11 thoughts on ““Lance Armstrong and the Cheapening of Indignation”

  1. We segregate them in restaurants. Why not segregate drug users in sports.

    Let the dopers out in the open and have ‘doping’ and ‘non-doping’ leagues. See which one the market likes. I’m sure they will both thrive in the various niches.

    That is half tongue-in-cheek.

      • Sort of like an “unlimited” class in motorsports. When they have destroyed their bodies and minds, we can put them on the “Surreal Life” and laugh at them. It’s kind of sad that we do treat celebrities like that.

        • It’s sad that we have a culture that not only allows it, but encourages it… and from a young age. But when these “celebrities” achieve legal adulthood, they have to take responsibility for themselves, regardless of their youthful travails. Thus, my sympathy for them is muted.

  2. It is a shame that Lance Armstrong and people like him get to go on “Oprah” where she will be “astounded and impressed” by him and give him all kinds of sympathy. We need reporters like Bill Bonds (without the alcohol) who would stick it to them with no sympathy. Righteous indignation? Bill Bonds would have shown HIM what righteous indignation really looked like, then he would have taken a swig of whiskey and challenged him to a fistfight for what he pulled. That is what Lance Armstrong should have to face, not “Oprah”.

    Where have all the journalists with courage gone? Where are all the journalists with true conviction to expose the truth?

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