Query was taken away, and charged with child endangerment and battery.

“I hope you’re happy with yourself and you can live with yourself, because I’m going to lose my job and my kids!'” Ethics Dunce Heather shouted to Ethics Hero Heather as she was being put into the police car.

“Good!” said Heather Elliott.

In the aftermath, we have the usual statements from relatives of Heather #2, about how she is “no monster” and a “good mom” and “not a bad person” who just made “a mistake.” Okay. I’ll accept “no monster,” and it is true that otherwise good parents do, tragically, sometimes seriously injure or kill their kids by foolishly leaving them in hot cars. And one irresponsible act doesn’t necessarily mean someone is a “bad person.”

The “mistake” argument, though…nope, not buying it. A stranger was trying to save Heather #2’s endangered kids, and her response was to physically assault the good Samaritan and try to blame her for the consequences of her own negligence. That’s no mistake. That is intentional, unethical, inexcusable conduct. Such conduct proves that Heather Query, Ethics Dunce, is a rude, irresponsible jerk, and as to anything that happens to her as a result of her disgraceful behavior on this hot July day, I can only echo the sentiments of  Heather #1.


6 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Heathers

  1. We do get a lot of comments about people who engage in behaviors ranging from the egregious to the downright criminal, to the effect that they are monsters, animals, etc. All of it boils down to the same thing: we, the good people are human; they, the bad people, somehow are not. Well, no. We’re all human, and “we” have a lot more in common with “they” than we care to admit. But ethical people don’t behave in positive ways because they are more human, they do so because they choose to behave ethically. They’ve trained themselves to be ethical. Heather number one is well ahead in that life-long training. Heather number two still has a lot of work to do. If she’s truly the good mom her family says she is, she will learn from this, and get busy with living up to her potential. If not, well, it’s not like she wasn’t warned.

  2. It would have been one thing if Heather #2 had assaulted Heather #1 on the mistaken belief that #1 was trying to steal her car or something in it, which would have morally (if not legally) excused the assault.

    From the context of the story, it is clear that #2 knew exactly why #1 was trying to break into the car.

    • But we still don’t have all the facts since we were not there to witness this. What if Heather 2 brought her kids into the supermarket, but the kids started to throw a temper tantrum, so she put her kids in the car and she just left for 5 minutes just to pay for the stuff she bought then Heather 1 came along and saw the kids in the car crying thinking that they were crying because they were hot, but instead the kids just got sunburnt and were still throwing a temper tantrum. Then Heather 2 punched Heather 1 because she was frustrated by her kids throwing a temper tantrum and had a packed schedule that she was already behind on?

      • And maybe the kids were really SUPER kids who could thrive in temps over 120, and use their super-strength to break out of the car anyway!

        A parent can NEVER lock children (or dogs!!) in a car on a hot day—not for 5 minutes, not for one minute. Ever. EVER! Stop looking for excuses. She has none. And Heather 2 was trying to do the right thing. There’s no ambiguity.

  3. Some of the replies at the link are just awful and wrong-headed….’she must have been under the influence’ ‘Most people do not realize our brains do not complete the true meaning of actions and consequences until we reach the age of 23-24.’……the excuse making I regularly see in the press when women commit crimes just irritates me to no end. The ‘age of reason’ is 7, not 23!

  4. God bless Heather Elliott. She may have saved two children’s lives… and in two ways. First, she got them out of that oven of a car that their Casey Anthonish mom had locked them in. Second; she put the spotlight on that woman with the authorities and, hopefully, taught her a little sense of parental responsibility. That lack has killed or traumatized too many kids in recent times alone.

    Has anyone ever noted that, after every highlighted case of child abuse or exploitation (in or out of Hollywood!) the lawyers and agents make the same defensive statements? It’s like a standardized litany! One of the most chilling, however, is a simple word that has been perverted into an excuse for just about every act of monstrosity people are capable of. “Mistake”.

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