19 thoughts on “Ethics Dunce: An Unknown Diner

  1. Alright. I just did something I’ve NEVER done before.

    I sent this link to my brother. Normally, I’ll just summarize an article. This time, I HAD to let him see it for himself.

    What the hell? Seriously? Whatever company printed those red herrings should be ashamed of themselves.

  2. If it was accompanied by a real tip, it would just be another annoying Chick-tract/proselytizing tool and would go in the garbage with the rest without any hard feelings.

    As it stands, this is a win for *opponents* of Christianity. Makes me wonder if someone did it as a mean joke that would be blamed on Christians. Doubt it, but still.

      • I doubt it’s used often, but I always wonder when I see things *this* dumb.

        I think it’s a byproduct of a waning but extant faith in humanity. As soon as I lose hold of the last shred of that, I’ll expect the stupid instead of trying to believe it isn’t there.

        • It’s Poe’s law. I recently encountered a bottle of shampoo that was covered in hundreds of inane lines about the world and religion. It was like a schizophrenics ramblings. Was it a joke, or was the company that creates it serious?

  3. Who thinks this is a good idea? If you want to give Christians a good name, get a stack of 10, $1’s wrapped together with the name of your church and service times. Leave that as the tip (not as payment + tip, cheapskate).

    What kills me is that not only did someone think this was a good idea, they printed them, and someone else bought them and used them!

    • I think the person used these out of context. I think the probable intent was for people to leave these lying around and people thinking they had found free money.

      This fool used it unethically to make the waiter think he had left a tip, when he had in fact skipped out on that portion of the meal.

      • > I think the probable intent was for people to leave these lying around and people thinking they had found free money.

        Does that make it better? Do you want the first reaction to your evangelical tool to be disappointment? Seems to be an *awfully* good way of making atheists.

  4. This kind of evangelistic gimmick makes all Christians look bad. Such hypocrisy, doled out by someone who most likely earns more than the waiter does. Poor waiter. I’m sorry.

  5. I have had the urge to create a “Bad Christians” site to publicize this sort of thing. This and the group giving out completely inappropriate pamphlets at Halloween. These things drive my minister crazy. Maybe we can add it to the church website…

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