Unethical Headline of the Week: Pravda

The headline:

Noah’s Ark Officially Found in Turkish Mountains

The story, by reporter Irina Shlionskaya, concludes this way:

“Many discussions have taken place since the “official” discovery of Noah’s Ark. Some scientists say that Wyatt indeed discovered the Biblical vessel, whereas others deny this theory. The search for the Ark still continues.”

In other words, the Ark hasn’t been “officially found.” Some officials declared it found, which means nothing at all.

It is nice to be reminded, however, that it isn’t only the American media that does things like this.

2 thoughts on “Unethical Headline of the Week: Pravda

  1. Note the headlines tend to be written by people who don’t have the experience or competency to be reporters. Skim and title. It may then get editted further by the layout crew. Irina Shlionskaya is likely not to blame.

    This horrible title could be an editor trying to grab attention, or it could be the bottom rung in the newsroom working too quickly.

    • Yes, good point to make; thanks. I myself have been victimized by rogue headline-writers. Reporters and columnists complain about this all the time. THIS headline was especially egregious, as it prompted fundamentalist propagandists to cite the story as “proving” the literal truth of Genesis.

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