Just Stop It—You’re Embarrassing Yourselves

Oh yeah? Well this guy is a ROMNEY supporter!

As evidence grows that the keynote speaker at the Democratic National Convention may have been practicing law in Massachusetts—the state she seeks to represent in the U.S. Senate—without proper legal authorization, the description of the matter in the mainstream media, to the extent that it is mentioned at all, is that “the conservative blogosphere” is making the accusation. This ritual drives me to distraction, as readers of Ethics Alarms know. But if conservatives want to be given more respect when they uncover a legitimate story that the biased media will try to ignore or bury, they have to stop indulging themselves in utter garbage like this.

It would be fun to quote from this completely pointless exposure of an Obama supporter who happens to be, and I am being kind here, an ignorant moron. But that would be compounding the offense. I heard Sean Hannity today using the statements of this utterly stupid woman to defend Mitt Romney’s 47% gaffe. If anything close to 47% of America is like this cretin, we ought to just pack it in. Characterizing Obama voters by plastering this sad case across the web is offensive and unfair, and insulting to whatever audience it is supposed to persuade. So there are idiots who support Obama. I personally know idiots who support Romney, Hillary, Rick Santorum, Donald Duck and worse. What does that prove? Why is that newsworthy? How does that explicate or illuminate anything?

It doesn’t. And when the conservative media wastes its credibility and sullies its integrity with stunts like this, it only makes it harder for Americans to trust it when it ought to be trusted.

I’m warning you guys, as an advisor and occasional admirer.



Source: The Blaze

Graphic: FDR Nepal

7 thoughts on “Just Stop It—You’re Embarrassing Yourselves

  1. I am similarly offended by the triumphancy (?!) of the gotcha-players in this case. This morning, I heard a radio talk show host (if I heard him right) seemingly express indignation (envy?) at big-celebrity show-hosts’ propping their own popularity by using the video you linked to. The lesser known host seems to think his “scoop” was “stolen.” He seemed to be saying (to the big-timers), “And what thanks do I get?! GEE guys!”

    I agree: Media that want to boost their popularity, and trustworthiness for objectivity – in the midst of other media that are complete and insultingly obvious partisan sell-outs (if not pitiable Kool Aid zombies) – need to do better than to out-stoop the low-stooping of the more pervasive media.

  2. That Blaze blog attempts to at least tie the video in to the issue of free cell-phone programs escalating during this administration. But I don’t buy it. They just wanted an excuse to show an idiot Obama supporter.

  3. http://www.daytondailynews.com/news/news/subsidized-cell-phone-program-nearly-doubles-in-oh/nRDqC/

    Posted: 3:52 p.m. Friday, Aug. 17, 2012

    1 million Ohioans using free phone program
    Fees on phone bills pay for $1.5 billion national Lifeline program

    By Josh Sweigart

    Staff Writer

    Think about this situation,
    2008 had 5,721,374 votes cast in Presidential Ballot.
    Over 1 million Ohio adults are now receiving this benefit.
    Obama won Ohio with 264,000 votes.
    There are now 500,000+ more Obama Phonez dole recipients in Ohio than there was in 2008.

    You belittle this issue for obvious reasons you yourself can poke fun of as you did Republicans in the lede of this blog post.

    But accept the criticism from those of us who can barely afford our own cell phones, and are now subsidizing phones for an exponentially increasing segment of the country.

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