Megan Merkel, Road Fick

This isn’t really Megan, just how I prefer to think of her…

We haven’t had a bona fide fick sighting at Ethics Alarms for a while, so welcome to Megan Merkel. A fick, you will recall, coined in honor of Michigan lottery winner/shameless food stamp recipient Leroy Fick, is someone who engages in outrageously unethical conduct and is defiant about it, an individual so ethically deficient that he or she can’t bring themselves to regret or show proper contrition for conduct that is undeniably wrong.

Ms. Merkel, 23, was arrested after her participation in this drama:

According to police, she was driving drunk at 7: 45 AM, northbound on Route 250 in Penfield, a suburb of Rochester, NY, alongside her recently-paroled boyfriend, 22-year-old Mark Scerbo. Scerbo, an idiot, was driving his motorcycle next to Merkel’s car and repeatedly passing it to do wheelies. He lost control of one of them, and hit Heather Boyum, a teacher and mother of two children, who was riding her bike on the shoulder. The impact threw the 40-year-old woman under the wheels of Merkel’s car, causing fatal injuries.  Merkel left the scene and was arrested for DWI.

But wait, there’s more!

Having been sprung on bail, she took to her Facebook page, and wrote this message for anyone critical of her for killing a mother while having a drunken road-duel with her beau on a public thoroughfare:

Classy, no? And please note: that message got 17 “likes.”

The ficks are thick out there, everyone.

Be afraid.


Pointer: Fark

Facts: Village Voice

Graphic: 3-D Monster

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18 thoughts on “Megan Merkel, Road Fick

  1. It should be noted that, so far, she was only charged with DWI, not vehicular homicide. As a commenter pointed out.

    I don’t know the facts of this case but if what I read in this article is true then her boyfriend is the guilty one because he knocked the victim off her bike and into the path of a car. This woman’s sobriety only comes into play if she had enough time to brake and didn’t because she was drunk. If she didn’t have time to brake then she should only be charged with a DUI and her boyfriend with manslaughter. Being a piece of crap isn’t a crime.

    This could change if more facts are revealed. As of now, this is why Merkel was not charged with unlawful homicide.

  2. I’m currently finalizing a conference paper on one of the salient differences between the Ancient Greek and Judeo-Christian legal and ethical systems. In the former, the key concept is neither intentionality (although that matters) nor negligence, but pollution. Hence Oedipus was ethically guilty, even apart from other considerations (hubris, etc.), because he did kill his father and marry his mother, whether he intended to do so or not.

    This line of reasoning would make it irrelevant whether she could have stopped or steered around Ms. Boyum: she was driving and therefore responsible. I like the Judeo-Christian system better most of the time, but there are moments when I’d like to trot out the Greek idea just for a little while. This is one of them.

    By the way, when they make me Tsar, any damage inflicted while driving drunk is automatically the driver’s responsibility, whether causation can be demonstrated or not.

        • Yes.

          Based on the information provided here, she was DUI and engaging in irresponsible, negligent operation of her vehicle: the interaction with the m/c. One would have no problem claiming a reckless indifference to public safety.

          Even though the foole on the m/c put the fatal portion of the event into action, her irresponsible driving behavior helped set the stage.

          As the VV article stated, “additional charges could be filed.”

  3. Merkel does not have a drivers license, neither does Scerbo. Both will most likely be charged with Aggravated Unlicensed Operation of a Motor Vehicle, a misdemeanor in NY. What is not mentioned here is Scerbo has 3, yes three, prior DWI’s. He was actually out on parole (early release to a halfway house becuase he completed Shock Camp. He was not supposed to be released originally until September. His record begins in 2006, when he was 16 and got in a bar fight and intentionally struck someone with his car and fled the scene. Real winner there.
    She is just as bad. Two kids from two different fathers (they were actually cousins), she has custody of neither. Did time for petty larceny for stealing a credit card from Applebees and charging stuff to it, then again for stealing a television.
    She claims in her tasteless Facebook rant that she wasn’t driving recklessly. If so, then why couldn’t she avoid the woman on the bicycle? She was coming from an all night party (they all were). She told police she only had one drink, two hours before the accident. That means she was at an all night party, but waited until 6 a.m to have her only drink, and that somehow made her legally intoxicated? And if she wasn’t drunk (cuz she only had 1) and wasn’t driving recklessly, then why did she flee the scene? It was an accident right?
    She’s full of crap. I am sure whatever the loser boyfreind has to say won’t be worth much either. She will go to jail for a few months, get out and most likely be involved in something just as stupid shotly thereafter. Him too. That’s what he does.
    I hate to say it, but can we just drown them both, shoot them or launch them into space and remove them from the earth? Neither one will ever be anything more than a burden on society and a danger to it. And you can bet your last buck that this white trash extravaganza will reproduce at some point, and we will pay for that too.

  4. Stumbled on this site while trying to read more about this tragic incident.
    If this hasn’t been posted here yet, I found this interesting.
    Merkel calls into a morning radio show to tell her side of the story. I can imagine her future defense lawyer having one of those, what the heck were you thinking, when the trial comes around.
    She tries to play out the event putting the blame on her (ex)BF, that she didn’t leave the scene and she only was charged because they smelled beer on her (probable cause?).
    What I found the most damning to her that will likely come up in court is when asked if her blood test would reveal not just alcohol but beer, her reply was..’well, marijuana.’
    Couple of other callers reveal some interesting facts as well.
    Interesting site here, I look forward to spending time reading the entries around here.

  5. Wow, I’m stunned.
    Wanton negligence with fatal consequences and! crowning it with a hit-and-run offence.
    What exactly IS her side of the story? I will truly be amazed if she can somehow change the following facts: namely that she was a) drunk and b) driving and c) driving the car that ran over Mrs Boyum.
    “Harsher punishment for parole violators” (quote/unquote), anyone?

  6. i’ll make mention (having the unfortunate experience of knowing people who they are close to) that they are from east rochester, ny which equates to a human landfill. nothing good has ever come out of that place and to their friends, i am sure they are hometown heroes beacuse they made the news. and their friends run to their defense that it was an “accident”. if you listen to her interview on the radio (which sums up about how intelligent she is), she says she was issued a DWI because “she smelled like booze”. because, you know… that’s how it works. they don’t do breathalyzers or administer roadside field tests anymore. they just smell your clothes. also note, that a month or so, she was dating girls, and was fresh off of probation. now she’s back with this guy? she is a snarf. she has no job, has to be supervised while visiting her children (by the way, the one’s crackhead grandmother has custody – which begs the question, how does a noted crackhead have a better shot at parenting?), kills this woman while driving drunk and high and wants people to feel bad for her. she has no remorse, because much like a 5 year old, if it didn’t directly hurt her, she can’t feel the pain or understand the emotions involved. she doesn’t seem to get the fact that some mothers love their children, and their children love them back. she did not only murder someone, she robbed 2 small innocent children of the chance of a loving, caring mother. she robbed a great school district of one of the best teachers. she robbed her husband of a loving wife. her actions go far beyond the scope of anything she can imagine. it is a shame she can breed and bring children into this world and not care about them.

  7. Stumbled on your site (love it!) while Googling latest Meagan news. Once a loser fick, always… See . BTW, in addition to this, her partner-in-crime Mark Scerbo had his conviction overturned on appeal in February due to “jury selection irregularities.” More insult to injury. Despite the local outrage, these two got more breaks than Evel Knievel, but do continue to entertain in a gallows-humor manner.

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