Margaret Ann Haring Would Have Sent Elliot To Guantanamo Bay 911!

Luckily, when Elliot had that weird mind-link thing with E.T. while the little alien was watching “The Quiet Man” on TV, and not only let all the frogs loose in his biology class but planted a major league lipper on a pre-teen classmate played by Erika Eleniak (later to prove Elliot’s exquisite taste by becoming a “Baywatch” pin-up) when the Duke smooched Maureen O’Hara, it was before the days of “no-tolerance” policies, and Ms. Haring wasn’t his teacher.

Not so lucky was the female student in a real life elementary school, who impulsively kissed a boy during a physical education class at Orange River Elementary School in Fort Myers, Florida. Haring saw her student’s vicious sexual assault, and called child welfare officials, who, rather than telling her she was out of her frickin’ mind, directed her to contact the sheriff. The school then reported the pre-teen moment of passion as a possible sex crime, according to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

Now I know sexual harassment is a serious problem these days, and that we need to reinforce proper social skills and respect for  sexual boundaries, and that if Herman Cain’s 6th grade teacher had been properly vigilant, he might be on his way to the White House today, so if you want to write in pointing these things out, save yourself the time and check into the nearest mental health facility, where, I fervently hope, you will find Harang, her bosses at the school, and whatever addled child welfare official told Haring to call the cops on the girl in identical straitjackets.

A culture that can produce a school system and teachers who would think this way has serious values-confusion problems, even if Haring herself is an extreme aberration. This mind-control, totalitarian stuff, and it is doubly frightening that it comes from the Left. It was bad enough trying to keep the Right-wingers who want to criminalize sex at bay without having to keep an eye on the Left trying to criminalize training-wheels romance.

File this idiotic story under incompetence, abuse of power, unfairness, political correctness, and…oh yes: insanity.

14 thoughts on “Margaret Ann Haring Would Have Sent Elliot To Guantanamo Bay

  1. Your typo (an unacknowledged — i.e., made up in my own mind — variant of the transitive verb “harangue”) in the third paragraph is hilarious, given the circumstances.

  2. The UN thinks teaching sex ed to kindergartners is a fine thing…at least that’s what I’ve read. I would say that’s so far left they actually fell off a cliff. Then the left chastises a 12 year old for a kiss?I’m confused.

  3. The police apparently put an end to it all and said no sexual assault had occurred. Thank God that in this instance at least they had the sense that neither the teacher nor the school officials had; however, given current trends, it will be just a matter of time. Just a week or so ago, a 3 and a 4 year old were “busted” and were investigated by state officials for touching self and friend in the bathroom–both boys. Anyone who has ever raised a child knows this is normal curiosity at that age, just as experimenting with first kisses is normal behavior for 12 year olds. People, where are we headed with this? Every move in this ridiculous direction distracts from the serious cases of child molestation and makes it harder and harder for law enforcement to do the work they should be doing.

  4. “The police apparently put an end to it all and said no sexual assault had occurred. Thank God that in this instance at least they had the sense that neither the teacher nor the school officials had; ”

    It does seem that the teacher and the school officials simply have no sense, but I think that most of all they simply wanted to avoid responsibility. It was safer to put the decision in the hands of the police. How nice to have people who are either morons, can’t think for themselves, won’t think for themselves, or who will take extreme measures to avoid responsibility, in charge of molding the next generation.

  5. I agree with the assessment of this teacher’s and principle’s actions, but let’s put this in perspective a bit. There are about 130,000 elementary schools in the U.S. employing over 2 million teachers. Most likely nearly every elementary or middle school teacher in the country observes an incident or two of kids kissing at school at some point every year.

    How does one teacher and her principle overreacting to one kiss, out of the probable hundreds of thousands of teacher-observed schoolyard kisses that were NOT reported, come to constitute a “trend” of overreaction or something that our culture is “headed towards”? Isn’t it more likely that this incident is out of step with our culture? Given the way any oddball news report goes viral on the internet these days, if there were a rash of kiss reports to child protective services, we would be hearing more about it.

    • Well put, and indeed, the single teacher’s action is likely to be an aberration. What is not an aberration, and what there have been increasing incidents of around the country, is administrators and law enforcement officials cravenly treating minor behavioral incidents by very young children as major infractions, and misusing law enforcement to deal with them when a competent school system would and should be able to handle it. The specifics of this incident are unusual, the general attitudes contributing to it are not. Search for no-tolerance or school administrators on the blog, and understand that these are a small proportion of similar stories I encounter almost every day, which themselves are probably small samples of a much greater number that never get reported. I am convinced that the educational system, as a whole, lacks integrity and professionalism, and that it is the competent and courageous teachers and administrators, who certainly are out there, who are the exceptions.


