Fox News’ War on Women’s Hair

Did Walter Cronkite ever pose like this, Megyn?

I can’t stand this any more.

I just watched Fox news trot out five, count them, five comely, bleached blonde talking heads in a row. Some were radio hosts, were news readers, some were columnists, but none of them would have been out of place in a Maxim feature on “the Babes of Cable News,” or perhaps “The Stereotypical Babes of Cable News.” How demeaning and unfair to women, how warping for young women seeking careers in broadcast journalism, and how insulting to men!

The percentage of blondes on Fox defies random statistics, and when the rare brunette appears as a change of pace, it is clear that the Fox talent bookers just moved down from “head” to another part of the anatomy to compensate. I know that CNN Headline News has its pin-up morning gal Robin Meade, but the station’s parent at least employs Candy Crowley. I want to see female journalists, experts and commentators who are old, who are fat, who are homely; who are flat-chested, have crossed eyes or bad skin, and who are perceptive, professional and able. Fox’s cynical bias toward the young, shapely, blonde and beautiful is obnoxious, archaic, and offensive. Even its serious and talented women, like Megyn Kelly, have allowed themselves to be packaged as Playmates.

Enough. I don’t care how many pigs watch Fox. There’s no excuse for this.


Graphic: Gentlemen’s Quarterly

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13 thoughts on “Fox News’ War on Women’s Hair

  1. Well, I really have to disagree with you here. Not only are they pleasant to look at they are certainly the intellectual equivalent, and usually the superior, of any one on any of other networks. At least they don’t come with the attitude that any white male that has been successful in life is an enemy of the public and should be shot for starving children and old people.

    • My point isn’t that all of them are worthless; my point is that the lack of any similarly talented women who could stop a clock shows affirmative bias. The message is that if you aren’t passable cheesecake, your other talents don’t matter.

  2. I guess KT McFarland, Mara Liasson or Judith Miller don’t count. Candy Crowley is a respected intellect but I’d consider Mss. Liasson, Miller, McFarland or for that matter Nina Easton, AB Stoddard, Dana Perino, Kirsten Powers or Greta Van Susteren, along with Megan Kelly, in that same realm.

    Besides Candy Crowley, Christiane Amanpour and maybe Erin Burnett, who does CNN have that comes anywhere close to that intellectual talent? Certainly not Soledad O’Brien.

    • Greta is certainly in the brains over beauty category. I don’t think she’d be hired today, do you?
      There are still too many cute blondes in your Fox group. It’s no coincidence.

  3. It’s the MARKET, Jack. Success in a market, like good looks, defies random statistics. FNC has selected certain magnets to use to attract eyeballs. Oink.

  4. Okay, here we go with another angle: minoritarianism. Among the natural colors of hair in the human race, to my understanding, blonde is truly in the minority by a significant margin. “Red” or what we call red is even more rare. I am guessing that “albino” is the rarest natural color.

    So, Fox News should be commended for its catering to a minority, instead of condemned for its “discrimination.” Perhaps it’s all the others who discriminate, and we’ve all just gotten used to it.

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