Ethics Dunce: Pop Star Katy Perry

When is a sincere apology unethical? Here’s a good example.

Abused and Abuser. Someone please tell Katy Perry which is which.

Abused and Abuser. Someone please tell Katy Perry which is which.

Pop singing star Katy Perry registered an ethically responsible objection via Twitter regarding the Chief Keef song “Hate Being Sober.” She wrote,

“Just heard a new song on the radio called ‘I hate being sober’ I now have serious doubt for the world.”

Me too, Katy.  The artist responsible for this paean to intoxication, however, took offense, and decided to rebut Katy’s tweet with an obscene, abusive, misogynist attack:

“Dat bitch Katy Perry Can Suck Skin Off Of my Dick Ill Smack The Shit out her”

Thus chastened (or intimidated?), Perry apologized to him, writing that she really liked the song, and wasn’t “a hater”:

“Mr. Keef! I’m sorry if I offended you. I heard a lot of people guesting on the song & didn’t even know it was you in particular. Actually I’m a fan of your ‘Don’t Like’ video tbh. I was really just having a general opinion on our generations desire to be constantly intoxicated. Believe me, I’m a lover not a hater. x”

This kind of submissive, groveling “I’m so sorry I made you make me your victim” response is a gift to every wife beater and bully in the country, and Perry should be ashamed of herself. She’s an independent, successful and presumably powerful woman. She has a right to her opinions, and that was a responsible and civil opinion she issued against a song that celebrated alcohol abuse. That’s not being “a hater,” and endorsing the discouragingly popular (and destructive) attitude that criticizing people and conduct that need to be criticized is “hating” rather than being a proactively responsible member of society is almost as unforgivable as apologizing to a vile misogynist like Chief Keef. She even called him “Mister.” Why not “Sir” or better yet, “Master”?

Perry needs to retract her apology to Keef, and issue a new apology to everyone else, especially women.


Facts, Graphic: Fishwrapper

11 thoughts on “Ethics Dunce: Pop Star Katy Perry

  1. I agree completely. Youth culture seems increasingly reduced to practically meaningless cliches such “hater.” Now anyone with any reasonable critique of anything is a hater. Talk about sheeple.

  2. It’s unfortunate that many who consider themselves feminists would not speak up against what you aptly called a vile misogynist for fear of looking like a square or a “hater”, but bring out the lynch mob for people like Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

  3. Well… that put me off my dinner! You don’t apologize for being a “hater” when you offer a mild criticism to a truly hate-spawned character like this. But then again, Katie Perry isn’t exactly an icon of holiness, either. I guess that makes me a hater, too…

  4. When classical virtues and guides for righteous behavior are tossed aside by the materialist/narcissist culture and are replaced by a new virtue of ‘being cool’. Then ethical behavior according to that ‘virtue’ is doing what is popular and doing kowtowing to those who have popularity.

    Anything at all that may involve conflict, even if it be conflict to advance a good cause or good virtues, is best avoided.

  5. The characteristics of language usage that most sways my opinion in favor of this ‘Chief Keef’ fellow are his consummate grammatical skills, flawless spelling, absolutely perfect usage of punctuation, and knowledge of when and when not to use capital letters.

  6. Strangely enough, I thought her apology a more vile action than Keef’s verbal diarrhoea.
    Anyhoo, being successful in the music industry doesn’t seem that difficult anymore. I just looked up how many words rhyme with “bitch” on That should pave my way to stardom for sure.

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