    I happened to hear the public relations person for this school district call in to a radio show to explain what happened. As we should all expect by now, the news website to run a sensational story without checking things out in order to “scoop” other news outlets.

    What happened (according to the PR person) is that the girl was sent to the principal’s office because of the kiss, and during their discussion the girl reported on possible sexual abuse at home, at which time the social services and local sheriff were called.

    Link to transcript


    • Thanks, Dwayne.

      And I have no idea what the responsible way to treat this is. Do you? The Communications director for the school, which has been thoroughly embarrassed by this story, days after it is all over the place, days after this woman has been ridiculed, supposedly goes on the Rush Limbaugh show and says that “he heard” that the story was misreported and that the police report itself was wrong.

      Does that sound suspicious to you? It does to me. In fact, it looks like an especially desperate cover-up after the fact. Why is this guy going on Rush, other than because the host’s the #1 believer that the media is incompetent (other than me, of course)? Why isn’t there an official release from the school to that effect that the media got the story wrong? Why aren’t the police correcting their report? Why isn’t the teacher trying to clear her reputation? Well, one reason could be that they would have to lie, whereas a hearsay report called in to talk show can always be denied later: “Hey, I never said this is what happened; it’s just what I heard.” Meanwhile, if he puts out the fire for the school by “throwing the media and the police under the bus” with his story, the guy’s a hero.

      We don’t even have his name, or know that he IS the communications director from Lee County Public School system, He could be the teacher’s brother or husband. He could BE the teacher, disguising her voice. There is literally nothing reliable, conformable or probative about the call at all, except that it is a classic example of how to create doubt in a news story.


      • While I have no reason to really dispute anything you’re saying here, for me, Occam’s Razor prevails. Joe the Communications Directors story sound much more plausible to me than the Smoking Gun story, which (if Joe is to be believed) is an example of being technically factual but still misleading.

        But to answer some of your points and questions:
        – It wasn’t “days later”, but one day after the story broke on 11/22. (It was days later that *I* posted the link to the Rush transcript here on EA, when I was prompted to go back a re-read it as a result of your citing it in the article on “The Emma Sullivan Affair: Not Just An Abberation”.)
        – He didn’t “supposedly” go on the Rush Limbaugh show. He DID call into the Rush Limbaugh show. I heard it with my own ears, live.
        – Reading the transcript again, there is no “he heard” sort of language used. Throughout the call, the caller is clear and authoritative in his choice of words.
        – I expect that he called in to Rush because Rush was talking about the story that day–the day after the Smoking Gun published. Rush has a large audience and this would be an efficient way to reach a lot of people.
        – He identified himself as “Joe” and first-names-only is the norm for callers on Rush’s show who are not guests. This morning I did a little research and found that the Communication Director for the school district’s name is indeed Joe Donzelli. link
        – Having found the website of the school district, I did find an official press release from the school (PDF) saying the same thing as well as another separate news report on the school’s reaction.

        Again, I don’t dispute your reasons for being skeptical or, indeed, anything you wrote in the recent “The Emma Sullivan Affair: Not Just An Abberation”. But in this case, I think there’s enough evidence to conclude that this is legitimate (even if I did have to dig for it).

        And, frankly, that’s good news, isn’t it?


        • 1. You think Occam’s Razor would suggest that a police report was completely misleading and that the school’s method of dealing with it would be an anonymous call to the Rush Limbaugh show?
          2. Dwayne, SOMEONE called the show saying that he was the school’s communications director. I said that the communications director supposedly called the show, and that’s correct.
          3. That said, the existence of the release you link to satisfies my skepticism. Good work.
          4. The school’s handling of this was ridiculous, however…including the Rush Limbaugh call, giving a first name only. And why would a kiss on the cheek require an “investigation” under any set of policies?

          • I misunderstood what you meant by “supposedly”, originally thinking that you were questioning the existence of the call. For that I apologize and stand corrected.

            And again, I’m totally with you here. This story is now a “He said, She said” thing where “He” is the police department and “She” is the school district. The story put forth in the school’s press release could be spin. The police report seems to indicate that the teacher did the calling of the police (not the principal) and the specific reason was to report the kiss, but it’s hard to be certain with the blackouts on the police report.

            Still, I think I come down on the side of believing the school district’s report–mainly because there are details that they CAN’T, by law, release, yet they can assert that they exist. Ultimately, in the absence of ALL the facts, the “girls got in a fight-sent to principal’s office-learned of possible sexual abuse at home-social services and police called” chain of events sounds much more plausible to me than “girl kissed boy-got sent to principal’s office-police called”. Thus, Occam’s Razor.

            But I’d still be watching Ms. Haring more closely.


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